Maybe someone is trying to send me a virus by email (strange documents annexed), I don't want this anymore, sorry for the ones that liked my blog, bye.

And I received more, not counting the ones I deleted that had word docs and other files, I saw once, not sure how much true it is, that people could hide virus in word docs, I don't want to open the html thing, not sure if its dangerous and even if not dangerous, maybes its an attempt to win my confident to download the word doc, and the gif is just Chinese garbage, why would someone send this to me? Why not explain yourself in the email? This blog was the only place to have my email.

Even if this is a stupid attempt to infect me, its kind scary that someone is trying to pursue me somehow... What? Someone want to localize my physical place? Someone got offended with stuffs I said and want to trap me somehow? I'm noob on internet, I hope I'm not being paranoid, well, my email is, but I'll maybe hide it soon.

Maybe I'm paranoid again, I'm thinking of getting back, but its strange, don't?