List of Uriel's sons

text by Princess Sophia and Avalokiteshvara

Version 1.4, 29/11/2016

That is too a sum of a lot of what we learned with another friends too.

That is my ray and the ray of my friend Avalokiteshvara.

Pink is the most sensible of the rays, normally are very quiet and have a bad aesthetic notion (not always), its hard to describe they, because they are very extreme and/or unpredictable, so they end up varying much in what they choose to do. Because their sensibility, they normally are involved in spiritual activities, music and philosophy. Its normal that have facility in astral projections, but its normal that they lack social skills. They normally end up lonely, and like we can see in Japan (A “pink ray” culture), there is much suicides by lack of love correspondence. Normally is hard to they adapt to society (White ray have this same problem). Normally they are treated strangely because their silent nature, its not uncommon to meet a pink ray that don't open the mouth for even a second during the day, they normally are reflecting deeply about the things that happen to they. They are extremely deep and sometimes epics. Its common that they become depressive, lonely and/or rejected, leaving they in a failure feeling. Because they are sensible, they don't have much materialist things to offer to society, so they normally have problem with employment and to choose their study, since they passionately like what they do, they normally don't get interested in academic study, because they fell like it is repressing their free expression (but sometime is just the otherwise, and they end up loving academic studies). I would risk to say this ray is the most “failed” socially, but its hard to explain they, if they want, they are a social success; but its common that because that they end up being the ray that has facility in spiritual activities, the white ray too, the purple ray normally get interested on it too. But is hard to explain the pink rays, the pink color, its between the red and violet, consequently they are very extremist in what they do, so they can turn out to be way different of any explanation I can give, that is why its not hard to see one that do something very strange/different from others, they don't care much about image and do what is needed to achieve what they want, the violets and whites normally have this characteristic too. Some are kinda collectors, they don't care much about preferences and end up wanting “a little of everything”, if you offer a napolitan ice cream, they get one of each flavor, if you give him a build game, they will try to use all the pieces, even if that gets messed up, with the love virtue, they normally don't like to leave nothing behind, because they think every piece have value and should appear. Until they get perfection on their arts, those costume to be very messy and that is why they hear much critics and a academic ambient gets hard for their works, because they have faith that training in that messy way they do, they would reach mastery in a unique and personal way, and even if the things end up messy, they believe that they will find a order in the middle of this mess without leaving nothing behind. This is the most precise ray, I believe, so its not uncommon that they show great aim skills and things alike, one example is that samurai (Isao Machii) that cut off a BB pistol shot with a katana. Normally they have a sharp eyebrow, delineated eyes, and they normally don't show the teeth when smiling. Its common that they don't look at your eyes while talking, or looking above, or looking down. They normally have a perfect body, some pink gets on gyms and things alike because of that. Its a ray that have more chance to have a psychological problem, since bipolar disorder, to anxiety, to depression, to multiple personality and even schizophrenia, but its not limited to this ray.

The decade they influenced was 1980, you can see it from the bad aesthetic fashion, gym music and a extremely passionate epoch, they influenced the Romanticism epoch.

Physical characteristics: Normally they have a sharp eyebrow; Their eyebrow sometimes is alike the Black ray, that is like “angry eyebrows”, but less “angry”; “Delineated” eyes, hard to explain; High forehead; Sometimes a small chin; Most of they are medium or small frame, but there are more exception on Alpha or depending of elemental.

Countries that evoke his energy because its culture:

I'll show celebrities from around the world, some fictitious personages that were made in image of a Archangel subconsciously or consciously and animals.


April March.

That is what you get with a Omega pink girl.


Ayrton Senna.

Basquiat, Jean-Michel.


Beto Guedes.

Bianca Comparato.

Bonnie Tyler.

Caio Blat.


Chris Cornell.

Sometimes he looks black to me.

Daisy Ridley.

Hmm, another pink ray girl confronting a guy acting like a transparent being, alike Demiurge, and maybe Adam Driver is transparent, or green, not sure.

Deborah Graham.

She is another of those mediums I saw on TV, I liked her, I believe she is trustful. This looks to be her official Youtube channel: YT Channel. She have a attitude alike mine, and she too don't show her teeth when smiling.

Diego Hipólito.

DJ Shadow.

Eddie Vedder.

Emma Watson.

Fátima Bernardes.

Fernanda Takai.

Fiona Apple.

Harry Styles.

Ian Curtis.

Ian MacKaye.

Isaac Newton.

Isao Machii.

Jack Black.

Jair Naves.

Good example of protoplasm souls physical features.

Jane Adams.

Jeff Buckley.

Jeremy Enigk.

This kind of music he does, genres like emocore, slowcore, grunge, drone, shoegaze, there is lot of pink rays on those.

Joe Matt.

Since his comic is about him, it is too pink ray. Another sad lone pink ray without girl. But he have something to blame, he had a girl.

John Coltrane.

John Robinson.

Juan Atkins.

Julie Fowlis (Cuilidh).

Justin Timberlake.

Kel Mitchell.

KL Jay.

Layne Staley.

Leibniz, Gottfried.

Lisa Kudrow.

Lucas Moura.

Luiz Antonio Gasparetto.

One of the most omegas persons. I believe he is a true medium, he is not much infamous, here one of his videos where you can check his “omegasity”:

Marco Nanini.

Not sure about him.

Mario Cullman.

Modern Talking.

Both pink ray.

Noel Rosa.

Rosa means pink or Rose.

Owen Wilson.

Pato, Alexandre.

Patrick Drake.

And his red ray wife.

Rachel McAdams.

Richard Rasmussen.

Roberto Carlos(Singer).

Much evilness on this one. We are not sure about him, maybe Black, maybe Violet.

Rosinha de Valença.

Rosinha = Little pink or Little Rose.

Sandy Leah Lima.

Scott Stapp.


He is the reincarnation of Socrates.

Sylvester Stallone.

Sneijder, Wesley.


Stephen Immerwahr.

Steve Haustchild.

Tatá Werneck

Not much sure, we were debating about her.

Théo Becker.

Thora Birch.

Tyler James Williams.

Xitãozinho e Xororó.

Both are pink ray.



Doug Funnie.




Kamiya Kaoru.


She is very important to interpret the “blue hair girl” thing that I'll explain later. Like Rei Ayanami and Zashiki-warashi.

Mima Kirigoe.

Moe Szyslak.

Mr. Robert Simmons.

Rei Ayanami.

I'll explain better later what is up with the blue haired pink ray girls you see everywhere, I'll create a post about it and edit this one to add the link. This carries lot of the symbols knows about her (Extremely quiet, blue hair, pink ray, red haired girl friend).


Shinji Ikari.

He is very important to explain the blue hair girl and the red hair girl that I'll talk about later.


Another Blue haired girl that I'll talk about later, with the exactly symbols (blue hair, pink ray, flute, lake, cold mountains, blue hair, night, pink flower on the left ear, crier, extremely quiet, lone and a red haired girl friend, if she carried a spear, it would be complete), this is too much precise.


All animals have can be from any ray, but some animals attract more certain rays than others.

My elemental. But I was wild. Felines came from a Black ray lion, so every feline have a touch of black ray, Cat is a animal that came from the Pink essence of the Lion, so it have more from this ray, mostly if a Calico cat.

Compare on the Irael's list to see how the black ray cats are different from the pink, if I'm sure, there is cat photos on the violet and green too.

Canines came from a Yellow ray wolf, so every canine have a touch of yellow ray, Pug (vary more) and Chihuahua (mostly) are animals that came from the pink essence of the dogs.

My friend Avalokiteshvara elemental. Mandrill monkey vary in rays, but it have a good amount of pink rays. Monkeys in general have lot of pink rays, lone animal. But there are lot of Green ray Orangutans.

Chacrona. B. Caapi. Ayahuasca, both plants that evolved from the DNA of Hyperboreans pink ray indigenous girl (Chacrona) and guy (B. Caapi), after they died. Maybe they were married and the plants need to be mixed to work. Rose is one symbol of Uriel. Azorina Vidalii.