List of Muriel's sons

text by Princess Sophia and Avalokiteshvara

Version 1.3, 29/11/2016

That is too a sum of a lot of what we learned with another friends too. Gwen Stephanie and Pedro Costa moved to Black ray. More descriptions. Pedro Bial moved to Green. Bruna Marquezine moved to Yellow.

The purple rays normally are interested for visual arts, so its comon to see they on roles in cinema, painting, sculpture, dance and things alike. Purples have something strange, the women are more Alpha and the men more Omega, so the women are more active and excited and the men more quiet and sentimental, but not always. Its not hard to deduce they have a good vision and are interested for beautiful things, normally their home are very clean and organized, each piece on a calculated place. Its the better dressed ray, consequently, both the Transparents and the purples are the most involved on fashion. On the culinary, the purples women normally mess up more with candies than with savory, the purples normally like chocolate. Sometimes have a excited and sweet way of expression, normally they talk in a formal way and are comported, normally they talk and act with calm. Its normal that they get curious about spirituality, esoteric, zodiac, astronomy/astrology or the deepness of the ocean. Its common to see they as visual artists principally, but sometimes we can see they as lawyers (the black ray too), as psychologist (the pink ray too) or working in the human Resources. Normally they have a round face and striking eyes. Those that can see aura, will sometimes see stars getting out of their eyes. I never saw a purple ray person shouting, yelling or being scandalous, for fun or for bad, I think this is the most “balanced” ray, normally they barely see a disharmony, they barely fix it, they normally are very well comported in public places, its difficult to see one suffering shame, in fact they have lot of problem in accepting shame when this happens. Its normal that they are quiet at home, and you catch they with a serious face when you see they, but on public they vary between “noble face” or “beautiful smile”. Some of they normally does small jokes, but normally they never are a comedian or they never make people laugh non-stop, like the Yellow, violet or black ray. Since the men are more omega, they tend to be more quiet. I don't know why in photos they normally tilt their heads a little.

The decade they influenced was 2000, we can see it with the indie rock culture and in how the aesthetic changed in that decade.

Physical characteristics: Round eyes and face; “Striking eyes”, like, they have this impactant look; Their hair are more Straight than the average of their ethnic group; A jutting chin, half round and straight at the same time; Normally they have a round eyebrow, like a arc.

Countries that evoke his energy because its culture:

I'll show celebrities from around the world, some fictitious personages that were made in image of a Archangel subconsciously or consciously and animals.



Alicia Vikander.


Queen bitch

Amy Lee.

Ana Maria Braga.

Ana Paula Padrão.

Andy Warhol.


She have both the mains sexual demons, Lilith and Aphrodite.

Ariana Grande.

Just learned the Lilith curse and showed that on a new video clip where she treat men like toys.

Ariel Winter.

Avril Lavigne.

Axl Rose.

Maybe a MK-ultraed.

Bethany Cosentino.

Billy Corgan.

He is what I call Daeon.


Bono Vox.

Brad Pitt.

Carly Rae Jepsen.

Cheryl Cole.

Curtis Stone.

He shows well how purple men are more omega than women. He have a nice aura too.

Cyndi Lauper.

Claudia Raia.

Dakota Johnson.

Aphrodite daughter; Aphrodite's curse, Witch.

Dami Im.

Venus' Agent, each number have a meaning and can be used for good or bad, in the bad side of 7 is Thor (that is why '007' agent), the bad side of 6 is Saturn and the bad side of 5 is Venus. Lot of times Venus' is represented introducing herself through water vapor, she is the water side of sexual desire, while Lilith is the fire side, so the 'water is getting hot', this pose was made by Shakira, I'll get a photo of it later, and the videoclip have some curtains that looks like fog too.

Daniel Radcliffe.

Dani Noce.

D'arcy Wretzky.

Demi Lovato.

Elijah Wood.

Felicity Jones.

Fogaça, Henrique.

He makes part of those Master Chef things, he and José Aldo (UFC, Black Ray) have same elemental.

Gerard Piqué.

Giada De Laurentiis.

Very sweet aura, I respect this girl :).

Gianecchini, Reynaldo.


Iggy Azalea.

James Duval.

Jay Kay.

Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Connelly.

Jennifer Lawrence.

I can be confusing her with Yellow, but I think not.

Jennifer Lopez.

João Kléber.

John Edward.

I have a small doubt about his ray, but I'm mostly sure he is purple, but sometimes he looks very yellow to me, but his attitudes are not “yellowish” and its more “purplish”. A trustful medium, he was tested in a scientific test of Arizona university, configured against cold reading, this can be watched in a documentary called “Life Afterlife”: Life Afterlife Part 3; At 5m and 42s begins the test, at 8 minutes, John Edward comes in the scene, but it changes the scenes often; The test scenes continue until part 4. There are answers he gives that are simple impossible to read through cold reading, I challenge someone to get those information with cold reading. Many of those who are convinced by the evidence that paranormal events occur, and that the personality can survive bodily death, have regretfully concluded that the task of trying to convince the resolute skeptics — those to whom disbelief is virtually a religion rather than condition of healthy doubt — is a waste of time and effort.

Junior Lima (Sandy & Junior).

Justin Bieber.

Maybe a Lulu descendant, maybe a MK Ultra-ed person.

Kate Bush.

Katy Perry.

She knows well the Aphrodite's curse curse and Lilith's curse, and she carries lot of demons. Katy, from cat?

Kathleen Hanna.

Kero Kero Bonito.

Lana Del Rey.


Lauren Mayberry.

Aphrodite's curse. “I want relief”, haha, what you want?

Lea Michele.

Leonardo di Caprio.

Lucy Liu.

Maria Casadevall.

If you watch her, you'll notice a strong narcissism aura.

Maria Kanellis.

Mariah Carey.

I love her voice, haha... Joke me...

Mariana Ximenes.

Maybe she is a Aphrodite daughter.

Marisa Tomei.

She is on my list.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Fire element people sometimes need to care with narcissism. This is making this girl “Lilithed” because of that.

Miley Cyrus.

Maybe a Lulu descendant, MK Ultra-ed person, as we can see in her hospice video clip.


Natalie Portman.

Olivia Wilde.

Here you can see how some purple standards are very alike, on the right, its Gianda, that is on this list.

Paula Fernandes.

By what I know, she is involved in stuffs to get her infamous, she have the Aphrodite's curse.

Petra Marklund.

Rafael Losso.

Sabrina Sato.

Sarah Brightman.

Shreya Ghoshal.

Theresa Caputo.

Another medium I saw on TV recently, I liked it, and I think she fine and trustful. Here is the Youtube channel with 100 short clips: YT Channel. I was watching this one when I was looking for this channel.


Titi Müller.

She have the Aphrodite's curse and the Lilith's curse, mostly the Lilith.

Tsai Ming-Liang.

Uiara Araújo.

Whitney Houston.

William Bonner.

A bad example of human being.

Xabi Alonso.


Beebe Bluff.

Not sure.



Judy Funnie.

Marge Simpson.

Misato Katsuragi.

Olga Pataki.

Rhonda Wellington Lloyd.



All animals have can be from any ray, but some animals attract more certain rays than others.

Felines came from a Black ray lion, so every feline have a touch of black ray, Leopard is a animal that came from the Purple essence of the Lion, so it have more from this ray. I think the one in the image is Purple, but I can be wrong.

Canines came from a Yellow ray wolf, so every canine have a touch of yellow ray, Golden Retriever is a animal that came from the purple essence of the dogs, I think the one in the image is purple, almost sure it is.

Canines came from a Yellow ray wolf, so every canine have a touch of yellow ray, Foxes are animals that came from the purple essence of the canines, I think the one in the image is purple, almost sure it is. Argyreia is a Plant that evolved from the DNA of a Hyperborean purple ray fox elemental girl, after she died. Chaliponga is a Plant that evolved from the DNA of a Hyperborean purple ray girl, after she died, when I used her plant, she said to me she is parent of Chacrona. Not completely sure, but almost sure this plant is from a purple entity. Lavandula is from purple entity. If not all, majority of Orchidaceae is from purple ray entity. This crazy plant.

Random images/persons

This girl.