List of Orifiel's sons

text by Princess Sophia and Avalokiteshvara

Version 1.4, 29/11/2016

That is too a sum of a lot of what we learned with another friends too.

Moved Kris Novoselic from Pink.

The violet ray changes from being very “electrics” to being very quiet, but mostly are very active, they normally like to do travels, visit lot of different places. Black, violet and pink, are the ones that normally have a good hearing, so they normally get interest in music, that is not limited to those rays, sometimes the elemental life of someone can make it too, but not limited. They normally like literature too. Its a twin archangel of Uriel, both are omega archangels, but Orifiel is the most alpha of the omegas, but they are still sentimental, so normally the violet girls are kinda “manly”, but not always, the omega polarity violet girls normally are very girly. Sometimes if you find someone with a thick eyebrow, its probably a violet person, but not always, and not all violet have this characteristic. Its common that they like traditional culture, they are normally interested in culture and they like to read, watch movies, do some cool art, music. Normally they have a kiddish way to have fun. Its common that they get interested in “other side” of magic, because Orifiel was attacked by Luciel, and Luciel got stopped by Miguel, Orifiel then have this “God didn't helped me”, consequently, their sons have this “revolt” against God, but strangely when their souls get old and learn about it, they become very spiritual, I think Alice Coltrane is a good example of this kind of person.

The decade they influenced was 1960.

Physical characteristics: Sometimes they have a thick eyebrow; Their eyebrow tends to be curved, or almost straight, except for the fire element, but yet some get straight; Their head normally have a “pill shape”; Sometimes men have big nose;

Countries that evoke his energy because its culture:

I'll show celebrities from around the world, some fictitious personages that were made in image of a Archangel subconsciously or consciously and animals.


Adnet, Marcelo.

Agostinho Carrara.

Alessia Cara.

Face of 2017 culture, haha.

Alice Coltrane.

Amanda Brown.

Anthony Kiedis.

Antonino S. Victorius II.

Barack Obama.

Caetano Veloso.

Maybe he is a Rosicrucian.

Carla Salle.

Carlinhos Brown.


Cássia Eller.


Chantal Goya.

Charles Bronson.

Chico Buarque.

Chico Science.

Chloë Sevigny.

Corinne Drewery (Swing Out Sister).

Courtney Love.


Dani Calabresa.

Dave Grohl.

David Blaine.

Maybe his magicks are real... Maybe from demons...

David Bowie.

Didi, Renato Aragão.

Django Reinhardt.

Don Cherry.

Donald Cammell.

What a great example of stupidity.

Dua Lipa.

Efrin Menuck.

Elissa Steamer.

Frida Kahlo.

Gilberto Gil.


What I call a Daeon, they know it. She is important, she is an old soul of Atlantis, created from the logos generated after the “art boom” that happened in Atlantis era, she is indeed the “art angel”. She shouldn't be on 'mainstream' path... I think she will regret it.

Guy Picciotto.

Ina Garten.

J Dilla.

Janis Joplin.

Smile in earth, cry in astral.

Jim Carey.

Jimi Hendrix.

This “inflamous” energy he have, its because he is filled with sexual demons.

John Boyega.

John Lennon.

Black mage. All members of his band are violet rays.

Jorge Ben.

Sometimes he looks purple to me.

José González

Jun Seba, Nujabes.

Juninho Pernambucano.

Karl Lagerfeld.

Katy Steele.

Kim Deal.

Kim Thayil.

Krist Novoselic.

Lázaro Ramos.

Liam Gallagher.

Sanpaku eyes.


She is on my list.

Lucio Mauro Filho.

Lulu Santos.

Maddie Ziegler.

Marcelo Camelo.

Maria Gadu.

Melanie Martinez.

I fell empathy for her.

Mia Zapata.


Monteiro Lobato.

Mr. Bean, Rowan Atkinson.

Nikola Tesla.

Noel Gallagher.

Pedro Benoliel.

Quentin Tarantino

Raul Seixas.

Much Rosicrucianism on this one. Much Rosicrucian artists in Brazil.

Renato Russo.

Rooney Mara.

Rosie Cepero.

I recently watched her, and I loved it, I think she is a true/trustful Medium.

Here is the only complete episode I found online: YT.

some small clips from the TV show: , , , , , , and . I found a website filled with ads, but you can download Some of the episodes:

Samuel Rosa.

Sarah Silverman.

She is on my list.

Serj Tankian.

Masonic Hat.

Sorín, Juan Pablo .

Sun Ra.

Tom Zé.

Vanda Duarte.

Actress from the movies, “Ossos” and “In Vanda's Room”.

Véronique Chalot.

Victor Assis.

Violeta Parra.

Wesley Safadão.

Xavi Hernández.


And... If he really does magick? Strangely, I believe its not tricks... He did some of his magick in live television, and some can't explain if its CGI or not, but of course is not from God.

Yoani Sánchez.

Yoko Ono.

Yolandi Visser.

She is what I call Daeon, she have photos with black wings, maybe they know it, now she is corrupted. The cover of her music project makes me think they used pedophilia sexual magick to profane her, and now she is a Black Mage (and maybe very good at it, her voice is a example), see, “candy” (its a cliche to say a pedophile offers candy, and hard candy is a jargon to pedophilia), Baphomet (Common, he is a sexual entity and he is very close to Satan), and “Dark Side”, they not even hide, that is very suspect, maybe I'm nut, who cares... Her musics videos are filled with black magick and profanity, the “Evil Boy” video is filled with that and a huge amount perversion, check the lyrics.


Carl Carlson.


Jim Kuback.

Patti Mayonnaise.

Posey Tyler.


All animals have can be from any ray, but some animals attract more certain rays than others.

Felines came from a Black ray lion, so every feline have a touch of black ray, cats are from the pink ray part of the lion, but all animals can give any ray, the cats in the photos are violet ray.

Rodents came from a Violet ray essence, so every rodent have a touch of violet ray, squirrel is mostly violet, so its violet^2, the one in the photo is violet.

Random images/persons

An Atlantean alpha violet girl (Flora) from Hell's Kitchen BR Season 4. As we can see, there was a specie of Atlantean that had colored hair, so its normal that some Atlantean paint their hair, that don't mean all persons with painted hair is Atlantean.

This omega girl.