Explaining better about Archangels

text by Princess Sophia

Version 1.0, 19/05/2017


Lot people asked me about the archangel things I talk on this website, how to understand it, so I decided to make this article to explain better about it.

Things I'm commonly asked about archangels are, how I “see” it? What exactly they mess up with us? What are exactly archangels? Could someone have two rays? There is a way to understand/discover about it on things?

Archangels are the emanations that are over everybody, but under God, they are the highest after God. But God emanations, as Aeons, like Jesus, are over Archangels, because, archangels are a fragmentation of God already, but a Aeon wouldn't be the emanation of the fragmented part, and yes of the whole. Only God is above logos, Archangels have a personal Stimulus and Form (tonnage, timbre, wave), that identifies them and their expressions, logos, its like, logic, but its like syllable, a syllable is a sound, a sound have a timbre that creates its identity, and a tonnage, that is its expressions. There is no way logic can't exist, so there is no way nonexistence could exist, there is only existence, because logic would exist even in nonexistence, regardless of how we operate logic, 2 + 2 = 4 even in nonexistence. Through a specific timbre (key) and tonnage (Jewel), everything is created, all humans things carries the logos of this individual. Our highest body is made only with logos, only stimulus and form (Omega; Alpha), so think that its all divisions, densification, dimensioning, the whole is infinite, so everyone is infinite, but think it as a piece of paper, and if you make twelve folds, each of the fold marks give a specific sensation, each sensation carries a logos, and there is no way to escape the logos of everything, and its like, each archangel is each fold mark, and there are the primordial virtues that existed since the principle, and its unfolding it with us, “developing” more virtues, but in fact those virtues already were, because its just a “filtered” and condensed margin of what ever was. So if we fold more the paper, its like the emanations of those archangels being separated and becoming stronger/visible until it strikes a ray that makes you there, and if there is a margin of frequency inside you that become stronger, the lightning strikes this too, making another person. Consequently, you have only one ray because you have only “one” position in “the whole”, but there is different manifestations that can change a little how you are and give you more of the other rays, and in the end, our souls getting older, get some virtues from other rays, becoming more “one to the one”.

Since God is above Logos, its the only thing above archangels and everything down here, consequently, there is nothing on earth that will manipulate our ray, but our ray will manipulate things on earth, consequently, there is not a zodiacal way to find rays, because zodiac change from life to life, it of course have a meaning, but its limited to this “Time and Space world of Demiurge”, so there is a “time” for everything to happen here, and its “marked” by the zodiac the degree of this manifestation, but in Logos, the logos “was already”, basically Zodiac is the mark of the reverb/specter that is undeniable for your logos, its like a mark to the passage of your logos expressions, but all your expressions already were on Logos, but it need to happen on “time space world”, because this world is a imperfect copy, and its was “architectured” by a “normal” entity, consequently, limiting us to a single things per time, its like the computer, that need a specific and perfect order of commands to be interpreted correctly by the computer, since the computer can only read a command per command, it need to be ordered correctly and wait the “destiny” happen. Our material body have this limitation that Demiurge created, because this world is limited in his logos, and then need to be made one per one, because its manifested in a limited entity, we are now putting a little of our logos, and consequently the logos of the archangels on earth, if we link from under to above, the logos of what is Godly, we can re-unite heaven to earth (the work the Time and Space god of every religion is mentioned to being done); But in logos, things don't need to be done one by one, but the entirely is manifested in one, because the entirely is from God, that is all in one, but if me, a limited in logos person (only God above logos), if I do like Demiurge and Invite for the materialization, so the entire earth would carry a little of my logos (until other logos modify, but a “scar” would be there), but consequently, the entire earth would need to manifest in singularity, because I can give only one body for each logos, but our logos can manifest infinitely bodies and personalities, consequently I trap all your possibilities and personalities in a single body, creating a world of illusion where you can't understand what you are and what you should or not manifest, leading to sins and confusion, since we know Demiurge is the god of Illusion, and that Time and Space is a illusion, and that our “I's” are a illusion, we know who to blame, and now can understand all your problems, so you should accept what you are, because this body is the sum of everything you are in a unity, and you'll understand it only if you live long enough to the entire logos manifest in Time of the world of Time, then you gonna see that you are what you are, you were just confused, but in fact you always loved yourself and everything you made in attempt to deny yourself just hurt you, and what is wrong in you its your fault, scars of your attempt to change; So well, if I architect a world, like Demiurge did, that would happen, and consequently, you would have to manifest in a single expression per time, because I have only one logos to create only one body for you, and my Alpha part would make your right eye, and my Omega part would make your left eye, and you would have only two ways to manifest your infinitely conscience (logos), and that would require time, and destiny, and illusion, and frustration, and confusion, etc... And since I'm only one in one, and not whole in one (like God), you would have to manifest your Alpha and Omega in a single focus points, making it worst because now you'll have to schedule your day to feed correctly and in balance each of your polarity, making a correct practice for your body and mind, for your sensitivity, emotions, reasons, thoughts, having to sacrifice time for one or another, and that would not happen in the Causal realm (logos realm), because your Alpha and Omega is already manifested in infinity, consequently, that is what would happen, and what happened in Demiurge history.

There is nothing much we can do than accept Time, Space and Death, because we got invited, we accepted, we don't remember/or we got fooled, to come back here on this world. At first this world was united with heaven, angels were walking with us, we could manifest our entirely in our matter form, we could move mountains with our logos emanations, the earth was a paradise, and it was a place for young souls to learn, I believe Lucifer told Demiurge about the desire and temptation, and he invited us to the materialized world, where everything would be apart, consequently, the substances, souls connections would be apart because the densification of the materialization would make the atoms unite more aligned to certain logos, consequently limiting access from other souls to connect entirely with you (creating a body that separates you from another body, but we were united before), creating desires to unite again with people, leading to sins; And more apart the matter was making us get, more we were wanting to get united, so we began to abuse substances, trying to unite back with earth and its “milk”, but we ended up addict and intoxicated, because each substance don't fulfill the infinitely that you were once making part (that is why you fast), then we try to unite with people, but then we end up getting perversions and tempted by the meat and forget our love, or tempted by the use of the people to our desires and abuse humanity with lies, then we try to unite our minds, and end up in wars and homicidal threats, or we don't understand each other and lead to confuse, we see different realities and not a united one. Now its done, with this illusion you can slave humanity in urobouros (samsara), and “probably” Lucifer “could” be over God, but now he realized he can't, and I believe Demiurge already see him falling.

Luciel, the emanation of the lucid, like anyone that do sports, you, being lucid, can imagine events that could make even the worst team win the best team, and that gives you hope, and you “can see” ways, for you, that is lower than God, to reach above God, but Luciel forgot, that game is about skill and reaction over the action, and God reaction is infinitely dimensions faster and before any reaction of Luciel, and Luciel's hopes to conquest God were fading, because he then realized that even if he could predict events that should be a possibility to get over God, God could predict him way better than himself, its like we do in sports, we lose hope when we see a adversary that is undoubtedly better than us, even if we at first saw lot of strategies against him, you understand when you analyze his experience to improvise over anything and that you can't predict nothing he does. Lucifer then realized he is between logos, and not over logos, and the virtues he lacks God have, consequently, God have Luciel's virtues and the virtues of all archangels, so he can do the same as Luciel and more, but Luciel got overwhelm by his own lucidity, that could make him architect beautifully the goal on his head, but on practice its never what we imagine, only God knows, consequently, nobody can be above logic, only God, and everything you do needs to abstract from logic, and while you are doing it, God is already done on it, and not even the archangels can get over logic, consequently, they all have to think (AO), to fell (OO), to emotionalize (OA), and rationalize (AA), they all have to infinitely develop their Alphas and Omegas, while God is the only one already done on it, all Archangels have doubts and mysteries to solve, so as we, much are the mysteries of God, infinite I say.

Consequently, when those archangels are on certain states of emanation, their use specific logos that they have, and some people born from his AA, AO, OA or OO, fragment, like the paper folded, or better, compare the idea with angles, because you can go infinitely in each angle direction, but you can divide angles, its like 360° / 12 archangels = 30° of a circle for each archangel, but the direction of each is infinite, and God is infinite, and when the Archangel use one of his 30°, this degree “highlights” itself, striking a ray, like when you look to the sun on a reflexive object, and it creates you, so you are one of the 30° of an archangel, there is how far and how close you are from the nucleus (how alpha or how omega), so that can make you have different distance to other archangels, making you alike a specific archangel, creating doubts about being two rays at once, but you can't.

That is why in my article about Dimensions, I compare the idea of the unity being “dimensionalized”, we see in everything that everything comes from one and dimensionalize, and much things end up not escaping from 8 and 6, 3 and 4, I use a lot the octagram to explain lot of things, because, if you have one unity, you can have two polarities, X, can be 1 or 0, consequently, XY can be 11, 10, 01, 00, that is four, and XYZ can be 111, 110, 101, 100, 011, 010, 001, 000, that is eight, only God is above X, Logos, above Alpha and Omega, because in one there is 1 and 0, and that is why the evil use lot of 11's or two things, because he abuse the concept of logos to trap us here, because he knows only the “enlighten” can know the most incredible capacities of the logos (even morph matter in my faith), and because that is the separation of God, and in your Logos “you can be God”, but that is a Illusion, in fact, we are all like “Gods”, but just like Demiurge and those, they were “humans” like us, and some emanations from him were like rays from archangels, like some of my emanations “manifest” some other consciences from logos to walk on earth, and so we all can create life, we all look like God, but the illusion is that, we can't be omnipotent, like God, and consequently, there is where we fail, we can't be complete like God, so we fail here too, and Lucifer and Demiurge failed when they felt they could be like God, because they are not Omnipotent like God, the eleven represents this, the duality, and then the idea that you can “accept the other side”, and we see this “come to the other side”, “join the other side”, almost everywhere, but the sides are the problem, sometimes I say, “see the both sides of a coin, to realize the coin is a problem”, that is “knowledge of the Good and Evil”, its not that there was no knowledge before, we translate it as two things, but that is one tree, its one thing, its not knowledge, and its not for good, or for evil, its knowledge of the “good and evil”, that means the duality, that is why I compare earth as the paradise of sin (Good, holy spirit inside us; Evil, the earth, using our holy spirity capacities on earth to fell pleasure, its the “knowledge of Good and Evil”, the “good and evil” is the Sin if was translated as a single word, its the “Tree of Sin”), because you can do Good and Evil here, not like with God, or when it was united to heaven, now with physical bodies, we can do perversions, intoxication, abuse violence and enslave, we just should not do this in front of someone eyes, so Demiurge made a perfect world where you can maintain people in Illusion, so they can do everything hidden behind walls (sacrifices, nasty orgies), Space, in the Time, Space and Death concept, because if you don't see it don't happened, and only Demiurge and the ones in heavens can see it, now you can slay people, if you do “mafia way”, and make a contract with the devil, the judges will put it under the carpet, everything need to be hidden in the polished and beauty, and its fine, because Demiurge came from Luciel and both carry the virtue of beauty, consequently, they have this things to make everything beautiful to enchant you, not that beautiful is bad, but like knowledge can be used as “gun”, so in Mafia they use nice suits and all, the top elitist are all well dressed and all, all the top women, beautiful luxurious dresses, now you can slay someone and clean it with money (the scale of “how much you sold you life to Satan”), and Demiurge will accept that as a sacrifice, and let it pass, because no one saw it, but in the heaven with earth era (pre-lemuria), we had psychic capacities to handle those problems of “Illusions” and lies, each time they use eleven its like Demiurge saying this, “enjoy earth, the paradise of sins, made under duality (logos), here you can do everything you want, just love the earth I architecture to you and perpetuate it with countless battles, once you discover how I fooled you, you'll get out of here breaking samsara, but I hope people don't get inspired on you, so I made a net of lies between my elitists sons, just accept to be limited by time, space, illusion and death, for you are my sacrifice each time you come here” (You basically offer yourself for sacrifice and Death, just so you can enjoy sins and love the world).

Consequently this manifestation the Archangels have, are beyond our Soul, I believe our Conscience lives between the logos, being over our soul, and then our soul is a condensation of our conscience. And this manifestations that the Archangels give, manifests and change everything in someone, making marks in all your bodies, from soul to earth, changing a little of each one, a little of you physical appearance, of you personality, your spirit, soul and conscience. In earth, the logos of the Archangels travels through your nerves and brain as a electrical oscillation, makings you construct your tissues in the Archangel way. There is nothing on you that is not modified by the archangel, even the way your nails and hair grows, change even the path of zodiacs you had life after life, the way karma reacts on you and more. It reveals past lifes precisely, since no one have the same logos, and consequently, you will reincarnate life after life with the same ray, and basically the same physical features and alike destiny, modified a little by the ethnic and other environmental things, sometimes revealing your causal body symbols is not advised. With your logos and the jewels and keys you achieved through your life, you can even predict your next life sometimes, since you know what you'll carry to the next life.

90% of the things that are talked about in Logos (Causal Realm), are inexplicable in humans words, because in logos you can have very specific accents for each syllable (in a margin of infinite frequencies, beyond what we hear and produce) that would create a very specific thing, its like, each tree grows differently, because, even in the same tonnage, and alike timbre, their timbre are different in small aspects, creating different structures even being the same specie. Logos is not, but, its the same (but not limited to 20hz -20khz, or seven colors) as the synesthesia of things you look, be that color or the sound it makes, so, if you look a leaf and have a synesthetic sound, and look another leaf and have another synesthetic sound, those sounds are alike, but in limited frequency, of the logos that made each leaf, and each leaf and its logos can only be created by the logos carrier that is the tree, and no humans will do it perfectly like the tree, but the same is about the archangels, that archangels are like the primordial branches of the tree of life, and every of their sons are branches that ramifies from theirs branches, consequently, all the branches needs to carry part of their logos too, that is why I compare to the key thing, each logic is like a key and open specific doors, even if you think 2 + 2 = 4, your brain process it differently, it creates a syllable, a logos, that, “sum of unities generates results depending of the expression variations”, but its not like a phrase, its a key, its like abstract, and that is why I said 90% of the things are inexplicable in human words, but its like this sends a wave through the nerves and neurons on your brain with a specific frequency, timbre and modulations, that achieves the “archive” of mathematics, and the logos can abstract from mathematics things you have not studied yet, but since your brain understand the “logos of mathematics”, it can produce something new with this logos, like the branches of the tree with the logos of the archangel branches, because it just need to proceed inside the “math logos”, and even if I know 2 + 2 = 4, I maybe couldn't know 3 + 3's result, but, since I have the “sum logos”, I know how to abstract from intuition and define that 3 + 3 = 6, that is why I say you achieve keys that can open doors, each things you, in neurolinguistic programming, create in your brain folders, each folder you create in your brain, makes your brain canalize certain logos information, so if you canalize logos that we can't even see on earth, we canalize things beyond our comprehension, you can have the “key of mediunity”, and then your brain will simple knows how to talk with spirits, that is basically most of the process on religions. Consequently, your way to process mathematics, would make “Your Mathematical Logos”, and it would be different from other people Mathematics logos, because each one does mathematics in different ways, and each one does skate tricks in different ways, and does art in different ways, but everything you do is limited by your logos, and you by the logos of your Archangel. And if you Intuitively though that “Your Mathematical Logos” could end up being a human person, yes, the logos have infinite expressions, and all the information that this logos carries can make a entire living person, consequently, this logos can end up being a person, and probably will if you feed more “Your Mathematical Spirit”, its the same I explain on other article. Your other bodies have “memories” too, but its different than works our brain, in astral, everything is compacted as a single logos that have a specific timbre that when its decompacted, reveals all the information you needed (you can reveal people secrets looking the logos emanations on their aura), I compare as this, X says senseless things about Y, Z knows its wrong, Z fells a trigger (causal body), Z fells a “light”, a “sound”, a “thing” in his heart (logos memory in Astral body being decompacted), then Z “flows” his thoughts (Spirit, Ether) in words (psych) to explain to X where he is wrong, and its like magic that this simple “light” makes a entire philosophy bloom out of you (with your logos, the archangel logos and God logos that is in you, so know yourself to knows where is God and the archangel in you, and you'll know where is other souls and spirits in you, like demons, and that what is you in in you can't change, but what is demon in you, can change, and then you'll see how great God was to you, and how great things he said to you, and you ignored him making a shit life and blaming him for it). I believe Alpha is Timbre (Identity, Form), and Omega is Tonnage (Expression, Stimulus). In this image you see waves with different Timbres (different waveform) but same Tonnage (Same frequency), and everything in the world was manifested by this, by the Logos, the “word”, the “syllable”.

So, in each list of archangels sons, I gave a small description, but those words don't define well, some people are from the archangels and maybe not fit any description I wrote there. I had to explain a person why he was yellow ray, and how he could fit the descriptions on my website, because my description by its own, wasn't convincing enough, and I understand perfectly, because I tend to be very skeptic in things people tell about “me”, I have a abstract vision of Zodiac (and maybe you too), that fits none of the descriptions of the websites, but I understand why they “said like that”, and I say the same about my descriptions, once you understand about archangels, you gonna understand why I used those descriptions, and that it don't fits the abstractions of the rays, alike we can explain infinitely about ourselves, we can keep talking infinite about archangels and never explain entirely, as I see in lot of argumentation, asking “but why? But why? But why?” is not a good way to discuss, since we can ask why about everything in a infinite chain, and I think trying to describe Zodiac, Archangel, or any “behind the veil” thing, its like asking “but why?” infinitely to myself, “But why Uriel's sons are like that? But why I'm not like that but I'm Uriel's son? But why I have this Black 'rayish' thing?”, of course its nice to index the knowledge, but its impossible to fulfill until satisfaction the knowledge, its like I said, even archangels are in a logos, and they have doubts, and keep asking “but why?” stop-less too, and that will never fulfill their hungry for knowledge. Mostly of the things I learned about archangel was by experience, people taught me about archangels and pointed me which person was which and why they were and how to understand it, so, since I know well psychology, I began to understand more the subconscious differences of the rays expressions, and saw that they were very alike, in fact, even their psychological tests have same marks, in “palographics”, independently of how a pink ray does the stick and the other pink ray does being different and in different quantity and quality some things there is very alike, because both are pink ray, but there is almost no information about archangels that is not talked orally, or in a informal conversation, consequently, all the descriptions I gave “are very” from my point of view and the ones that taught me. This same way you can use to know if a person is son of a know “god”, like Demiurge, Lilith, Aphrodite, because they will carry the logos of those entities too, don't fell amazed, those lower gods are so imperfect and pathetic as you and me, and we are so much as god as they are, and some of those lower gods are evil, and in fact their sons tend to do some evil things because of that, for example, Demiurge's sons tend to be bank owners, rich and very egocentric and selfish, mostly of they joins secret societies and don't think twice in opportunities even if mess up with big things, but some of they, can learn and go to the “sideless axis” breaking the “11” (like I said before), the dual way that Time, Space, Death and Illusion world give to us. The way I was taught to see was just going in the streets and seeing infamous people on TV and “asking what ray this person is?”, its not hard to see the physical marks of the archangel, in training you learn lot of the different standards, and you barely look someone you know which ray they are, sometimes you know by their voice, way to talk, body or even the way they type a text, consequently if you index well the logos of someone in your “head”, you can see their face even not knowing they. I noticed defined aspects of the archangels physical marks and decided to amplify it, some I got through astral projections, and mostly of the archangels knowledge that was taught to me was from other people astral projections, so, once I was confused about being Alpha or Omega, and one friend said I was Alpha and another Omega, but I felt strange about both answers, and in a entheogenic experience “they” (over there) taught how to see hermaphrodite polarity, they are not much common but not uncommon too, and we had fell experience to identify a hermaphrodite person, now I can see easily what makes someone hermaphrodite pole, this same trip taught me the visible differences about alpha and omega, so I learn to identify better this. In another trip, they said to me there was a omega and alpha version of each element, so they taught me how to see Fire, Water, Air, Earth side of the rays. I was taught by my friends about the “Elementals”, but nobody knew well how to see it, not even me, but after a Wachuma trip in 2014, there was no way I couldn't see it, I saw the ray not physically, I saw it astrally, beyond aura, and the people “I's” merged from diverse past lifes, very alike a scene of “Aeon Flux”, their causal body and their animal face were merging too. I never again saw ray, elemental and Causal body the same way I saw that day, got close, but not the same, I think that day was the highest degree I got my conscience ever.

So we can see some face features, that is how I see 90% of the people's rays, but the most precise way to identify someone's rays, its their attitude and way they express subconsciously, its harder this way, but its the most precise. Our ethnic sometimes trick us, so it makes harder to see some rays, and elemental too. So well, There are the most Alpha rays, Blue, Black and Green, those are the most Alpha, I don't believe this thing of “Women are emotional; Men are rational”, I think this not exist, I saw lot of very alpha emotional man and very rational omega girl, and I saw very alpha girls and very Omega men, I believe, even as a man, that I'm very sensible and emotional, but at same time I have my alpha things (hermaphrodite), but I believe, and at least until know, I think I'm more sensible than any girl I ever saw, even the omegas. But well, I said that, because, those most Alpha rays, normally even the girls is very manly and rational. Consequently, normally the people from those rays are tall, have a manly attitude, even when a girl, are more rational, more “paternal” attitude, more authoritarian. There is the Alpha but not so much Alpha, Yellow, Red, and Transparent, they have the same things I said about the Alpha rays, but they have something on they that makes they more sensible, Yellow are very sentimental to their close ones and they like “idols” (they like the heroic image, sometimes fetish it) sometimes, they normally are romantic too, Red its very alike, but they are more quiet than the Yellow ones, but you see they have this strange sensibility. Transparent its strange, they have a Masculine pose, but they like things very beautiful, that normally looks like women things, and they have some effeminate mannerism sometimes, but strangely, they act very alpha in overall. The between is the purple ray, that is very between Alpha and Omega, but there is this things, that the girls are more Alpha and the boys more Omega, and that makes the girls more extrovert and authoritarian and the purple guy more quiet and introvert. There is a Omega ray with alpha aspects, the Violet ray, its Omega, but its the most Alpha of the Omegas, its like the Inverted Yellow, they are manly, the alpha girls or with alpha elements tends to looks manly too, but in overall they are very omega. And the most omegas are White and Pink, Pink and violet are said to be “twin brothers”, but because of the “omegasity” of the white ray, they tend to look more like the pink than the violets. But Pink ray can beat any other in term of “Omegasity”, normally the most sensible and strange persons come from Pink rays, the typical “strange quiet mysterious girl” representations of popular culture are mostly represented as pink ray, they are normally the ones that have more problems with psychology and over sensibility for some stuffs.

My idea of colors.

I’ll show Omega persons of the Pink ray and Alpha persons of the Black ray, and you are going to see how different it is: Since pink is Omega already, they are very different.

I’ll show an Alpha person of the Pink ray and an Omega person of the Black ray, and you are going to see how different it is: Since Pink is Omega and Black is Alpha, they get more alike.

I’ll show Omega persons with different rays, to you see where they are alike: Here you can see Omega persons have smaller frame, more round and feminine face, normally more delicate persons. I found two people that are very omega, a red ray singer, Adam Lopez, and a pink ray medium, Luiz Gasparetto. Its nice to see they acting to you see how a very Omega person act, because they are very different from Hermaphrodite and Alpha persons, even being straight males, they act very alike women. Adam Lopez Video. Luiz Gasparetto Video.

I’ll show Alpha persons with different rays, to you see where they are alike: Here you can see Alpha persons have bigger frame, more square and masculine face, normally have large bones.

I'll show same elements rays (fire, air, earth, water), but different rays, to you see where they are alike: Here we can see how alike each element is regardless of the ray being different. Wind people are more quiet and “well-presented”, fire people looks like they have lot “energy” and they have this kinda of eyebrow that defines well a fire person, normally they are good in rhetoric, earth people are more swag or “defensive”, they normally have large bones, and they are more in to social, and the water people are the most omega, so they normally are very quiet and “reserved”. I'm a fire hermaphrodite pink person, so you can imagine a little how I'm, when you “get the key of each archangel” you'll see people's face when you active their logos, you just need they to feed you with their logos. Alpha Alpha – Air; Alpha Omega – Fire; Omega Alpha – Earth; Omega Omega – Water.

Same features in same rays but from variety of persons: – not yet -

Animals and how a soul can be born from us based on the spirits inside us: