This blog have this article already, but not published: Daeon Daeon is a term I invented to name people that are born directly from an archangel logos and not from someone else logos, I explain this mechanic here.

I'll soon list daeons here:

Kurt Cobain; Grimes; Maybe Ariel Pink; Billy Corgan; Yolandi; Maybe Jeff Buckley;

Some scans I have here that I may have to explain later:

Some images I have here that I may have to explain later:

Things to add:


Elina Lowheson <– violet protoplasm bebe rexha <– Black Rita Ora <– Black Mira Calix <– Violet Wayne Coyne <– Violet or Purple Frank Zappa <– Violet Cedrix (mars volta) <– Maybe Red Tete Espindola <– Violet omar rodriguez lopez <– Green, Earth; Darren White <– Violet Mari Ijima <– Pink AURORA <– Violet Tooji <– Blue Milo, rap <– Green, violet or yellow Mac DeMarco <– Check ray OT <– Violet, Yolandi's standard Drica Moraes <– Pink Ana de Armas <– Yellow Tiago Iorc <– If not Purple, then pink; Rafael Losso <– Violet (Photo) Mariana Aydar <– Violet (most accurate), if not, maybe pink, if not, blue or black Mariana Lima <– If not Green, then violet, one or another (Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3); Transfer Fogassa from Black to Purple; Kehlani <– Black ray; St Vicent (singer) <– Pink ray, mage; Sandra Lyng <– Yellow ray. -

“They believed that the soul (or “ba”) was housed in a spirit body (the “ka”) which is an exact replica of the physical body. At death, these etheric bodies gave way to the “sahu” (the true spirit body) which would house the “ba” forever. Egyptians believed the “ka” could leave the body during life. They drew graphics of people sleeping with their “kas” floating above them which is very similar to the modern day descriptions of NDEs.”