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Hi, I'm Princess Sophia, and this is my new blog. I'm going to post my personal experiences with occult, magic, astral projections and things alike, my english is not the best, sorry anything. I learned that its 'feel' and not 'fell', that I should use 'an' before vowels, and few other things, sorry the mistakes since it will be hard to correct and evaluate the older entries.

I'll make a index, and keep re-posting it, so it will always be the first post to appear, and then create a link to each index item, check the blue ones.

If you have found my website, its probably from one of my social accounts but I have deleted the website address from those places. I'll leave internet, if you want to share my blog fell free, it will be here more for my personal records of spiritual experience. If you really need to talk with me: Sorry again, not sure all providers works with that mail, and I'm being spammed as hell, I need to clean 100 emails some days. I have another mail

I decided that is being hard to maintain talking about a single topic, so I'll do lot of incomplete articles and editing those little by little until they are finished, so, don't worry about all the “WIP” articles.

Notes and Logs, Tor. (

If people still keep feeling bad about my spiritual and personal position in world, I'm out, I'll take care of my life and so as the one that does that, my blog is not even with public links anymore, its my faith, my believe, people shouldn't take me serious if they don't believe me, point at my face and call me nut then go take care of your life.

Index: Dimensions: – Introduction; (V.: 1.3) – Genesis; – How a soul is born; – What happens when we die; –> The going; –> The Judgement; –> The purgatory; –> The reincarnation; —> List of my past lifes; (V.: 1.2) – Explaining better the Physical realm; – Explaining better the Psych realm; – Explaining better the Etherical realm; – Explaining better the Astral realm; (V.: 1.0, WIP) – Explaining better the Causal realm; – Auras; (V.: 1.0, WIP) – Suicidal Valley; – Hell; – Karma; – My 35 steps guide to active upper bodies; (V.: 1.0, WIP)

Pleiades: – Astral visions of my friend Avalokiteshvara; (V.: 1.4) – Some links talking about alike topics. (V.: 1.0)

Interpretations: – Basics of interpretation; (V.: 1.1) – How to interpret the common binary Alpha and Omega system; – How to interpret Dices; – How to interpret diverse oracles; – How to interpret universally(dreams and life);

Interpretations of the popular culture: – Interpretation of a “Futurama” episode called “Mobius Dick”;

Myths: – Videos about Myths and the history of humanity; (V.: 1.2) – The Syrians archaeologic finds; – The Canaan and the Syrians; – Canaan and Moloch worshiping; – Canaan and Demiurge comparison; – Demiurge comparison with Kronos; – Demiurge comparison with Saturn; – Demiurge comparison with Odin; – Demiurge comparison with Kali; – Demiurge comparison with Nimrod; – Zionists and Saturn; – Sacrifices in past times; – Actual practices of magick; – All myths are true, and the entities just have different names;

Secret Societies: – Illuminati; – Masonry; – Zionists; – Rosicrucian; – Others;

Invaders: – Annunakis; – Reptilians; – Grays;

Earth history: – Protoplasmic era; – Hyperborean era; – Lemurian era; – Atlantis era; – Earth era;

Magick: – A Introduction to Magick; – Basics about Magick; – Works with Magick; – How society is filled with Black Magick; –> Article 1, moved out, but thinking about putting it back. – Magick Plants(Entheogens);

Etheric manifestations: – Plants; – Spirits; – Fairies / Monadas; – Demons: –> Lilith, Succubus and Harpies, moved out; (V.: 1.0) –> Astaroth; –> Werewolf (maybe Asmodeus?); –> Red Devil; –> Black Devil; –> “Ruin” Devil; –> Goat (Baphomet); –> Banshee; –> Satan; –> Others demons and demons by religion (“Ars Goetia”, Asuras, Jinns and more);

Psych manifestations (Insects, by a DNA code): – Ants; – Butterfly; – Cockroach; – Mosquitoes and flies; – Moth; – Spiders;

Visions and Experiences: – Visions; – Meditative experience I had in 04/01/2017; – Ayahuasca experience and post days – 21 to 27/01/2017; (V.: 1.1) – Argyreia Nervosa experience – 28/03/2017; (V.: 1.0) –> I died in my Nordic life as a woman.Living a life in Russia as a hermaphrodite person.; (V.: 1.0)

Q&A: – Questions & Answers; (V.: 1.1)

Archangels: – List of the archangel's sons; (V.: 1.1) – Exaplaining better about Archangels; –> List of Miguel's sons; (V.: 1.2) –> List of Gabriel's sons; (V.: 1.2) –> List of Raphael's sons; (V.: 1.4) –> List of Luciel's sons; (V.: 1.1) –> List of Samael's sons; (V.: 1.4) –> List of Irael's sons; (V.: 1.7) –> List of Ezequiel's sons; (V.: 1.6) –> List of Orifiel's sons; (V.: 1.4) –> List of Uriel's sons; (V.: 1.4) –> List of Muriel's sons; (V.: 1.3)

1 John 4:7-8: 7 Beloved, let us love one another, because love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. 8 Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

Hebrews 13:5: 5 Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, for God has said: “Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you.”


text by Princess Sophia

Version 1.0, 28/11/2017


I saw the genesis in a spiritual experience, I'll translate what I shared and later I'll re-edit to clarify better and add more of what I saw, yet when I saw this vision was hard to follow with my conscious (digest all that instruction), there may be things to fix.

“The idea is that its not exactly man that came first, its because the first unity detached a woman from itself and there left the hole of this detachment and this difference its not because the man or woman are superior or inferior, its just the mark of the register of an antique “attachment” that had and got separated and then get united again, so there is a perfect match to everybody because everybody have its spirit detachment. The idea of having a partner its to you not impregnate the world with only your world, to let the world of the others too, or else it will be only the gene of the “dickest” in the earth, its like you are putting stuff in what is not your 'hole of the key', its not your detachment, it don't match. A son its your portal to this world, its a way to impregnate your world with what is from your insides, your spirits, giving part of what is yours to change the world. The first unity was alone seeing the landscape, and then in this appreciation it creates a communication in spirit form, this light keeps on the left side on the emanation (unity) like a kind of shadow, a shadow result of the etheric formulation. This 'shadow' keeps “glued” to you like a Siamese, like the bifurcation of a tree. Then there is a time that this 'shadow' get out of you, and create a line that is like when you separate a fluid from another, there is this stretched trace that goes till the zenith, when this separation occurs, as result it keeps an extension (penis) in the prime-unity and a hole (vagina) in the emanated body, the supra-unity, with the time going after the detachment, she will act free until she seeks her “attachment” again. So the man and woman its not more or less than the prime-unity and supra-unity, its the only way to one become two, its not that one is better than another, its just an extension, an accumulation, an purge, a single unity can't contain all the spirit it generates, like a computer can't hold all in its HD. So this unity purged, the woman is just the extension of the unity, the receptive part, the etheric form that was receiving information of what the first unity was nurturing itself while enjoying the world, somewhere in this world there is the cradle of humanity. The prime-unity saw the creation in front of him. After the prime-unity went, people stopped believing him about the creation. When the prime-unity's genes got on the world and after the prime-unity department (for him it was obvious that after death he would find God, since he appeared “from nowhere” he knows he will get back to “nowhere”), they would try to communicate to other genes that don't knew about the prime-unity and those couldn't support the idea that the prime-unity saw the creation. The first line of sons of the prime-unity that happens to have disbelief that the prime-unity saw the creation would make a successor culture of unbelief that would rebel against God. They would ask “how do you say and believe that this prime-unity really saw the creation?” This one would say “because there was no lie in my epoch, since everything was visible, and I'm from a closer line of prime-unity's family. They would ask “And how we can know if the prime-unity have not lied to you or if you are not crazy?” I think the information I received “from there” was that Baphomet's spirit when he was incarnate on that time thinking about that, realized that he should “make my own God and believe in what I want”, and that he should do a statue of some entity, the goat, that was the elemental of himself. He began to ask this goat what to do and began to construct his own world over the world. And this is how all this shit began. The prime-unity don't knew where he came from, so God had to reveal itself for him naturally during the creation, after Demiurge's got God's light by the hands of Luciel to condensate this world, God revealed to the prime-unity this in a mysterious form, not like people think (since God have no image and description). This information that the prime-unity carried was the prime-wisdom, that was the spirit sustained by faith till far when this spirit reached the heart of everybody this spirit came in a ray to incarnation, this information was denied until the wisdom spirit came to incarnate, so then there wasn't a way to negate the incarnated information. So “Wisdom” will bring the information of the prime-unity and of the creation, so then Jesus will be back (in accord of scriptures).

Jesus will have to come back in meat and bones, since we fail in our general living, I mean, I can be good in skate, but there is tricks that I have to learn with a master, don't matter how good in skate I'm, and then I'll chase someone like Rodney Mullen, and he will teach where I'm wrong. In the art of life, of love, of grace, of peace, Jesus is the master, he must come back in meat and bones on this world of time and space to teach us in practice and not just theoretically, where we fail in our life, love, grace, peace and etc., not just that, there was another reason to he get back but that was written in an article I removed (Ayahuasca experience and post days – 21 to 27/01/2017) and I'll have to get from there later.

I know I said this lot of times, but I'll add soon something new in my blog. This take much time, and now the links are broken. :/ I need to re-edit some texts. Some new texts are hidden and I'm thinking about showing it again.

I just want to say to everybody live in peace and get inspired in the joy we see on the living beings of nature. Never forget the beauty and mercy...

I need to stop being scared, but I'm indeed being spammed by strange emails, I'll let my blog up, sorry again, maybe I'm retarded, I don't know if I'm paranoid, retarded, crazy or sane, but this indeed scares me and some people indeed dislike me. Anyway, I'll still let hidden my polemic articles, and the ones that can interfere in my real life, I have it in anonymous mode anyway if I decide to show.

I think now that I compromised myself to share those strange events of my life, I cannot abandon it anymore and let people's curiosity stop in the halfway.

Maybe someone is trying to send me a virus by email (strange documents annexed), I don't want this anymore, sorry for the ones that liked my blog, bye.

And I received more, not counting the ones I deleted that had word docs and other files, I saw once, not sure how much true it is, that people could hide virus in word docs, I don't want to open the html thing, not sure if its dangerous and even if not dangerous, maybes its an attempt to win my confident to download the word doc, and the gif is just Chinese garbage, why would someone send this to me? Why not explain yourself in the email? This blog was the only place to have my email.

Even if this is a stupid attempt to infect me, its kind scary that someone is trying to pursue me somehow... What? Someone want to localize my physical place? Someone got offended with stuffs I said and want to trap me somehow? I'm noob on internet, I hope I'm not being paranoid, well, my email is, but I'll maybe hide it soon.

Maybe I'm paranoid again, I'm thinking of getting back, but its strange, don't?

I'll soon write something for my blog, sorry for everyone that gets here and see no updates. I have lot of things to do in life, and few times I can get here. I'm becoming each time more occupied, that is good for me. Sadly this makes me get more far from my blog, yet I don't want to abandon this because this is my personal diary and archive, and this can be helpful for someone else.

Some stuffs I say are polemic, people dislike, its my belief, I don't know why this should be messing other peoples, yet I know too. I know this is pseudonymous and I shouldn't care much, yet I know people can identify you from standards comparison with my personal life. I had problems with real life friends that know about my belief and began to have different opinions.

Talking about spirituality you'll end up in conflict with lot ideologies and other beliefs, some people don't accept this well, this makes me feel more unsafe. And some of my blog post could be said as judgmental, prejudice or some other thing people dislike, this makes me more uncomfortable to share, we never know who is watching, and if is someone that is somewhat adversary of my idea is watching me?

Not counting some stuffs we say can end up with death threats.

Its funny how much people ask for free expression, and even the most “free” people end up repressing you when you say something against they, people want to express but they don't want you to express yourself, everyone have a threshold of what is socially permissible, and when you break that you are fucked up, be ready to lose friends and stuffs, its like that, its like materialistic things worth more than friendship or human interaction.

I love God and I love to practice spirituality, but like lot of people said to me, this is indeed an occult practice, more you show up, more you need to be ready to be crucified, I wish I had the will and courage to simple throw all I believe its truth out in the world, but I'm totally sure that would just lead me dead. I want to practice spirituality, I'll not change it never, things I saw behind my eyes are impossible to be denied, people will never understand that, they just have concept of what happens behind my eyes, those concepts based on their lack of spiritual ability comparing my experiences with their mere imagination, I had imagined things before, I had being skeptic about my visions, I had visions that lead to nothing and eluded me, this is what spiritual training is about, to separate the illusion from truth, the fake vision from the true vision, and people always begin doing wrong certain art, like, its easier to do wrongly a skate maneuver than after years of training, and so people will always see firstly the “fake vision”, its through the spiritual training that you can find the standards to separate the “true vision” from the “fake vision”, this takes years, people that wandered through “the other side” all know that, all had stupid fake visions that they got paranoid and lead to nothing, but when they finally have a vision that shows the truth? And after this vision they begin to see the “true vision”? They will notice its not the same “fake vision” people have, yet people on street will always say your vision is fake as they, like why the mind art is so judged? Someone train math and is good on that and its math skills is not fake and not judged, someone is good in psychology, and its more prejudice, some people don't believe psychologist, even if all we study is based on scientific method applied from years billions of time in billions of humans, and then, when you reach philosophy and spirituality? Oh yeah, then you are fucked up, even if you know you are not “The wise”, you'll say something and people will judge you are thinking that yourself is “wise and enlightened”, you can't help, because in this art when you say the obvious people will doubt you and say you are saying shit, don't matter how visible, they will not listen.

Not just that, I then began to avoid all political and spiritual dialogue, yet people always push up to this discussion and you see yourself having to explain your faith again and again. I see, the evil can use all their symbols, people can say whatever they want about their belief, yet when you are in spiritual path, you must shut up your mouth, anything you want to show, any symbol you want to hold, any belief you want to spread, you are fucked up, that is all. I just wanted to be a normal human, yet I see strange things, I hear strange things, yet I have to keep my mouth entirely shut for the rest of my life, I can't express myself, I can't be myself, I can't show myself, my fun, my joys, because all my culture is based on this, and so my fun and joys carry this and when people see they disrespect me entirely, what they want me to do? Delete those things from my eyes? Its impossible, its not me that decide to see those things, I can't control this, I just want to be a normal human being!

Why I have to carry this burden? Why I have to know this all and hold all in my heart by myself? Why so much secrecy? Wasn't this path to be joyful and 'smileful'? But I'm here trembling... This is because all this shit society makes all secret and shuts you up to avoid their plans to be destroyed, when you find the path of happiness you just discover that happiness is a prohibited achievement, and that you just discovered something that will force you to shut up for the rest of your life.

I wanted to share all the secrets of the world, I wanted to share all I have inside my mind and heart, yet I feel scared, I tremble, I hear bad things, I hear menaces, I lose friends... I see people around me, sharing everything in their life, very openly and spontaneously, yet their life and culture permits it, I can't say nothing spontaneously, because all that gets out of my mouth have some deep spiritual meaning, of course, spirituality is a shit near normal humans beings...

So who is the nut? Who is right?

I just want to live like a normal human being, I cry for that, it looks stupid, but its day after day controlling all my strangeness. I have to Act who I'm, pretending I'm seeing nothing. So ultimately I'm hiding a lot all that I have connection with spirituality, more because my 'open-mouth' again costed me, but I couldn't be quiet in the situation I was, but I'm feeling immensely guilty about that, its like God is asking to me “Do you feel ashamed of me?”. I was hiding my religious symbols, then I was asking myself, “what am I doing? The evil ones shows their symbols openly and I'm ashamed of Christ? Does the evil won? Evil could shut me up?”. I know for sure God exist, I know for sure spirits exist, I know for sure the evil is working and its working with evil forces out of this realm, its undeniable, look their art-works, why would they do all that if had no effect? More if you count lot of those effects have scientific name today, like, “subliminal manipulation, subconscious influence, hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming and etc”, of course there are magical effects not discovered by the science, what I mean, its pretty obvious for me that those effects exist, I have tested thousand and thousand of times and there is not a single time that it don't works.

What should I do?


This blog have this article already, but not published: Daeon Daeon is a term I invented to name people that are born directly from an archangel logos and not from someone else logos, I explain this mechanic here.

I'll soon list daeons here:

Kurt Cobain; Grimes; Maybe Ariel Pink; Billy Corgan; Yolandi; Maybe Jeff Buckley;

Some scans I have here that I may have to explain later:

Some images I have here that I may have to explain later:

Things to add:


Elina Lowheson <– violet protoplasm bebe rexha <– Black Rita Ora <– Black Mira Calix <– Violet Wayne Coyne <– Violet or Purple Frank Zappa <– Violet Cedrix (mars volta) <– Maybe Red Tete Espindola <– Violet omar rodriguez lopez <– Green, Earth; Darren White <– Violet Mari Ijima <– Pink AURORA <– Violet Tooji <– Blue Milo, rap <– Green, violet or yellow Mac DeMarco <– Check ray OT <– Violet, Yolandi's standard Drica Moraes <– Pink Ana de Armas <– Yellow Tiago Iorc <– If not Purple, then pink; Rafael Losso <– Violet (Photo) Mariana Aydar <– Violet (most accurate), if not, maybe pink, if not, blue or black Mariana Lima <– If not Green, then violet, one or another (Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3); Transfer Fogassa from Black to Purple; Kehlani <– Black ray; St Vicent (singer) <– Pink ray, mage; Sandra Lyng <– Yellow ray. -

“They believed that the soul (or “ba”) was housed in a spirit body (the “ka”) which is an exact replica of the physical body. At death, these etheric bodies gave way to the “sahu” (the true spirit body) which would house the “ba” forever. Egyptians believed the “ka” could leave the body during life. They drew graphics of people sleeping with their “kas” floating above them which is very similar to the modern day descriptions of NDEs.”


Explaining better about Archangels

text by Princess Sophia

Version 1.0, 19/05/2017


Lot people asked me about the archangel things I talk on this website, how to understand it, so I decided to make this article to explain better about it.

Things I'm commonly asked about archangels are, how I “see” it? What exactly they mess up with us? What are exactly archangels? Could someone have two rays? There is a way to understand/discover about it on things?

Archangels are the emanations that are over everybody, but under God, they are the highest after God. But God emanations, as Aeons, like Jesus, are over Archangels, because, archangels are a fragmentation of God already, but a Aeon wouldn't be the emanation of the fragmented part, and yes of the whole. Only God is above logos, Archangels have a personal Stimulus and Form (tonnage, timbre, wave), that identifies them and their expressions, logos, its like, logic, but its like syllable, a syllable is a sound, a sound have a timbre that creates its identity, and a tonnage, that is its expressions. There is no way logic can't exist, so there is no way nonexistence could exist, there is only existence, because logic would exist even in nonexistence, regardless of how we operate logic, 2 + 2 = 4 even in nonexistence. Through a specific timbre (key) and tonnage (Jewel), everything is created, all humans things carries the logos of this individual. Our highest body is made only with logos, only stimulus and form (Omega; Alpha), so think that its all divisions, densification, dimensioning, the whole is infinite, so everyone is infinite, but think it as a piece of paper, and if you make twelve folds, each of the fold marks give a specific sensation, each sensation carries a logos, and there is no way to escape the logos of everything, and its like, each archangel is each fold mark, and there are the primordial virtues that existed since the principle, and its unfolding it with us, “developing” more virtues, but in fact those virtues already were, because its just a “filtered” and condensed margin of what ever was. So if we fold more the paper, its like the emanations of those archangels being separated and becoming stronger/visible until it strikes a ray that makes you there, and if there is a margin of frequency inside you that become stronger, the lightning strikes this too, making another person. Consequently, you have only one ray because you have only “one” position in “the whole”, but there is different manifestations that can change a little how you are and give you more of the other rays, and in the end, our souls getting older, get some virtues from other rays, becoming more “one to the one”.

Since God is above Logos, its the only thing above archangels and everything down here, consequently, there is nothing on earth that will manipulate our ray, but our ray will manipulate things on earth, consequently, there is not a zodiacal way to find rays, because zodiac change from life to life, it of course have a meaning, but its limited to this “Time and Space world of Demiurge”, so there is a “time” for everything to happen here, and its “marked” by the zodiac the degree of this manifestation, but in Logos, the logos “was already”, basically Zodiac is the mark of the reverb/specter that is undeniable for your logos, its like a mark to the passage of your logos expressions, but all your expressions already were on Logos, but it need to happen on “time space world”, because this world is a imperfect copy, and its was “architectured” by a “normal” entity, consequently, limiting us to a single things per time, its like the computer, that need a specific and perfect order of commands to be interpreted correctly by the computer, since the computer can only read a command per command, it need to be ordered correctly and wait the “destiny” happen. Our material body have this limitation that Demiurge created, because this world is limited in his logos, and then need to be made one per one, because its manifested in a limited entity, we are now putting a little of our logos, and consequently the logos of the archangels on earth, if we link from under to above, the logos of what is Godly, we can re-unite heaven to earth (the work the Time and Space god of every religion is mentioned to being done); But in logos, things don't need to be done one by one, but the entirely is manifested in one, because the entirely is from God, that is all in one, but if me, a limited in logos person (only God above logos), if I do like Demiurge and Invite for the materialization, so the entire earth would carry a little of my logos (until other logos modify, but a “scar” would be there), but consequently, the entire earth would need to manifest in singularity, because I can give only one body for each logos, but our logos can manifest infinitely bodies and personalities, consequently I trap all your possibilities and personalities in a single body, creating a world of illusion where you can't understand what you are and what you should or not manifest, leading to sins and confusion, since we know Demiurge is the god of Illusion, and that Time and Space is a illusion, and that our “I's” are a illusion, we know who to blame, and now can understand all your problems, so you should accept what you are, because this body is the sum of everything you are in a unity, and you'll understand it only if you live long enough to the entire logos manifest in Time of the world of Time, then you gonna see that you are what you are, you were just confused, but in fact you always loved yourself and everything you made in attempt to deny yourself just hurt you, and what is wrong in you its your fault, scars of your attempt to change; So well, if I architect a world, like Demiurge did, that would happen, and consequently, you would have to manifest in a single expression per time, because I have only one logos to create only one body for you, and my Alpha part would make your right eye, and my Omega part would make your left eye, and you would have only two ways to manifest your infinitely conscience (logos), and that would require time, and destiny, and illusion, and frustration, and confusion, etc... And since I'm only one in one, and not whole in one (like God), you would have to manifest your Alpha and Omega in a single focus points, making it worst because now you'll have to schedule your day to feed correctly and in balance each of your polarity, making a correct practice for your body and mind, for your sensitivity, emotions, reasons, thoughts, having to sacrifice time for one or another, and that would not happen in the Causal realm (logos realm), because your Alpha and Omega is already manifested in infinity, consequently, that is what would happen, and what happened in Demiurge history.

There is nothing much we can do than accept Time, Space and Death, because we got invited, we accepted, we don't remember/or we got fooled, to come back here on this world. At first this world was united with heaven, angels were walking with us, we could manifest our entirely in our matter form, we could move mountains with our logos emanations, the earth was a paradise, and it was a place for young souls to learn, I believe Lucifer told Demiurge about the desire and temptation, and he invited us to the materialized world, where everything would be apart, consequently, the substances, souls connections would be apart because the densification of the materialization would make the atoms unite more aligned to certain logos, consequently limiting access from other souls to connect entirely with you (creating a body that separates you from another body, but we were united before), creating desires to unite again with people, leading to sins; And more apart the matter was making us get, more we were wanting to get united, so we began to abuse substances, trying to unite back with earth and its “milk”, but we ended up addict and intoxicated, because each substance don't fulfill the infinitely that you were once making part (that is why you fast), then we try to unite with people, but then we end up getting perversions and tempted by the meat and forget our love, or tempted by the use of the people to our desires and abuse humanity with lies, then we try to unite our minds, and end up in wars and homicidal threats, or we don't understand each other and lead to confuse, we see different realities and not a united one. Now its done, with this illusion you can slave humanity in urobouros (samsara), and “probably” Lucifer “could” be over God, but now he realized he can't, and I believe Demiurge already see him falling.

Luciel, the emanation of the lucid, like anyone that do sports, you, being lucid, can imagine events that could make even the worst team win the best team, and that gives you hope, and you “can see” ways, for you, that is lower than God, to reach above God, but Luciel forgot, that game is about skill and reaction over the action, and God reaction is infinitely dimensions faster and before any reaction of Luciel, and Luciel's hopes to conquest God were fading, because he then realized that even if he could predict events that should be a possibility to get over God, God could predict him way better than himself, its like we do in sports, we lose hope when we see a adversary that is undoubtedly better than us, even if we at first saw lot of strategies against him, you understand when you analyze his experience to improvise over anything and that you can't predict nothing he does. Lucifer then realized he is between logos, and not over logos, and the virtues he lacks God have, consequently, God have Luciel's virtues and the virtues of all archangels, so he can do the same as Luciel and more, but Luciel got overwhelm by his own lucidity, that could make him architect beautifully the goal on his head, but on practice its never what we imagine, only God knows, consequently, nobody can be above logic, only God, and everything you do needs to abstract from logic, and while you are doing it, God is already done on it, and not even the archangels can get over logic, consequently, they all have to think (AO), to fell (OO), to emotionalize (OA), and rationalize (AA), they all have to infinitely develop their Alphas and Omegas, while God is the only one already done on it, all Archangels have doubts and mysteries to solve, so as we, much are the mysteries of God, infinite I say.

Consequently, when those archangels are on certain states of emanation, their use specific logos that they have, and some people born from his AA, AO, OA or OO, fragment, like the paper folded, or better, compare the idea with angles, because you can go infinitely in each angle direction, but you can divide angles, its like 360° / 12 archangels = 30° of a circle for each archangel, but the direction of each is infinite, and God is infinite, and when the Archangel use one of his 30°, this degree “highlights” itself, striking a ray, like when you look to the sun on a reflexive object, and it creates you, so you are one of the 30° of an archangel, there is how far and how close you are from the nucleus (how alpha or how omega), so that can make you have different distance to other archangels, making you alike a specific archangel, creating doubts about being two rays at once, but you can't.

That is why in my article about Dimensions, I compare the idea of the unity being “dimensionalized”, we see in everything that everything comes from one and dimensionalize, and much things end up not escaping from 8 and 6, 3 and 4, I use a lot the octagram to explain lot of things, because, if you have one unity, you can have two polarities, X, can be 1 or 0, consequently, XY can be 11, 10, 01, 00, that is four, and XYZ can be 111, 110, 101, 100, 011, 010, 001, 000, that is eight, only God is above X, Logos, above Alpha and Omega, because in one there is 1 and 0, and that is why the evil use lot of 11's or two things, because he abuse the concept of logos to trap us here, because he knows only the “enlighten” can know the most incredible capacities of the logos (even morph matter in my faith), and because that is the separation of God, and in your Logos “you can be God”, but that is a Illusion, in fact, we are all like “Gods”, but just like Demiurge and those, they were “humans” like us, and some emanations from him were like rays from archangels, like some of my emanations “manifest” some other consciences from logos to walk on earth, and so we all can create life, we all look like God, but the illusion is that, we can't be omnipotent, like God, and consequently, there is where we fail, we can't be complete like God, so we fail here too, and Lucifer and Demiurge failed when they felt they could be like God, because they are not Omnipotent like God, the eleven represents this, the duality, and then the idea that you can “accept the other side”, and we see this “come to the other side”, “join the other side”, almost everywhere, but the sides are the problem, sometimes I say, “see the both sides of a coin, to realize the coin is a problem”, that is “knowledge of the Good and Evil”, its not that there was no knowledge before, we translate it as two things, but that is one tree, its one thing, its not knowledge, and its not for good, or for evil, its knowledge of the “good and evil”, that means the duality, that is why I compare earth as the paradise of sin (Good, holy spirit inside us; Evil, the earth, using our holy spirity capacities on earth to fell pleasure, its the “knowledge of Good and Evil”, the “good and evil” is the Sin if was translated as a single word, its the “Tree of Sin”), because you can do Good and Evil here, not like with God, or when it was united to heaven, now with physical bodies, we can do perversions, intoxication, abuse violence and enslave, we just should not do this in front of someone eyes, so Demiurge made a perfect world where you can maintain people in Illusion, so they can do everything hidden behind walls (sacrifices, nasty orgies), Space, in the Time, Space and Death concept, because if you don't see it don't happened, and only Demiurge and the ones in heavens can see it, now you can slay people, if you do “mafia way”, and make a contract with the devil, the judges will put it under the carpet, everything need to be hidden in the polished and beauty, and its fine, because Demiurge came from Luciel and both carry the virtue of beauty, consequently, they have this things to make everything beautiful to enchant you, not that beautiful is bad, but like knowledge can be used as “gun”, so in Mafia they use nice suits and all, the top elitist are all well dressed and all, all the top women, beautiful luxurious dresses, now you can slay someone and clean it with money (the scale of “how much you sold you life to Satan”), and Demiurge will accept that as a sacrifice, and let it pass, because no one saw it, but in the heaven with earth era (pre-lemuria), we had psychic capacities to handle those problems of “Illusions” and lies, each time they use eleven its like Demiurge saying this, “enjoy earth, the paradise of sins, made under duality (logos), here you can do everything you want, just love the earth I architecture to you and perpetuate it with countless battles, once you discover how I fooled you, you'll get out of here breaking samsara, but I hope people don't get inspired on you, so I made a net of lies between my elitists sons, just accept to be limited by time, space, illusion and death, for you are my sacrifice each time you come here” (You basically offer yourself for sacrifice and Death, just so you can enjoy sins and love the world).

Consequently this manifestation the Archangels have, are beyond our Soul, I believe our Conscience lives between the logos, being over our soul, and then our soul is a condensation of our conscience. And this manifestations that the Archangels give, manifests and change everything in someone, making marks in all your bodies, from soul to earth, changing a little of each one, a little of you physical appearance, of you personality, your spirit, soul and conscience. In earth, the logos of the Archangels travels through your nerves and brain as a electrical oscillation, makings you construct your tissues in the Archangel way. There is nothing on you that is not modified by the archangel, even the way your nails and hair grows, change even the path of zodiacs you had life after life, the way karma reacts on you and more. It reveals past lifes precisely, since no one have the same logos, and consequently, you will reincarnate life after life with the same ray, and basically the same physical features and alike destiny, modified a little by the ethnic and other environmental things, sometimes revealing your causal body symbols is not advised. With your logos and the jewels and keys you achieved through your life, you can even predict your next life sometimes, since you know what you'll carry to the next life.

90% of the things that are talked about in Logos (Causal Realm), are inexplicable in humans words, because in logos you can have very specific accents for each syllable (in a margin of infinite frequencies, beyond what we hear and produce) that would create a very specific thing, its like, each tree grows differently, because, even in the same tonnage, and alike timbre, their timbre are different in small aspects, creating different structures even being the same specie. Logos is not, but, its the same (but not limited to 20hz -20khz, or seven colors) as the synesthesia of things you look, be that color or the sound it makes, so, if you look a leaf and have a synesthetic sound, and look another leaf and have another synesthetic sound, those sounds are alike, but in limited frequency, of the logos that made each leaf, and each leaf and its logos can only be created by the logos carrier that is the tree, and no humans will do it perfectly like the tree, but the same is about the archangels, that archangels are like the primordial branches of the tree of life, and every of their sons are branches that ramifies from theirs branches, consequently, all the branches needs to carry part of their logos too, that is why I compare to the key thing, each logic is like a key and open specific doors, even if you think 2 + 2 = 4, your brain process it differently, it creates a syllable, a logos, that, “sum of unities generates results depending of the expression variations”, but its not like a phrase, its a key, its like abstract, and that is why I said 90% of the things are inexplicable in human words, but its like this sends a wave through the nerves and neurons on your brain with a specific frequency, timbre and modulations, that achieves the “archive” of mathematics, and the logos can abstract from mathematics things you have not studied yet, but since your brain understand the “logos of mathematics”, it can produce something new with this logos, like the branches of the tree with the logos of the archangel branches, because it just need to proceed inside the “math logos”, and even if I know 2 + 2 = 4, I maybe couldn't know 3 + 3's result, but, since I have the “sum logos”, I know how to abstract from intuition and define that 3 + 3 = 6, that is why I say you achieve keys that can open doors, each things you, in neurolinguistic programming, create in your brain folders, each folder you create in your brain, makes your brain canalize certain logos information, so if you canalize logos that we can't even see on earth, we canalize things beyond our comprehension, you can have the “key of mediunity”, and then your brain will simple knows how to talk with spirits, that is basically most of the process on religions. Consequently, your way to process mathematics, would make “Your Mathematical Logos”, and it would be different from other people Mathematics logos, because each one does mathematics in different ways, and each one does skate tricks in different ways, and does art in different ways, but everything you do is limited by your logos, and you by the logos of your Archangel. And if you Intuitively though that “Your Mathematical Logos” could end up being a human person, yes, the logos have infinite expressions, and all the information that this logos carries can make a entire living person, consequently, this logos can end up being a person, and probably will if you feed more “Your Mathematical Spirit”, its the same I explain on other article. Your other bodies have “memories” too, but its different than works our brain, in astral, everything is compacted as a single logos that have a specific timbre that when its decompacted, reveals all the information you needed (you can reveal people secrets looking the logos emanations on their aura), I compare as this, X says senseless things about Y, Z knows its wrong, Z fells a trigger (causal body), Z fells a “light”, a “sound”, a “thing” in his heart (logos memory in Astral body being decompacted), then Z “flows” his thoughts (Spirit, Ether) in words (psych) to explain to X where he is wrong, and its like magic that this simple “light” makes a entire philosophy bloom out of you (with your logos, the archangel logos and God logos that is in you, so know yourself to knows where is God and the archangel in you, and you'll know where is other souls and spirits in you, like demons, and that what is you in in you can't change, but what is demon in you, can change, and then you'll see how great God was to you, and how great things he said to you, and you ignored him making a shit life and blaming him for it). I believe Alpha is Timbre (Identity, Form), and Omega is Tonnage (Expression, Stimulus). In this image you see waves with different Timbres (different waveform) but same Tonnage (Same frequency), and everything in the world was manifested by this, by the Logos, the “word”, the “syllable”.

So, in each list of archangels sons, I gave a small description, but those words don't define well, some people are from the archangels and maybe not fit any description I wrote there. I had to explain a person why he was yellow ray, and how he could fit the descriptions on my website, because my description by its own, wasn't convincing enough, and I understand perfectly, because I tend to be very skeptic in things people tell about “me”, I have a abstract vision of Zodiac (and maybe you too), that fits none of the descriptions of the websites, but I understand why they “said like that”, and I say the same about my descriptions, once you understand about archangels, you gonna understand why I used those descriptions, and that it don't fits the abstractions of the rays, alike we can explain infinitely about ourselves, we can keep talking infinite about archangels and never explain entirely, as I see in lot of argumentation, asking “but why? But why? But why?” is not a good way to discuss, since we can ask why about everything in a infinite chain, and I think trying to describe Zodiac, Archangel, or any “behind the veil” thing, its like asking “but why?” infinitely to myself, “But why Uriel's sons are like that? But why I'm not like that but I'm Uriel's son? But why I have this Black 'rayish' thing?”, of course its nice to index the knowledge, but its impossible to fulfill until satisfaction the knowledge, its like I said, even archangels are in a logos, and they have doubts, and keep asking “but why?” stop-less too, and that will never fulfill their hungry for knowledge. Mostly of the things I learned about archangel was by experience, people taught me about archangels and pointed me which person was which and why they were and how to understand it, so, since I know well psychology, I began to understand more the subconscious differences of the rays expressions, and saw that they were very alike, in fact, even their psychological tests have same marks, in “palographics”, independently of how a pink ray does the stick and the other pink ray does being different and in different quantity and quality some things there is very alike, because both are pink ray, but there is almost no information about archangels that is not talked orally, or in a informal conversation, consequently, all the descriptions I gave “are very” from my point of view and the ones that taught me. This same way you can use to know if a person is son of a know “god”, like Demiurge, Lilith, Aphrodite, because they will carry the logos of those entities too, don't fell amazed, those lower gods are so imperfect and pathetic as you and me, and we are so much as god as they are, and some of those lower gods are evil, and in fact their sons tend to do some evil things because of that, for example, Demiurge's sons tend to be bank owners, rich and very egocentric and selfish, mostly of they joins secret societies and don't think twice in opportunities even if mess up with big things, but some of they, can learn and go to the “sideless axis” breaking the “11” (like I said before), the dual way that Time, Space, Death and Illusion world give to us. The way I was taught to see was just going in the streets and seeing infamous people on TV and “asking what ray this person is?”, its not hard to see the physical marks of the archangel, in training you learn lot of the different standards, and you barely look someone you know which ray they are, sometimes you know by their voice, way to talk, body or even the way they type a text, consequently if you index well the logos of someone in your “head”, you can see their face even not knowing they. I noticed defined aspects of the archangels physical marks and decided to amplify it, some I got through astral projections, and mostly of the archangels knowledge that was taught to me was from other people astral projections, so, once I was confused about being Alpha or Omega, and one friend said I was Alpha and another Omega, but I felt strange about both answers, and in a entheogenic experience “they” (over there) taught how to see hermaphrodite polarity, they are not much common but not uncommon too, and we had fell experience to identify a hermaphrodite person, now I can see easily what makes someone hermaphrodite pole, this same trip taught me the visible differences about alpha and omega, so I learn to identify better this. In another trip, they said to me there was a omega and alpha version of each element, so they taught me how to see Fire, Water, Air, Earth side of the rays. I was taught by my friends about the “Elementals”, but nobody knew well how to see it, not even me, but after a Wachuma trip in 2014, there was no way I couldn't see it, I saw the ray not physically, I saw it astrally, beyond aura, and the people “I's” merged from diverse past lifes, very alike a scene of “Aeon Flux”, their causal body and their animal face were merging too. I never again saw ray, elemental and Causal body the same way I saw that day, got close, but not the same, I think that day was the highest degree I got my conscience ever.

So we can see some face features, that is how I see 90% of the people's rays, but the most precise way to identify someone's rays, its their attitude and way they express subconsciously, its harder this way, but its the most precise. Our ethnic sometimes trick us, so it makes harder to see some rays, and elemental too. So well, There are the most Alpha rays, Blue, Black and Green, those are the most Alpha, I don't believe this thing of “Women are emotional; Men are rational”, I think this not exist, I saw lot of very alpha emotional man and very rational omega girl, and I saw very alpha girls and very Omega men, I believe, even as a man, that I'm very sensible and emotional, but at same time I have my alpha things (hermaphrodite), but I believe, and at least until know, I think I'm more sensible than any girl I ever saw, even the omegas. But well, I said that, because, those most Alpha rays, normally even the girls is very manly and rational. Consequently, normally the people from those rays are tall, have a manly attitude, even when a girl, are more rational, more “paternal” attitude, more authoritarian. There is the Alpha but not so much Alpha, Yellow, Red, and Transparent, they have the same things I said about the Alpha rays, but they have something on they that makes they more sensible, Yellow are very sentimental to their close ones and they like “idols” (they like the heroic image, sometimes fetish it) sometimes, they normally are romantic too, Red its very alike, but they are more quiet than the Yellow ones, but you see they have this strange sensibility. Transparent its strange, they have a Masculine pose, but they like things very beautiful, that normally looks like women things, and they have some effeminate mannerism sometimes, but strangely, they act very alpha in overall. The between is the purple ray, that is very between Alpha and Omega, but there is this things, that the girls are more Alpha and the boys more Omega, and that makes the girls more extrovert and authoritarian and the purple guy more quiet and introvert. There is a Omega ray with alpha aspects, the Violet ray, its Omega, but its the most Alpha of the Omegas, its like the Inverted Yellow, they are manly, the alpha girls or with alpha elements tends to looks manly too, but in overall they are very omega. And the most omegas are White and Pink, Pink and violet are said to be “twin brothers”, but because of the “omegasity” of the white ray, they tend to look more like the pink than the violets. But Pink ray can beat any other in term of “Omegasity”, normally the most sensible and strange persons come from Pink rays, the typical “strange quiet mysterious girl” representations of popular culture are mostly represented as pink ray, they are normally the ones that have more problems with psychology and over sensibility for some stuffs.

My idea of colors.

I’ll show Omega persons of the Pink ray and Alpha persons of the Black ray, and you are going to see how different it is: Since pink is Omega already, they are very different.

I’ll show an Alpha person of the Pink ray and an Omega person of the Black ray, and you are going to see how different it is: Since Pink is Omega and Black is Alpha, they get more alike.

I’ll show Omega persons with different rays, to you see where they are alike: Here you can see Omega persons have smaller frame, more round and feminine face, normally more delicate persons. I found two people that are very omega, a red ray singer, Adam Lopez, and a pink ray medium, Luiz Gasparetto. Its nice to see they acting to you see how a very Omega person act, because they are very different from Hermaphrodite and Alpha persons, even being straight males, they act very alike women. Adam Lopez Video. Luiz Gasparetto Video.

I’ll show Alpha persons with different rays, to you see where they are alike: Here you can see Alpha persons have bigger frame, more square and masculine face, normally have large bones.

I'll show same elements rays (fire, air, earth, water), but different rays, to you see where they are alike: Here we can see how alike each element is regardless of the ray being different. Wind people are more quiet and “well-presented”, fire people looks like they have lot “energy” and they have this kinda of eyebrow that defines well a fire person, normally they are good in rhetoric, earth people are more swag or “defensive”, they normally have large bones, and they are more in to social, and the water people are the most omega, so they normally are very quiet and “reserved”. I'm a fire hermaphrodite pink person, so you can imagine a little how I'm, when you “get the key of each archangel” you'll see people's face when you active their logos, you just need they to feed you with their logos. Alpha Alpha – Air; Alpha Omega – Fire; Omega Alpha – Earth; Omega Omega – Water.

Same features in same rays but from variety of persons: – not yet -

Animals and how a soul can be born from us based on the spirits inside us:



text by Princess Sophia

Version 1.0, Work in Progress, 10/03/2016

Since I can't save drafts, this is still a Work in Progress. This is just a unorganized scratch yet, I'll add images and way more.

Auras vary a lot, but some are more fixed, auras are the vibrational emanation of anything that is “turned on”, it can be anything, since abstract events, till entities, acts or dealings; Everything have a aura, everything, I have not seen yet something without a aura, for sure there are intensities of aura, but since everything came from the spiritual emanations, for that, everything have a aura. The mostly common thing people analyze in auras, its your spiritual manifestation (your etheric manifestation) and you chakras. But bigger things can be seen by auras, each promise you do, keeps a light hanging in the “other side” and then, you can see that too. There is the physical aura, but there are another auras, that you'll not see with your “eyes”, if you know what I mean. Some website, claim that certain colors are bad, for me, the color is the expression, the timbre is the identity, so its not the color that is bad, and yes the identity of the color, I saw people saying bad about certain aura colors, mainly, black, red or white, the colors aren't bad, and yes the identity, white color can mean pureness, divinity, peace, but you'll know which one is which from its timbre, is it the timbre of pureness? Is it the timbre of peace? But sometimes, the white color can mean, ignorance, some people that lacks spiritual knowledge, sees images of being in a infinitely empty white room, sometimes the medium color of our dreams its the same of our aura (not always), in a scene of “Pirates of Caribbean” where he sees multiply “I”s and crabs guides his boat, this shows Jack's lack of spiritual knowledge (count that Hollywood knows well about the occult, in fact, the best black mages are normally disguised as normal celebrities):

  • The scene shows multiply “I”s of Jack sparrow, each one is a spirit from him (generated from him), the Boat is his body, since our subconscious knows we are not our body, it normally represents it as a vehicle, it varies a lot the meaning of each vehicle, in this case, ship is the most used vehicle of Jack's, so I'll interpret it as “The casual vehicle for spirit manifestation”. Each of his “I”s take care of one part of his body, and we use different “I”s too, to manipulate each part of our body, that feeds up in our mind and bring certain epiphanies (or something else, if in the bad path), I just added in the end of one article, something I learned about it, with spirits on meditations, about spirits being born from certain parts of your body, that could be good to interpret that scene.

  • Notice Jack have some confuse and crazy spirits that he would never know, because he never invested in studying himself. The scene where he approach a goat, makes me have a lot of assumptions, it can be a reference to initiation and baphomet, or maybe his sexual perversion, maybe both...

  • The problem, is that they are going nowhere, just like the ones that lack spiritual knowledge, and he don't seen to notice it, he just act robotically, like if he is indoctrinated to wake up and just give orders. Normally, we seek things in material world, and when we die, those things don't exist, but our impulse in doing keep still, so it shows that this direction guides to nowhere, their souls don't knows much what to do “there”, so it keeps being a lost soul in the lower ether, but before, they pass in this “infinite white” place, and since there we act dimensions faster, and its harder to control ourselves, like in the dreams, they tend to act more robotically and looks like they can't notice that.

  • Then he is saved by crabs, I think they are etheric beings, so, maybe he was saved by the spirits, since he can't do it himself.


Ok, I said all this, just to explain, that, sometimes you see a white aura and it means different things, in this case, Jack would be in a white aura, but not the same aura as someone that have a white aura of peace. Sometimes we dream with alike tonnages of our aura appearing more than the other colors, and its like the “ambient” color of your dreams.

Auras affects other people, is you get near some people, they will have a subconscious reaction to your aura, you can sometimes even see how big is your aura because of that, there is a “dome” part of the aura, when someone “enters your dome”, they will have a subconscious reaction, sometimes looking up, or down, or pausing something he was doing, normally its common that they pause their talks when they enter this “dome aura”. You auras can give bad things to people, if you have certain emotion, certain habit, practiced recently certain sexual act, it can affect people, and yes, some can see it (I do, and its nasty, you all nasty, all, girls and boys, all nasty auras), in a more broad example, in a book I'm reading, “A Verdade Sobre os Incas- Roselis Von Sass”, very good right now, I'll translate some parts of it, it talks about the Inca vision of Auras: (...) The strength deposited by the Creator in our spirits its so strong and luminous, that bypass our souls and evolve our bodies in a veil of luminous colors. This spiritual halo (aura) shines in beautiful and pure colors only in those persons that have found the light side of the life. In other human beings those “veils” don't shine. Otherwise! They are impure, just like it was defiled. Now the foreigner medic comprehended. Not only the human being are circled by the luminous “fog” (...) And those rays contain in it, between other properties, also curative force... (...) Humans beings with dirty shadows must be considered like sicks. Their souls are contaminated by evils, transmitting them to weaker creatures.


This is a Inca Idea of aura, but its so alike our occidental and oriental description of aura and their effect. How could people native from America describe the same characteristics and effects of the aura as the other continents/tribes/religions? Maybe because it exist? Hehe... So, yes, we can see your nasty aura, your sins, and it does affect people, if you can't see the aura, check the subconscious response of the ones near you and the ambient you bring with you, if you masturbate, it makes a light ball in your genitals, and if you “point” it to someone, they will have a subconscious “disgusted expression”, you then gonna have a “radio static” (normally gray), “dense smoke eruptions” (normally brown) or “flaming seductive” (normally salmon color, or 'strange' red) aura; If the girl is “horny”, a normally red light “leaf” or “fog” will erupt from her genitals, and go around her ass, making her have a subconscious pose.

Evil people, malicious people, they have a horrible aura, and it also affect others. People say, when you hand shake someone, your heart energy is transferred, I fell it, so you can fell the aura of someone with this. I once made a handshake with a “important” person of TV, and I felt like my energy was being drained, like a dark gray cloud got on me.

There are many auras, if you end up seeing all auras, its almost uncountable, but somehow you can “focus” on certain auras that defines certain things of people, each cell of your body have a aura, there is a aura for each of your bodies, and there is a aura for the expression and state of each of your bodies, there is a circular aura of the head, aura of the eyes, that gives out lot of information, I could risk to say that in fact the color of the chakras are more like the aura of the chakras, and that there is a aura and chakra for each of the upper bodies (7 for physical, more 7 for psych, Etherical, Astral and Causal), aura of the acts, aura of the sounds, aura of the responsibilities, there is a aura that is like a transparent dome, alike a glass, that is the one that goes further, aura of the memories, and even aura of the “RAM memory” of people, if someone is trying to maintain memory, like, that he is cooking and don't want to forget, it keeps a tiny light near his eyebrow with the tonnage and timbre of the synesthesia of the memory of the cooking scene, all your worries, responsibilities, commitment, appears in the same way, in fact, more things you occupy, more it keeps those lights on and consequently your brain busy and you have more problem to achieve maximum “boost” in your projections and meditations.

There is the “vision” aura, I don't know how to explain, its a aura of “how you look out of you”, it like, when you are using those sunglasses that have color, but not so intense, I have noticed that hormones affect a lot this aura, when I release lot of cortisol (stress hormone), I see a nasty yellow, like a “pus of infection”, and that “links” to the scene and creates a memory with that “thing”, then I saw, that each time I saw someone that once I released cortisol, it was like my subconscious response was more defensive towards this someone; I saw too that the mix between hormones could give strange memory relations; I saw testosterone as red (I'm a man, regardless of the nickname); Oxytocin as medium tone pink; Sometimes I don't know what hormone releases, or even if it is or not a hormone, but I see that depression makes a metallic grayish dark blue on my eyes (I see lot of sad artists using this tone of blue); Image about how I see the world with the above mentioned hormones.

When you break the destiny (learning how to program destiny and becoming a free spirit), you win wings, and that is visible in the aura, wings are not like bird wings, its like some very light blue neon cords: I think the game “Diablo II” have a accurate image of it.

Isaiah 6: 2: 2 Above it stood the seraphims: each one had six wings; with twain he covered his face, and with twain he covered his feet, and with twain he did fly.

There are degrees of “seeing a aura”, but some people born with the skills to see it, I learned through the consecutive use of entheogenic substances, but meditation alone can teach you too, the way the “third eye” works is very strange, some people receive things in different ways, some are like a feeling, some see in another layer, some fell like they are submerged in water, some see through a flash of intuition (like a small photography) and maybe more ways or maybe all ways. But the degrees are, first, obviously, the no capacities to see aura, then the sensitivity of the aura (some people express like they “strangely” fell people emotions of feelings when they are near, this is very common, once you'll know even what instrument of the music people are disliking or what words you said that got more of their attention), then synesthesia, then some transparent pulses, then like strange flashes of those pulses appear as color in the “third eye”, then you see it constantly like you are submerged in a “water” and you cannot “unsee” (few time I saw this, but it was sometimes easy to see this with Ayahuasca, Wachuma or Argyreia), then the next you see I think I can't explain it, its much strange, because you don't see just aura after the last and this degree, and the things you see on this degree are much crazy and the aura becomes another thing.

The aura that is normally more focused, its of the etherical expressions, the etherical aura its the aura that reports all your intentions, if you are malicious, it will be visible here, if you are pervert, it will be visible here, if you are evil, if you are greed, if you are narcissist, if you opportunist (in the bad meaning), if you are incisive, if you are anxious, depressed, stressed, explosive, paranoid, drugged, I can't list everything, its all visible in the etherical aura. Its possible to see demons on ether, but if you can't see the demons yet, you can see they are some like a light flying erroneously, this light is their aura, if you can see the demon it would be in the middle of this aura that flies erroneously. This aura is the most influential, mostly of the aura effect people describe its from Etherical realm, its the realm people from earth most see and use.

There is a aura for each ideology that you follow, or each education and culture that made part of your life, for each genre of music, and for each music, for each detail of the music, and one for the whole music, a aura for each phrase of a book, for each chapter. Your soul have a different memory than of our body, it compacts everything as a single light with a specif timbre and tonnage, so if you think in each word, each have a aura, but if you think in a entire phrase, your soul compacts the entire phrase in a single aura, and if you think in a chapter, your soul compacts the entire chapter in a single aura, this is what makes that effect that I talk in another article: “When someone say to you “those persons are horrible”, but you know those persons aren't horrible, you fell something, like a light, and then you give a complete argument, “No, those persons are not horrible, because this and that”, this something you fell before what you gonna talk, its a mechanic of your astral body”; this something you fell is that light compacted, its a way better way to communicate and attain information, that is why in astral projections, every vibration tells a entire book of information (and more, infinitely more), and those emanations on ether brings epiphanies, a common reported occurrence in people that follows a spiritual path. If you think memory is only some register in the brain, I say, it does have a register in the brain, but, how can you explain Out-of-Body experiences? How people managed to “transport” information “through the air” and return in their bodies and attain that information? That means they maintained memory somewhere when they were in the OBE, and this “somewhere” I call “upper bodies”, and when their “upper bodies” returned to their physical body, it registered it on the brain, there are lot of documents about OBE cases, I recommend to research about it.

There are Aura forms, I think that counts a lot, for example, people with tentacled auras tends to categorize people, much times, erroneously; People with dense aura normally are very recluse, sometimes aggressively recluse, some dense clouds or smoke its about perversion or heavy demons; There is really too much Aura forms, its more up to you end up seeing aura.

How did I learn to see aura? Lets say, I always had the “feeling”, but after I began to use some Ayahuasca, then I saw it convincingly like never before, what I mean with convincingly? Its because it was for sure not my imagination, because I couldn't change it, like my imagination does, and it was in another “realm”, and my imagination was between my vision and that aura vision. Here we can see, the word “Imagination” and the stars, are where my imagination keeps, everything I imagined on this part, couldn't change the aura, you can see the aura is in another realm because its transparent in the black lines (matter realm) I see the aura of certain people touching other people and I see the subconscious reaction of both, even if both don't notice it, and then, sometimes I can predict the subconscious reaction of someone or when they will have a reaction, just because I see the aura approaching, predictions can't happen because hallucinations. I don't see it so intensely always, but I always see it transparently and in “waves”, but when I use Entheogens, I see it perfectly, and when I used a strong Wachuma dose, I saw it for months, perfectly, each detail, I could tell lot of people secrets. I still can tell some people secrets, but its different, at the Wachuma time, it was so precise, I can't explain. Sometimes, I see internet people aura, more information they give, better, but sometimes its fast, and it appears their face by time, I have some testimony on some websites I wander. Well, that is how I learned, with Entheogens, but lets say I had a predisposition for it, my friends that went in the same journey as me, can't see so well the aura as I do, so I can't exactly explain, why I had this fortune, and can't explain how it appeared, just what I can explain, its something from the third eye, and that I see people intuition are very precise with the auras I see. I can explain a little too, about certain steps of “aura viewing”, I'll add a image: Go to a dark place or turn off your light if at night (more dark, better), some people did sensory deprivation and ended up seeing things, the most quiet room in the world makes people hallucinate (website with lot of ads), so that is a good way to you learn how to see auras, keep a long time in a dark room and the most silently possible room. In “image 1”, its what people say they supposedly see, but the “image 2” is the accurate of what people normally see in the dark. This noise we see on “image 2” is NOT ether, its a physical manifestation; No, if you look to the sky and see small blue dots, its not aura, this effect is called “Blue Field Entoptic Phenomenon”; BUT, ether does move this noise somehow, it is what pushes the noise and not the noise. If you get in a dark place, look at your hands and move it a while, you gonna see that around you hand will have a tiny “wave” on this noise field, this wave, is your aura messing up this noise, like we can see in “image 3”, if you turn a speaker on, you'll be able to see those same waves getting out in accord of the sound frequency, bass waves are easier to see, but if you variate between bass and acute, you can see through comparison. If you keep more time in the dark place, this noise will shine more, like in “image 4”, until a luminous fluid begins to appear behind it, this luminous fluid is the Ether, this is what moves the noise, like in “image 5”, but to see this luminous fluid, strangely you'll need to open your “third eye”, some people have a natural sensibility, and even if they think they didn't open the “third eye”, sometimes they end up seeing this luminous fluid, so it means they did open the “third eye”, do you know our pineal gland have the sense response in the brain as the eye? “The pineal gland represents a kind of atrophied photoreceptor. In the epithalamus of some species of amphibians and reptiles, it is linked to a light-sensing organ, known as the parietal eye, which is also called the pineal eye or third eye (Wiki)“. You can see entities too if you keep long time looking this ether, they appear as waves, they normally are totally transparent if you see just the waves, but the waves have a humanoid form, then, this wave began to have color, but its just a blurred color, weaker than in “image 6”, that was hard to represent in photoshop, but if you keep looking at those strange blurred color spots, they begin to form better, like in “image 7”, and in “image 8” its when you can see one of the typical demon that comes to annoy you to commit sin, this works to any entity from etherical, or any entity that enters ether realm.

I'll make a .gif to simulate how I see some etherical aura stuffs (not all the auras, but the easier ones to see, some auras need more concentration and some I can't represent in photoshop), I'll simulate trying to remember how I see in real life, since this is a video, I don't see exactly the aura from the video, even if my vision process it. But it will take a while, I'm newbie on those stuffs. So I'll be occupied doing this... I made some work to cut the video and transform in .gif, I made 14 frames, of the total (226 frames, 47 seconds), so there is a lot to do. (I don't represented the “vision aura”, the Objects aura, the words and numbers aura, the floating auras, entities aura (its hard to see through a video), and some other more auras, I focused to show how humans etherical auras works, I don't show astral and causal auras, it barely fits all colors in the image, and if I was to make those auras in all humans, would take too much time.

The original video:

I'll be updating the images:

Exaggerated version: 2,9mb

Realistic version (40%): 2,9mb


  • The light red spots (255-128-128), are because when you look at someone, they have a subconscious reaction, its stronger when you film someone, and sometimes when you film someone it makes people subconsciously a little annoyed, even if they don't see you doing it, like the guy running on the image. Sometimes it alleviates while they are being filmed, like you can see some red spots fading.

  • The white path in the bottom of image, is not on the floor, its the aura that leaves your eyes and hit what you focus, I just couldn't draw in photoshop in a good way to represent it accurately. You can see that the ones more in front of this “white path” and the ones more near, have a stronger reaction. It gives a luminous outline to what you are focusing (looking), that is why the girl in middle right shines more, in the original video, you can see when she gets “hit” by the guy's vision aura and reacts subconsciously defensively, at 3m45s she is just talking, then decide to move, then the camera man vision aura “hits” her at 3m48s, making her subconsciously get back and receiving this “defensive aura”, people could say that is because she is on a conversation, i say both counts, sometimes even the conversation is triggered or the moment to answer a conversation is in sync with the etheric pulses, and her friend too, looking down and avoiding eye contact, showing more her shoulder (typical subconscious defensive response, sometimes is the arm they show more), that is why her aura transform in a way it looks like its shielding her. Normally this creates this “plate like” aura. In the last frame we see the girl rotates her head to the oppose that of the camera, like she is subconsciously talking “No!” to be filmed, while her friend point her shoes exactly to the camera man, and forces to the floor, making a yellow glow on it, like her subconscious is telling “step off!”, both the girls have a strong spiritual force, knowing or not, that is what made the camera man subconsciously focus the camera on her (being attracted by diffuse attention), but those person normally have a stronger protection.

  • The guy running is anxious, and he subconsciously get annoyed with the filming too. I could say he lacks “Mana” (spiritual energy, chi), he alleviates the subconscious tension of being filmed with a strong step while he is running.

  • The girl at the far left, barely appearing with a green aura, in the first frame, you see her annoyed with the video too. The flash in her eyes, is because, there is a aura in the eyes that is very shine, and when you look directly to someone eyes, its like looking directly to the reflection of sun on a piece of metal.

  • The girl at the left with those horizontal lines aura, she have those lines because she is a insecure person and after her subconscious felt the presence of the camera, the red spot got stronger on her, making her bow slightly.

  • More the camera gets near the brown area girl, more she fells it and stronger the red spots appears, in the last 2 frames.

  • The guy in the other side of the street, in the last 2 frames, get “hit” by the camera man vision aura, and reacts defensively, he shows a warning signal with that white sphere that appeared over his head, what later gets out from his eye, is my attempt to draw a “lens flare effect”, haha, its not some “ray blast”, but when he directly looks at the camera man, the camera man have a subconscious reaction and begin to move toward the post.

  • The post have a purple aura in the end because the vision outline thing I said.

Explaining better astral realm.

text by Princess Sophia

Version 1.0, Work in Progress, 03/01/2016

Since I can't save drafts, this is still a Work in Progress.


This is a extension of the “Dimensions” article, so you can continue from the explanation about astral realm I had began there, in astral realm we see the 4th dimension, we active our 4th dimensional body and conscience when we dream deeply (more if you dream lucid), in 4th dimension, everything is one and one everything, all projections in one projection, everything you could do keeps doing unstoppable, constantly, one over each other, layered. (1) 4th dimension is another stem, another axis of movement, its not up or down, left or right, front or back, its in another direction, the direction of your movement is very hard to explain, its like explaining color to a blind, they can understand theoretically, but the experience is the only way to fully comprehend what moving in forth dimension is. Since there everything is one and one everything, you move not spatially, but canalized, I sometimes call 4th dimension, a rotary axis, but it don't defines it very accurately, when I talk about dimensions, I talk in all senses, physical dimensions, the dimensions of your acts, of your thoughts, of your abilities, of your state of conscience, of your awareness and infinitely more. (2) When I say that you have the “Astral tiara”, I mean you won a causal jewel that makes you see the 4th dimension in all things, as in heaven as in earth, constantly, without trance; when I say that you have a “Astral crown” I mean, you now dominate Astral realm, and it becomes a part of your life and a daily responsibility. (3) There is no privacy in astral realm, that is something to understand, everything you do here on earth is visible there, everyone receives what you do in a waveform on 4th dimension, its just a matter or decryptography, but if this one can't decryptography, this one will still receive this waveform and reacts subconsciously in accord, the next time you see this person, this person will have a “strange” aura depending of what you have done in 4th dimension (because what you do here you do there, as in earth as in heaven). (4) If you have something that you could possible do, this is “alerting” itself constantly on astral realm, if someone that have a possible tray to you decides with his astral body (consciously or subconsciously) that he have to encounter you to do this same thing you could possible do (or trying to stop you to do), this one will find you like a magnet subconsciously and all your dialogues will attract to this event happen, and even if you talk to another person, if this person knows that one, this another person can react for that one if this another person wants to. (5) Astral realm is 4th dimension, its means, if you give a small smile here, you are laughing there, if you are sad here, you are depressive there, the same even for the most “insignificant” act. (6) Its the 4th dimension, you reacts 4th dimensions faster and when you barely sees, you are doing something you think you wouldn't, like in a dream, if you sin in earth, when you have the same opportunity in a dream, you don't think twice to sin there too, that is what makes you reincarnate, desires, sins, temptations, because there is no pleasure (no physical sensations) in astral realm, no sex in astral realm, no intoxicants in astral realm, no addictions in astral realm, its not the physical dimension, so its not exactly possible to do that there, so when you die, you could keep there, in astral realm, but there is something that you can only do on earth, and since you died, you have no physical body, so you are acting through your 4th dimension, and there, like in your dream, you don't think twice to sin when you see the opportunity to sin, so you don't think twice to come back and reincarnate when you see this opportunity on earth, so you get stuck in samsara over and over again, as you can see, Buddhists too says that the reason of reincarnation is because the crave for desire, that is too why there is this realm we live, because we have “more time” “to think” before doing things. (7) In 4th dimension, things are ready 4th dimensions beyond and there are some energies and sculptures that humans copy/place something above it, and its sometimes this place was already know by some occult elite, and they end up buying the terrain and doing something on it, sometimes they place evil sculptures on places with certain energy, sometimes they do evil rituals over the place. (8) The 4th dimensions is not just 4th before your act, its 4th dimensions after your acts, and in fact the physical body is the last to answer, so you basically just follow a occult tray subconsciously without knowing about it, until you active you astral body and see this tray for yourself, when you break your destiny, you win wings in astral realm, and then you become free-spirit, and you can program destiny. (9) The 4th dimensions is the dimensions of the destinies, so you can “push switches” there and you program what gonna happen here, but for that you need to find what is in earth that is in astral, or/and, affect human being, since they are one of the main switches to program destinies (obviously), they hit us in the root (physical), we fell it in astral. (10) When someone say to you “those persons are horrible”, but you know those persons aren't horrible, you fell something, like a light, and then you give a complete argument, “No, those persons are not horrible, because this and that”, this something you fell before what you gonna talk, its a mechanic of your astral body. (11) Your astral body eats and express (but not limited to): αα(Intelect/Reasons/Strategy/Wind); αω(Knowledge/Thoughs/Technique/Fire); ωα(Wisdom/Emotions/Tatics/Earth); ωω(Comprehension/Feelings/Skills/Water). So if you are using one of those virtues, you are using a astral body mechanic. (12) I believe astral dimension is made of something that came from stimulus and form (vibration, tonnage and timbre), and condensed in something (probably faster than light), that condensed in light, that condensed in atom. (13) Astral realm is a clean realm, demons can't go there, they keep on a lower realm called Etherical realm, that is like a link realm to astral realm, this happens because demons are fed and created/born from the physical realm. (14) Our bodies have a certain place to relax based on their weight, our astral body is very subtle, and the place it normally keeps when you relax is on the cosmos, so that is where I think comes the name astral realm, because its very common that the ones that goes to the astral dimension sees the cosmic space, mostly common if this one is novice in astral projection techniques, normally its the first place someone goes when they attempt astral projection. (15) There are lot of different techniques to astral project, I'll talk about the classic ones later. (16) The way I mostly recommend to understand and learn about astral realm and to astral project, its using entheogenic plants to reach astral state of conscience, there are some plants I use more commonly for that, one of those plants is Wachuma (very powerful this one, white ray Inca with gray wolf elemental, protoplasmean), Wachuma was the main one that opened my vision for something I could never imagine it would exist, Wachuma is the plant that gave me the most intense and inexplicable experience I ever had, and yet I can't explain what this experience was for entirely; Ayahuasca is awesome, brilliant experiences I had with it, Chacrona is a Pink ray indigenous girl, love her, she is alike my mother, its wonderful, diverse of my most important revelations was from her, depending of the strength of the dose, people use around 400-500mls for a weak-medium strength, I prefer a 600-900ml dose; You can use Argyreia Nervosa, I love this girl, a hiperborean Purple ray fox, I got extremely friend with her in those last two years, I love her and her wonderful seeds, its cost-benefit for astral projections, normally its cheap to buy and you can have lot of experiences with it, the best way to achieve a astral projection with Argyreia without nauseous, its just cleaning the top of the seeds, bite and spit on a half full cup of water, wait 4 hours, this is the best time I achieved, I tried 2 hours and I made me nauseous, I tried 3 hours and had small nauseous, but 4 hours is perfect, you can let it resting for more time, if you still scared for nauseous, make a ginger tea, and drink 10-15 minutes before drinking Argyreia, then I'm basically sure that you will have absolute none nauseous, its will be wonderful, my recommended dose is seven seeds, but you can vary, if you are normally sensible for substances, you can drink half, wait some 10-15 minutes and drink more if you don't fell much effect, but seven seeds are perfect, eight to nine is nice, but don't recommend, Argyreia can give a small vasoconstriction, nothing to worry, but if used lot of seeds, not just the trip may be very intense, but you can fell lot of problems from vasoconstriction that is very uncomfortable, seven is perfect, my friend taught me another technique, you drop the seed in water for 8 hours, take off clean it, throw out the water, crush the seeds, on the cup, put lemon juice and water, let it rest for 12 hours, drink the liquid; I recommend a lot those three plants I just talked about, and cannabis (my daily herb for meditation), I wish I had opportunity to try mushrooms and some other entheogens, I had used Salvia Divinorum too, but its prohibited because a extremely disrespectful criminal politician that I totally despise; Salvia plant push up mostly of the people to 5th dimension, its extremely powerful, I miss this plant, I really really wish I could use it again; All those plants are not just safe to use, those plants are healthy and are extremely curative, ayahuasca is one of the most curative plants, and it have a curative substance that is naturally secreted from pineal gland (5-Meo-DMT, with good evidences). (17) There are numerous techniques someone can learn with the astral body and astral mechanics, for example, psychography, mental mediunity[1], “Many mediums have passed strict scientific tests”, out-of-body experiences, past-life regressions[1, 2, 3] and more (check this website I was using for reference). (18) With astral body you talk with astral beings, and with Etherical body with etherical beings, so, some spirits can be canalized only by ether, others by astral, and others by causal, like we contact persons in physical, you can talk to dead parents, that keeps there before reincarnating if they need to, you can contact far away species, like the Pleiadians[1]. (19) As I just said, when someone dies, this one keeps on Astral realm, more precisely, in the purgatory (if this one have to reincarnate), but they can move from here and there for missions and more, so they can move from the purgatory, Astral is not the last step, some souls needs to keep lot of years in Astral realm to reach Causal realm, some souls are in earth and they are just reincarnating, but they have conscience enough to be a Astral being, so they began to learn Astral tricks on earth, and when they finish samsara, they are steps beyond and need less years to reach Causal realm, the paradise, think about that, Luciel, now Lucifer, is a Causal realm conscience, but after his sin, he had to reincarnate in hell, then in earth, then he is now in Causal again (he regretted his sins), that means, even a Archangel reincarnate because their sins, and that there is lot of persons that should already be in astral realm but is reincarnating, that don't mean they have less conscience than Astral inhabitants, but that they sinned and now are down here, because Luciel had a Causal state of conscience even in hell, as you can see in psychographies, sometimes a astral spirit have the same doubts and/or problems we have, but they are already pure and away from lot of things that make us stuck here on earth. (20) There is so much things you can do with your astral body, its infinite, astral realm is already very hard to explain. This is a introduction to this article, I'll re-evaluate each of the things I talked on this introduction to later discussions, I numbered each of the items then I'll explain each one.

A bible passage about causal projection:

2 Corinthians 12:1-6:“1 It is not expedient for me doubtless to glory. I will come to visions and revelations of the Lord. 2I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such an one caught up to the third heaven (Causal realm 3rd, Astral 2nd and Ether 1st). 3 And I knew such a man, (whether in the body, or out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) 4 How that he was caught up into paradise (Causal realm), and heard unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter. 5 Of such an one will I glory: yet of myself I will not glory, but in mine infirmities. 6 For though I would desire to glory, I shall not be a fool; for I will say the truth: but now I forbear, lest any man should think of me above that which he seeth me to be, or that he heareth of me.”

* (1):

  • ”... in astral realm we see the 4th dimension...”

Astral realm is the commonly used name for this upper realm, for me, I believe that seeing astral realm you end up perceiving the mechanics of the four dimensions. I really believe our universe have more than just three dimensions, and its not something “fantastical”, its indeed something accepted by scientists (Article/PDF, wiki page).

“plus, they are entangled in such a way that what happens to one immediately affects the other”

”“This high dimension quantum entanglement offers great potential for quantum information applications. In cryptography, for example, our method would allow us to maintain the security of the information in realistic situations, with noise and interference. In addition, the discovery could facilitate the experimental development of quantum computers, since this would be an easier way of obtaining high dimensions of entanglement with few particles”, explains UAB researcher Marcus Huber. Now that the results demonstrate that obtaining high dimension entanglements is accessible, scientists conclude in the article that the next step will be to search how they can experimentally control these hundreds of spatial modes of the photons in order to conduct quantum computer operations.”

“The behaviour, during various processes of measurement, of two distant photons”.

This looks scary, will they do a machine that can access astral realm? Like in Lain anime? (This anime knows too much, I recommend to watch)

Its common to see persons saying that after they had astral experiences they felt like they were connected with the entirely, the everything. In my experiences, I fell that barely I look something, I turn to be this something, while I still being myself, that all vibrancy and events transform in me and show multiple spirits of my essence, that everything everyone do is being felt and affecting me subconsciously, I fell more when its people that wanders with me, and I fell that everything I do affect everyone, I can perceive through synchronization that my acts make people around me reacts subconsciously, even if the act is my thoughts, barely I think in direction to someone, this one fells subconsciously and react in accord, sometimes, because I know this effect, I sometimes knows certain things people are thinking (not by words, by essence and intention, but its possible to extract words), this is not only my experiences, if you search online about astral projections or entheogens experiences, you'll find persons having the same experiences, it sounds unbelievable, that is why I invite to experience it directly to understand it better.

  • ”... we active our 4th dimensional body and conscience when we dream deeply (more if you dream lucid)...”

Robert Monroe (Victor | Out-of-Body). In this 1979 video interview Robert Monroe talks about his first OBE and explains that the evidence is that we all go out of our bodies while we sleep.

1:36 – 2:04: “... Its very very common and also a very important thing is that, everyone does this, the fact that you do not remember it, does not infer that it does not happen, for example, during what we call Delta sleep at night which everyone goes to, its quite probably, according to our researches, the time when everyone goes into this Out-of-the-Body state, you don't remember, but it does take place.”

2:04 – 2:19: Interviewer: “Was that like a dream?” Interviewed: “No, its something apart from a dream, it is a... a there is... we... There is no philosophic connotation approach to it, but it is somewhat a process of the recharging mechanism that you get during sleep.”

In my experiences, I noticed that when you dream, with abstract stuffs, or in a city, or random stories, its in fact a astral projection inside your own body, like, in-the-body experience, seeing all your spiritual manifestation creating a entire world inside you, like I said in the “Dimensions” article, “When we dream, we are using this body(Astral body), normally people project astrally inside their own bodies, that is the dream world you live, with the cities you made, with the spirits that are created from you, wandering there as unknown persons, animals, plants or/and fungus, all created with your spirit, like God created us with his verb(logos)”; Everything that is inside your dreams is created by your conscience, your essence, your logos, but sometimes external communication affects you subconsciously, and you can receive information inside your body, so you can communicate with spirits and angels in your in-the-body experience, or perceive external stuffs in your dreams, but you can use your dream state to a out-of-body experience, you just need to know how to lucid dreaming and control your “oniric I” to go over the sky of your dream, or to use that dream state and visualize that you are going out of your body.

  • ”... in 4th dimension, everything is one and one everything, all projections in one projection, everything you could do keeps doing unstoppable, constantly, one over each other, layered.”

This is hard to explain, if there is something you can/could do, this is doing constantly, intermittently. If you could kill, you are killing, constantly, intermittently; If you paint, you are painting constantly, intermittently; If you do music, you are doing music constantly, intermittently; I think you got the point now... So well, if you acess you astral body, you have unlimited creativity, because you do everything non-stoppable, consequently, you are always doing/inventing something, in fact, lack of creativity just mean you are getting far from your upper bodies. Everything is one and one everything, if you could kill, you are killing constantly, and when painting too, but that means too, that, if you are painting, you are killing on your painting, and if you are killing you are painting on your killing, with subconsciously small signals that can be read as a “palographic”.

In the introduction I said, about our forces here being way potentially stronger there. If you smile here, you are laughing there. But sometimes, its different, haven't you heard someone laughing and it looked like a cry? Sometimes we are crying with our other body and we change the timbre of our laugh here in a way it looks like a cry, sometimes it is because in a past life you maybe was suffering and now instead of crying, you fixed that from life to life and you are now laughing; Sometimes its because, regardless of your ego/masks and sins/guilty, in fact you are a sad person and you don't want to admit it for yourself and then you keep smiling when nervous.

I don't know why, but Janis Joplin have this a lot, she is so smile-full, but in her smiles it looks like it hides a cry.

That is the same logic I said above, If you are a killer and a painter, when you paint, it will look like it have a “timbre” of killer in the way you do it (in the synesthesia of it), and in subconscious marks on the painting, because its all happening at the same time there, its here that we are doing a single thing per single thing. There things are instantly, here we have to “download” from there, we have to paint what we imagine, that is like a download, you are downloading your imagination through your physical body, but there you don't need to download things, its over Space and Time (Samsara, Demiurge's trap), that is one of the reasons there is nothing to worship in this world, its limited, its slow, why don't we keep on 4th dimension after our deaths and then we can create incredible paintings without time and space (downloading time)? We have thousands of image on our heads, thousands of musics on our head, but we have to chose only one and we have to produce this one and that takes a lot of time, after we do it, we fell that we want to do it non-stop, so we try to bring the other images, but we can't produce here, because time and responsibilities, so we have to decide what image that pop-ups on our head that should be created, what sound that pop-ups on our head that should be created.

What is doing constantly on you, its already bringing up a destiny about it, second by second, so its good to “turn off” certain things you could do. How can you know if you can or not do something? Try to astral travel, when in a astral sensibility, image yourself, let the image flow (don't modify the image), and see what images you see yourself doing, believing or not, you could do any of those images, if you see the images, you already have the capacity of imagining/acting/thinking about it, a strong trigger would make you do that. In a dream, see what you do, everything you do in a dream you were possible to do in real life, sometimes we get shocked about what we do in dreams, and that cuts off that kind of projection, so you stop to constantly do that on astral realm, and avoid it to happen on earth. Sometimes we dream and think we would never do what we did on our dream, but sometimes, tings in life increases you emotion in a way, that you act without thinking, you acts in 4th dimension, and do barely after you thinking, so, in a dream, it shows to you, that in a unstable state of conscience, in a unstable emotions, in a out of control conscience, you would do that, if you don't recognize it, this something will appear in front of you, and you gonna do that. Karma is recognition, and flows like a line, you fell the tension of this line increasing each second, if you don't recognize it, it will appear in front of you, if after that you don't recognize it, the tension will make the pressure hurt/kill you; So, Karma is a 4th dimensional mechanic, its something that happens on astral realm based on this “all in one, one in all” mechanic of astral realm. Based on the idea of the Diffuse attention that I talk a lot in this website, if you have something on you, it constantly brings tray of destiny of the same tonnage and timbre of this something you are constantly projecting, this makes you subconsciously find “what you are looking for”. Since everything you do, change everything you gonna do, writes on your body, DNA and changes the oscillation of your nerves, having something that is constantly pulsing in astral realm, make your subconscious reactions express this something, constantly, and everyone subconsciously is seeing this and reacting in accord, just check how your presence modifies the energy of everyone around, check how someone subconsciously reacts after you get close this one, so everything you do, writes everything you did, like in a “palographic”, so each time you move, each time you breath, you are writing more and more what you do (here and in the Etherical register) and bringing what is attracted to it, good, bad, neutral or abusive. Since everything is one and one everything, everyone is touching everyone there, everyone acts through everyone there.

“plus, they are entangled in such a way that what happens to one immediately affects the other”

A video with a collection of talks about quantum mechanics and conscience.

In this video, we see that everything is one and one everything, that is all a fractal, and the whole can be seen in the details, the macro can be seen in the micro, and if you do something on the micro, you do something on the macro, if you do something in the details, you do something in the whole, that is how people operate magick. If you are good in interpretation, rolling a stone in the floor is enough to you see how the entire world is working in the moment, because the whole world changes the details of the stone rolling, all the tray the stone do while rolling is marking a effect of the whole in details.

Click here to see the .GIF. Fractals works very alike 4th dimension. This is a Mandelbrot fractal. As we can see, the whole is the details and the details the whole. The Mandelbrot zoom record video.

My personal images from it to show points of interest: (I used XaoS, but I think this software is not enough, or I don't know how to use this, it freezes pretty fast) (If you want to have a fractal software, check this page:

The thing is that everything we do in the world we find God, because in all details have the figure of the whole, and its all the same figure, but in different dimensions.

Krishna; Chapter 6, verses 5–6; Bibek Debroy translation Who sees Me everywhere, and sees all in Me, him I lose not, nor will he lose Me. – Bagavad Gita”

Corinthians 6:18-20: 18 Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body. 19 What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? 20 For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's.

You body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you; As I said: “and its all the same figure, but in different dimensions”. You body is a different dimension, but what is in your body is from another dimension.

Therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's; As I said: “The thing is that everything we do in the world we find God, because in all details have the figure of the whole”; And: “We see that everything is one and one everything, that is all a fractal, and the whole can be seen in the details, the macro can be seen in the micro, and if you do something on the micro, you do something on the macro, if you do something in the details, you do something in the whole” Your body is the micro and if you do something in your body, you do something for the Holy Ghost which is in you.

On the link there is a link for this: Maybe its interesting for read.

Hebrews 3:6: 6 But Christ is faithful as the Son over God’s house. And we are His house, if we hold firmly to our confidence and the hope of which we boast.

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  • “4th dimension is another stem, another axis of movement, its not up or down, left or right, front or back, its in another direction, the direction of your movement is very hard to explain, its like explaining color to a blind... You move not spatially, but canalized, I sometimes call 4th dimension, a rotary axis, but it don't defines it very accurately...”

It is very hard to explain, how can we explain something that is just one in all? How to explain some mechanic never experienced before? I recommend to read it all, but I'll quote only some parts.

“10 And the disciples came, and said unto him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables? 11 He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given. 12 For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath. 13 Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.”

Who sees the “kingdom of heaven”, don't need parables, they already see it. But how can they explain to those that “see not” and “hear not”?!

“14 And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias, which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive...”

The upper dimensions are within our world, it is as in heaven as in earth, its happening around us, right now, and there is ways to see it, there is ways to perceive it.

“16 But blessed are your eyes, for they see: and your ears, for they hear. 17 For verily I say unto you, That many prophets and righteous men have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard them.”

And then, after you learn to perceive it, you'll see something, that many people desired.

Well, I though about something to explain 4th dimensional movements. Since its stillness in movement and movement in stillness, its like sitting on a sofa, if you keep sited, it will get deformed, we are never stopped, we are always moving, if we stop, we are moving down, we are “sinking”, but we never stop, and keeping still gonna mess all your bones and muscles. 4th dimension movements are like that, its how you keep still, you change you emanations and that keeps pulsating, this pulse brings information by similarity, its like focusing, you can only read only one word per word in a book, but you see all the words, so in 4th dimension, you need to change your emanations in a way that it change you focus and makes you see whatever this emanation brings, because you can only see one “word per word”, but since there is all in one and one in all, you are seeing all the things, but you need to find the “word” in the “everything book”. Don't matter what, we are always emanating, so, we are always “deforming” something, like we deform the sofa, and the sofa is always “deforming” us, like it “mess all your bones and muscles”, so, if you know what you are emanating, you know what is coming for you and what you are bringing on in the tray of action and reactions, you then see the lines of destiny and learn how to move it (programming destiny and becoming a free spirit), “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32). If two persons have the same aura in one of their projections, they are like “reading the same word”, that can attract something, or they can link and canalize messages subconsciously, or even consciously if they know how to. There is people that had Near Death Experience, that said, if you barely think in a place, you are already there, if you barely think about someone, you already see this one.

By the things I said in this website, one was that if you think about someone, this one fells it subconsciously, you wanting or not, this is in fact mainly a etheric effect, but it have a process in astral realm, that is this “barely you think barely happens” effect. Regardless of being a etheric effect, I'll talk here about some little tests you can do to show to you that your mind have effects in the others mind, the reason for that, its because, the same effects you see, its gonna be the same effects that happen don't matter how far you are from someone, and then, if you barely think in someone, barely this one will fell this effect in ether, but in astral, barely you think in someone, you gonna in fact appear in front of this one, so think like that, if you are thinking about one of your secrets and suddenly someone pops in your mind, its delivered, next time you see this one, this one gonna react strangely to you. I'll talk about this effect on “item (5)”, the more you know about this mechanics, the more you can predict the results that will occur, reaching even at telepathy.

One of the tests will not convince some persons, but its easy to do, I talk a lot about that “palographic” test, in one of my articles, I talk a little about interpreting it, and in another I talk about the ether having effects in the test, the test I'm about to present is to check this “mind of 'x' over coordination of 'y'” effect, for that you'll need someone else to be with you. But you can simple get a paper and a pen, or even making on computer, ask this someone that when you are to begin the test, that this person think varying between horrible thoughts and wonderful thoughts “aiming” it at you, but, like, he/she really means it, thinking “strongly” and emotionally, thinking in bad and offensive words and good words, thinking about things the person don't like on you and things he/she like; So then, you get your pen, and put at the beginning of the paper, and begin to make lines, like in the image example below, while the other person “transmit thoughts” at you, do those lines in a average speed, a speed that the lines don't get too straight and that the modulations become visible, and try to do until you finish the paper, tell the person that is with you to try to remember well when this person though about something and where you made a modulation, then if you want, you can redo the test with the person writing while you are thinking. I say that some people feel convinced with this test, but not everyone, I understand why, because are subtle modulations, and some people modulates more other less (but its not about amount of modulation and yes, about the modulation), but well, judge by your self, its very easy to do. The image I said to example how to make the lines: Consider all modulations, the distance between lines and others, but mainly, the deformations of the horizontal line.

The other test, can convince a little more, but skeptics will not do it or analyze it properly, some people that mess with spirituality says this is convincing but not everyone. The test, is very simple, since you go to job, or some other things and responsibilities almost everyday, you can simple try to think strongly and emotionally, things that are nasty, horrible or bad and things that are beautiful, wonderful and nice aiming to the humans and checking their subconscious response, if you do it while they are doing something, you can analyze better the results, take care too, sometimes you can receive certain karmas doing this, or making people have a bad experience where they are. If you think bad things in a group of people laughing, or they will calm their laughs quickly and end up without subject to speak about, or they give a last strange laugh and begin to talk more anxious and act in a more awkward way, I don't recommend to destroy people fun just to test it, but I already did it numerous time to increase my faith. If you have a stronger energy, you can ask mentally to people to do small things, try to ask things they could do subconsciously, because you can't interfere directly in the free will (but you can manipulate it), I mean, if someone is willing to text in the phone consciously, probably this one will not move his/her hand off the phone just because you asked for, tell with small number of words, like, “hand head”, “hand go to head”, and they will probably scratch their heads, move their hair or scratch their noses, tell them move a little from one side to another side, and they will do, sometimes you should ask more times, try to not elude yourself if it was a coincidence, try to test until you are sure that is you that is doing that. If you think bad things, I noticed that mostly of the times, people fell something in their neck, and then react with some coughs, or some inhalation noise and alike.

Why does this test matter anyway? Since this looks a weak effect!

But this, supposedly weak effect ,manipulated in accord can change a entire destiny, sometimes even bringing death to someone (do you believe in black magick?), in other things beside killing someone, its that the same process people express subconsciously, so you can see effects of karma, or sometimes, someone appear in front of you and do something shameful, but because of those mechanics you saw that his 4th dimensional body was asking for that, sometimes the astral body of someone knows you are hiding a secret, but he/she consciously don't know, he will have a strange energy, and “coincidentally” when you are messing up with that secret, this one appears right in the moment and see it. Sometimes you are with much bad energy because of sins, and when you are going to do something people disrespect, they will find you doing it right in the moment you are to do, or they will keep interrupting you like they are smelling your guilty in the air. Sometimes people have demons on they and they will use the person to keep annoying your meditation or use the person to reject anything you like/do/want irrationally, or rationally. If someone “shows that” to you, “accidentally”, in fact this one was wanting to show to you or everyone around with their upper bodies, and it just happened “accidentally”, even if this one would never want this consciously, but well, maybe in a dream they would, or in their fantasies... Sometimes someone have a bad energy toward you, and when you begin to get close this one, this one will rant about something but you fell that its like “in your direction”, fell like its “about you”, sometimes they do a noise or mess up with objects in synchronicity with what you think, but its all subconsciously, you can't charge people because of that, but you can keep that in mind and be suspect of those persons. This will all be visible in those tests I said, so if you study this mechanic, it will not be “just a weak effect”.

The third test, convince more people that are in to spirituality, and let some non-believers in doubt, but not everyone. The problem of this test, its that I live in a country where the bad quality in the streets let it happen, if the lamp posts of your street are semi-functional, you'll be able to do this test, or if you think in another way to simulate those lamps. You need to find a lamp that keeps on for a while, then cool down after a while, but don't light off entirely. If you have found this lamp, let it cool down a little, then, take a deep breath while staring concentrated at the lamp, you gonna see that the lamp gonna react in accord, probably making the same modulation as your breath, and then turn on again, this is easy and I think everyone can do this test, but more “Mana” you have, more strongly this effect have, sometimes you can barely look at the semi-functional lamp and with a small breath it turns on, be sure its not a coincidence, testing for certain amount of time will show you that its you for sure that is making this effect. Try to find a lamp that is not dead, only those that cool down and warm up again. I found no photos to describe those lamps so I'll make a bad quality draw to exemplify:

What this mean? Well, if you consider that our brain works with almost the same energy as a lamp, so that means I could interfere in how your brain works with a small breath.

Those tests don't show perfectly how astral axis of movement work, it shows more how the etheric influences work, but it can be a example that your mind is constantly having effects, and then, if you consider that in astral, you barely think about someone, you barely are in front of this someone, so its like we are constantly moving in 4th dimension, and if you could “canalize” certain “energy”, you would maintain in a specific place in the 4th dimension, that is what happen normally when we hear astral beings, but for that you need to keep your mind clean and relaxed, or else it will keep changing your astral position each time you distract yourself from the message you are receiving, that is another reason why sinning is a problem to astral projection, if you are enchanted by something, you gonna close your eyes, and this something will keep appearing non-stop, that will make you have problem in canalizing in astral, probably you'll have to disenchant, or to sleep and wait another day, but if enchanted in a good thing, this can help you canalize specific things.

For me, to understand perfectly how it works the axis of the forth dimension, its like learning to walk again, so think about it, you need to rebirth to learn how to walk in astral realm, you need to “forget” what you think is “imagination” and “walking”, to walk in astral realm, its not like we do with our foots, but its not without a movement, its another dimension but it still a “body”, its so hard to explain, lets say that, if you move in third dimension, you are moving in the second dimension too, so that means the same in the 4th dimension, but in second dimension its a figure that slide over two axis only, and in the third it have a deepness, but in the forth dimension, you slide “through realities”, so its very strange to explain, its harder to explain the 5th dimension, its like you slide “through the possibilities”, its like, in the 4th dimension, all your I's are being presented and executed in each movement you do, all your realities in each breath, and in the 5th dimension, if a leaf falls in front of you, you know what is going to happen in the future.

  • “when I talk about dimensions, I talk in all senses, physical dimensions, the dimensions of your acts, of your thoughts, of your abilities, of your state of conscience, of your awareness and infinitely more.”

+ I'll give a pause for now +

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