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--- - My memories of Mintaka and the Orion wars


A friend I met online sent me this link. This website is not exactly about Pleiadians, but I though interesting to list it here, because it talks about the same Galactic Orion war we were talking on this topic, and it talks about this person being in the Lemuria experimentation, alike what we talked here, its very “coincidental”, so I think we might be talking about the same war. The difference that those beings are soul from another planets, and me and my friend are Atlantis souls, so we saw everything from here, but we born a little late from Lemuria, anyway, in Atlantis we all knew the history and we still were seeing Reptilians and Annunakis in their true form, in accord to David Icke, they used cannibalism to manipulate their DNA and then turned out to be human-alike.

“The Biggest Secret: The Book that Will Change the World, no qual identificou os carcereiros extraterrestres como reptilianos da constelação de Draco. Eles andam de forma ereta e tem uma aparência humana, vivendo não somente em seus planetas de origem, mas também em cavernas e túneis aqui na Terra. Eles fizeram cruzamentos com humanos, criando “híbridos”, que são possuídos pelos reptilianos puros. O DNA humano-reptiliano de um híbrido permite que eles passem da forma reptiliana para a humana, caso consumam sangue humano. Icke esboçou paralelos com a série de ficção científica dos anos 80 V – A batalha final, que retratava a Terra sendo invadida por aliens em forma de répteis disfarçados de humanos.”

Translation(google with small edits): “The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will Change the World, that identified the extraterrestrial jailers as reptilians of the constellation Draco. They walk erect and have a human appearance, living not only on their home planets, but also in caves and tunnels here on Earth. They made crosses with humans, creating “hybrids”, which are possessed by pure reptilians. The human-reptilian DNA of a hybrid allows them to pass from the reptilian to the human form if they consume human blood. Icke outlined parallels with the 1980s science fiction series V – The Final Battle, which portrayed the Earth being invaded by aliens in the form of reptiles disguised as humans.”

My Memories Of Mintaka And The Orion Wars

Posted by Orion Warrior on April 20, 2014 at 8:01pm in Space & Beyond

:D Here's the link to the other post:

Hello, My stomach turns at the moment as I write this. But I feel its finally time to share my memories with fellow star beings. I'm crazy nervous! But I offer a warning. From how I here past life memories sometimes work are that after you read something it can trigger memories. Some are negative. And even till this day I'm working through the trauma of reliving it just so suddenly, I have almost vomited and even fainted from time to time when I think about it. I didn't ask for it but I guess my higher self felt I was ready I'm just warning those who might have been through it who may remember.

Anyway, my right after my soul was “born”, it was placed on Mintaka. Well a planet. Mintaka that's holds place in the double star system of the furthest right of Orions belt. There was I believe 2 planets. One was Artuvia. And her brother planet that is nameless but to give it a name I call it Mintaka III. A planet with an atmosphere so clear the juipter sized planet looked like a huge bubble! Could see right though the other side for the planet also had NO clouds like earth does, (that's why even if clouds are black and ugly I will always call them pretty) sometimes vapors would go into the atomophere and change it's color slightly but that's about it. While here on earth the sky is blue, but on Mintaka III one part of the planet could be purple, dark blue in another, and orange somewhere else. And when on it, you could see right through into outer space even during the day. Stars during the day! A planet of mostly water and little land for it's size so most inhabatits happen to be aquatic. Full of lush trees and plants with our suns to always give us heat. The water was clear in most places and could see miles down pure wonderful water. Alien aquatic life existed everywhere. Hundreds of alien races both physical and non-physical lived on this planet because Mintaka's III suns was a portal to other dimensions as well as different level realms. Love, tolerance, and purity was everywhere except for a few corners of the planet. A heaven, a utopia. I don't remember our technology really but I do know that we where just about 1,000 if not billions of years spiritually advance. Spirtuality was mostly our technology, very powerful, and other planets sometimes saw us a threat because of it. We could use ourselves as weponds! We could physically change our bodies into light and vise versa, use more of our brains and many more things I cant wrap my mind around at the moment!

When on the planet I had a bipedal aquatic form so I could also go on land. Some lives I had the form kinda mermaid like. I liked both these forms the best, I don't know if I tried any others but I'm sure I did sense there was so many to try! One memory I have is being in this pod and then I felt a vacuum sensation as I was sucked down into the planet really fast and the next thing I knew I was in the baby form of my physical body looking up at me parents. My father for that life happen to be my soul father as well. I remember clear as a crystal the sound and smell of the wonderful heat and water. I was on my back in some sort of leaf bed looking up as I saw our clear, pale-blue sky, the peach-white sparkly color sand, and a few palm-like-trees. They greeted me telling me “welcome to my new life”. I don't have many clear memories of what it was like on land yet, but I went up there often and had many lived up there (I was both land and sea), but in the water, there was towns and cities. We lived in underwater caves like houses and made them our own. Others built houses out of natural material. Everything just seemed to be very natural. We lived very similarly to the old Native Americans on earth. We ate both meat and plants but meat was VERY respected and anyone who didn't was punish very severly. I think we had secret technologies like UFOs and some weponds underground but they were to only be used in emergencies and as defense. Most forgot they were even there.

That's about it on the good memories that I got for now. Than the Orion wars hit us. We were one of the last to join in it. They wanted to test their new weponds on us! Yes, when Mintaka III was young it was a bit like earth and made many foolish mistakes but evolved from that. We didn't hide that we used to claim war and commit genocide on other planets and many many many other terriable things. We tried to repay for our mistakes as much as we possiably could! Maybe some never forgave us or they just decided to pick on us for just plain war. We got invaded by the Reptilians, Draconians, and a few others. I remember the beginning of the war. I fought in it for Mintaka III, Artuvia(who was our allies I believe), and our two suns. It was a very violent, loud, and bloody war with many expolsions. Peace was shattered but our values never faded. I fought really well, so well I earned my soul name from it. But then later went to work on the seeding of humans and the “Human Project”. I was there for all projects and all the ancient civilizations although the one I loved the most was Lemuria for I became a native, it was my other home. I spent hard work teaching new recuits and protecting the humans. I was completely dedicated! Many lives and years later I was still in lemuria, but I remembered Mintaka and started to feel homesick. I also felt something was really wrong. I stole a spaceship and went back to Mintaka III. When I got there I was horrorfied! There was a surprise attack on the planet from the reptilians. They didn't have time to react. There was a horriable wepond the reptilians possessed. Even the Reptilians had trouble controlling such a wepond. It was almost pure dark matter or something. Darkness in-gulfed the entire planet. The planet that was clear like a bubble and glowed with light could now blend into space. Our allies have came and were trying to help us. They had had balls of light either attached to them individually or to their spaceships that lead a light trail. They tried to counter the darkness of whatever it was. Then a shock came to me. All the natives and people that we've hurt in our planets past we're aiding us! Risking their lives and souls. Infact, they sent renforiments! But sadly... they got there too late and whatever the darkness was, was simply to much and imploded the planet. I was screaming, crying and banging on the spaceship window. What could they be doing and feeling on the planet?! Must have been pitch black or something with the feeling of doom! All I could do was watch in horror and be powerless and useless. All that remained of Mintaka III was a few rocks maybe smaller than earth! All in front of my eyes. After that the enemy started invading our weaken allies and our ships either taking prisoners or killing them. But sadly they weren't the one for prisoners very often... I watched in more horror crying and screaming... so powerless. A few reptilians invade the large space ship I was in and entered the room I was in. I remember what they look like so vividly it's scary. I fled down many rooms and halls. I used an emergency spacesuit and an emergency laser gun... thingy that I shot at them where we fought. I believe they reconized me from the battlefield also. The emergency spacesuit was red, it was hard like a rock but smooth like a child's slide from the park. It came with no air tank but I could still breath in it. It had black padding on the inside and some on the outside including the fingers for gripping smooth objects. They even had extra finger slots for those with more or less then 5 fingers! It was skin tight and was a little hot. The helmet was small and red. The front was made of some type of “glass” and you could easily see my face in it. I put on the helment and turned in a little when a loud “clank” was made. The two reptilians chasing after me broke down the door and started to run towards me. But I kicked down an emergency door. (Btw, I was in a very large control room, like a cafeteria large control room. With so many sparkly bottons, levers and other stuff I really don't know and cant compare with on earth.) Air was instantly sucked out into space as I jumped. I recall looking back and seeing at least one of them getting sucked out. I think s/he died cause s/he had no helmet on. So than I was in a feudal position, floating around in space like a scared child. I don't know how long I was floating around but I was brought aboard a pleadian spaceship. I was a bit out of it as I looked in the small emergency chamber we where in. A bunch of them looking at me with worry. An older female pledian took off my helemet and seemed to instantly knew who I was. I collapsed in her arms weeping uncontrollably.

(I apologize for the many spelling errors. My spelling is BAD and I was typing really fast!)

And that is most of my memories and how they end. I got a bit more and I know what happened to me after this event but.......... I'm not ready to share them. They are for a different article. I hope I didn't offend anyone with these. But just despratly sharing what I remember and want ANYONE to know. I still get physical and emoitoinal reactions to the negative memories and to the point I'm talking about them in therapy. I hope to meet fellow star brothers and sisters who have been through this. My soul family and friends died in this. Other then 2 or 3 who were in the lyran and pledies at the time. This wepond that the reptilians used not only killed you physically... but killed your SOUL as well. (I didn't want to believe it at first and still don't but its true!) But, I recived wonderful news back on October, 31, 2013. Me and my guides were having an amazing conversation while I was carving pumkins. They told me that all the souls that “died” are now back. They told me that, “Yes it's true they became imobolized and “died”. But souls cant die even with such a wepond. At least not forever. It wasn't very long till they came back from source as their old selves fresh and clean and contuined on with their soul journery.“, it had to be one of the best messages my guides ever gave me! To know after all that, an entire planet are well and fine again. And I believe after a few more of its uses, the reptilians abounded their own wepond cause of misused and it went on themselves. Anyway, when I'm ready I shall share what happened after I survived and contuined on. Thank you so much for reading this long post! I hope to meet many of you and read your post! Uhhhh, have a nice day!

What Happen To Me After Mintaka Was Destoryed

Posted by Orion Warrior on April 26, 2014 at 7:19pm in Space & Beyond

Hello, so after a quick break I deiced to now share what happened to me after Mintaka III was destroyed. If you wish to know what happened before this part of my memories, here is a link to the other post: I also just want to say thank you just so so so much! I'm surprised how many people it helped and how big it has gotten. Its been a long way to get these memories and I'll continue to gain more and share them with providing links to the other posts. I hope many people gain clarity with their own memories and wake up to their wonderful divine selves. Sharing them has helped the trauma so much and I love finally having some kind of support network. So again thank you, and I feel much better sharing now. Just a heads up, ahead there are some more heavy negative memories cause this was a very negative time in my soul journey. And I must say I'm not very proud of it and feel lots of guilt from it but it still happened. And just before I start again, I wish to say I'm sorry if anyone got caught up in it. So... here I go!

After I fell in the pleadian woman's arms everything went black, like after a movie ends. And just today after I was talking to a woman on my other post I remembered more of what happened after words than I did before. After I healed from some wounds on the pleadie ship I went to Artuvia and joined the Arctuvian forces. I was hurt and quite pissed off. I wanted revenge and for the ones that cause Mintaka III's destruction the worst possaible death I could give them. Even though I physically surrived my own home's destruction it was like I still died. I remember laying down on a white bed on the pleadie ship, smelling like sugar powder or something with a thin bubble around me. In a pure white room, with other beds with people in them healing. I recall looking dead in my eyes as I thought of just what happened. I didn't care about earth and my job to human's, they were dead to me. In the Arctuvian forces I fought very brutally and inhumanly. I killed 100s if not 1,000s of the enemy's troop. And god, I loved it... I stared death in the face everyday for the rest of my life. I lived on the battlefield. And I laughed at death every minute of it. My soul grew up in this kind of war at the beginning of it's “birth”, and even though it lived in such heavenly peace for long it forgot about it but now it remembered everything. I became war and volience. War was an outlet for my pure hatred and god new who my prey for it was. I hunted many many enemy commanders that was responsible for Mintaka III's demise and brutally killed them. And would even act as a private assassin for some mintakians that desired the same thing as me: Revenge. I went from peace loving lemuria to death, hate, vengeance, expolosions, lasers, war, spaceships and endless fighting. I don't know if its wrong to think like this... but even now, my soul regrets nothing it did than. I feel the joy I did back than. Every action I did I felt like nothing I was doing was wrong. I lived to a really good age for someone who lived in these conditions. Around the age most humans live now (but of course that's really young for a lot of E.T races). I don't fully remember how I died, but I remember I went out with a 'BANG', fire and loud explosions everywhere. I died not long before Artuvia's demise, in fact, I may have died during it.

I was now in limbo, pure darkness, pure nothingness. I was laying on my side still covered in dirt, still in my Artuvian Milritary Uniform, reflecting on everything that happened in that life. I was so sasified. I died with a smile on my face. I got what I wanted and so much more, and greeting death finally felt nice. I felt like I have gotten my justice in the war and even though I failed I honestly did do my best to save Artuvia. Our beloved sister planet. I wondered what it was like on earth sense I just disspeared off the face of the it and never came back. I wonder what happened to so many other mintakians. Who knows how long I laid there never moving thinking of my life, but than soon a vacuum feeling was felt and the next thing I knew I was in the body of a tiny baby.

After that... this is where I feel the guilt and truly sorry for what I did, I believe now is when things got on uncalled for. After that, I was still very angry of what happened to Mintaka III. Even with sastifaction of revenge I still was angry... But now I didn't have war to be the outlet. I got into many negative incarnations, many dark and dangerous organizations and so on. I was a lose train and didn't give a damn who felt the ends of my rage. I killed and harmed many innocent souls and broke the laws of the universe. I became worse than just a “bad soul”, I became demonic and to the point where I had no control over my incarnations or anything. At this point I incarnated into many “negative” races but there was others. But that wasn't the worse part, the worse part came when I picked on the defenseless humans. The humans I once protected with my soul and helped gave birth to was now my target. I experimented, killed, tourchered, and even eaten humans.... By that point it wasn't even about anger or anything anymore, I just wanted to see how low I could go before I imploded or something. And I enjoyed it... I enjoyed it so much for whatever reason. This has went on for so many lives... And even if this sounds corny I started to forget who I was, what happened to me, and everything! I was just becoming a lump of negative energy in bodies. You wouldn't believe what the reaction of my friends and co-workers (perferbly the pleadies because they where the main group I was working with) when they found me... wasn't a pretty site. And just think how it looked when I just left earth one day, never came back, than many centerties later is found in this state... yeah.... I spent a lot of time running after that. I knew I was in trouble and god knew I didn't want to face it! But I was found and the physical body I was in at the time (I think it was reptilian) was killed. Even in my soul from I didn't get away that time and I was brought to the pleadies. I remember walking down a very long and beautiful hallway. Many bystanders were looking at me with pity and/or worry. I was confused why they where looking at me this way. I was an animal and didn't know where they where taking me. I was than taken to a room with pods of high vibration and pure energy pods. They gently put me in a energy pod where it stung and hurt. Like the stinging sensation when you put on water to clean a wound. I fought the lights effect for as long as I could and even tried getting out. But soon... it started to feel good and slightly familiar. Slowly, wasn't over night, but I started to get my memory back on who I was and what has happened. My energy became pure and I was soon back to the loving light. When I reached the same vibration of the light pod it realesed me. Back to my senses, I realized that I wasn't angry or a monster.... just tramatized. I happily repayed the karma that I caused myself and fix the damage as best as I could. I was on the pleadies for a very long time and soon I was on lyra, Sirius, and many other star systems. So many lives... it was a grueling processes. But it all got repayed quickly and a positive cycle was set in motion. Then one life time, I recived shocking news that they wanted me back on earth. To continue with what I started. I denied it at first to ashamed of what I did to go back, but with more convincing they changed my mind quickly and soon I was back in lemuria... my new home. Not much really change with lemuria, but atlantis was in it's early days and humans have evolved slightly.

And that's it for this set of memories. Even though I payed of the karma a long time ago... I still feel so guilty with what I did and it effects me everyday but all I can say is “I'm so sorry!”... Even though no one seems to hold anything towards me. I just hope I never ever ever ever EVER go that low ever again.... To this day I fear that it will take over me again... But I no longer hold such anger or anything. :) I'll continue to share my memories, it helps a lot. I'll share links on both of these post. But luckily, after this point in my soul journey I was pretty much at peace. Again, I'm SO sorry if anyone got caught up in this... I also owe the pleadies and what they did for me to bring me back to my senses. Although I feel great embarrassment sharing this I hope it just gives the lesson that we might have all been “bad seeds” at one point and have done thing we aren't proud of.... Anyway! Have a nice day!

Universo-da-Luz - Pleiadianos



Billy Meier ainda descreveu uma raça de extra-terrestres denominada de Pleiadiana, descendente da Lyrana, que migrou para outros sistemas estelares, antes de finalmente se estabelecer na constelação das Pleiades: “A história antiga, dos antepassados dos Pleiadianos, originários de outro sistema solar, também foi descrita, bem como a viagem dos mesmos para as Pleiades. Uma migração bem anterior a este sistema solar também é relatada e como e por que ela falhou. Os sobreviventes, que formaram um terço da população original do planeta dos antepassados Pleiadianos, após a sua devastação, desenvolveram uma nova tecnologia: projetaram e construiram um grande número de grandes naves de evacuação, em apenas 900 anos, e começaram a lançá-las para vários sistemas estelares, por muitas centenas de anos. Alguns desses extraterrestres, que visitaram a Suíça e lá contataram certos humanos, são os descendentes de um desses migrantes, que ocuparam um dos três planetas, em um dos sistemas de sóis, que hoje chamamos de Pleiades. Na realidade, nós, humanos terráqueos, somos descendentes desses primeiros colonos Pleiadianos que, tentando resolver o problema do seu planeta natal, acabaram por colonizar nosso sistema solar, juntamente com uma variedade de aborígenes e exilados humanos, originários de vários outros lugares. O sistema estelar, em particular, a partir do qual se originam os Pleiadianos, segundo Meier, é Taygeta e o planeta principal é Erra. Os Pleiadianos de Taygeta tem a missão de trazer a verdade à respeito da presença alienígina no planeta Terra. Semjase, uma fêmea Pleiadiana, que fez contato com Meier, descreveu os Pleiadianos como se segue: “Nós não somos nem guardiões dos seres da Terra, nem anjos enviados por Deus ou algo similar. Muitas pessoas sugerem que estamos assistindo a Terra e seus seres, a fim de controlar seus destinos. Isso não é verdade, porque nós apenas tentamos realizar uma missão, a nós designada, que não tem nada a ver com supervisão ou com a regulação do destino da Terra. Assim, é errado caracterizar-nos como mensageiros divinos ou guardiães.” A missão Pleiadiana, segundo Semjase, é alertar a humanidade à respeito dos Grays: * Há várias diferentes formas de vida, que adquiriram muito conhecimento e se libertaram de seus ambientes. Eles viajam pelo espaço e, ocasionalmente, vêm para a Terra. * Muitos dessas criaturas não são amigáveis e se mostram bastante desagradáveis, vivendo na barbárie, comparável à dos terrestres. * Vocês devem estar ciente delas, porque muitas vezes atacam e destroem tudo pelo seu caminho. * Algumas vezes, eles têm até destruído planetas inteiros e colocado seus habitantes em cativeiro. * É uma das nossas missões alertar as pessoas da Terra sobre essas criaturas. * Que isso seja repassado às pessoas da Terra, porque o tempo está se esgotando. Em breve, um conflito com estas criaturas humanas degeneradas [Grays] se tornará inevitável. Segundo Collier, os Grays e os Pleiadianos estão envolvidos em conflitos armados no nosso sistema solar e em outros sistemas, como Sirius B. Curiosamente, Collier alegou que alguns dos grupos de Pleiadianos, como os de Alcyone, operam com “objetivos ocultos”, enquanto que os de Teygeta (por exemplo, os Pleiadianos de Meier) são descritos como tendo verdadeiras intenções de ajudar a humanidade. Apesar desses possíveis 'objetivos ocultos' de alguns deles, evidências apontam que os Pleiadianos, em geral, tem interações positivas com os seres humanos, e que fazem muito para ajudar na elevação da nossa consciência, enquanto nos auxiliam na busca da libertação da influência dos Grays/Reptilianos.

Os pleiadianos são um povo amoroso, pacífico, dedicado às artes e que cultua a beleza e a harmonia. As Plêiades são um aglomerado de estrelas da constelação de Touro, das quais sete são visíveis a olho nu. Ali reside uma civilização amorosa e pacífica que cultua a harmonia, a beleza e todas as formas de arte. Os pleiadianos vivem em plena unicidade uns com os outros. Gregários por natureza, gostam de estar juntos. Sua forma de expressão nunca é individual, mas grupal, e até mesmo seus instrumentos musicais são projetados para ser operados por várias pessoas simultaneamente. Amáveis, delicados e extremamente criativos, eles vivem praticamente em estado de graça em seu lar planetário – afinal, estão livres dos conflitos criados pelas diferenças de opinião e de vontade. Extasiam-se com a beleza da vida, expressam esses sentimentos por meio da arte e criam mais beleza e harmonia, vivendo assim em constante alegria e contemplação. Há muitas almas originárias das Plêiades encarnadas na Terra – elas constituem a segunda raça extraterrestre mais presente por aqui. Vêm buscar, na terceira dimensão, a experiência do concreto, algo que o adiantado estado de sua civilização não pode lhes proporcionar.

O que o pleiadiano tem de facilidade para criar, tem de dificuldade para executar suas idéias e levar as coisas até o fim. Aqui, na densidade da Terra, é que ele aprende a necessidade de plantar e cuidar para colher; que percebe a relação de causa e consequência dos mundos materiais. Em seu planeta de origem, extremamente sutil, é muito difícil ter essa percepção. Até para encarnar na Terra, os pleiadianos nunca vêm sozinhos, mas em grupo, e acabam sendo atraídos para o ofício das artes e da música, para os trabalhos comunitários ou em que possam empregar seus talentos criativos. São gentis, fazem amigos com facilidade e adoram estar com crianças. Muitos tornam-se bons professores e administradores de recursos humanos, pois, movidos pelo seu sentimento de fraternidade, gostam de ver os outros crescerem.

A música e a sintonia com as Plêiades É pela harmonia dos sons que os pleiadianos podem conectar-se conosco por meio do chacra cardíaco Somos representantes da Terceira Estrela das Plêiades. Estamos neste local, neste dia do seu tempo-espaço, a convite da Confederação Intergaláctica e em nome de seis companheiros que brevemente deverão estar a serviço em seu planeta. É muito interessante para todos nós a possibilidade de servir nesse imenso laboratório que é o seu planeta Terra. Todas as civilizações confederadas, de uma forma ou outra, ostensiva ou não ostensiva, se encontram aqui em diversas missões de ajuda. Nossas diferenças ambientais e físicas são tão grandes como as diferenças entre os diversos reinos de vocês. Como se eu fosse do reino animal, você do reino mineral, e ele do reino vegetal... As leis para cada um, para sua sobrevivência e existência, são muito diversas. Por isso, precisamos de padronizações medianas e obediência a certas regras e hierarquias que a Confederação nos impõe para que possamos nos manifestar de forma coerente entre todos nós.

Assim, estaremos trazendo-lhes muitas informações a respeito de nossa civilização.Como sabem, os pleiadianos realmente se interessam e se comovem com o mundo das Artes e da Intelectualidade. Somos um povo pacifista e não possuímos qualquer indício de algo similar a uma força armada porque já não necessitamos do uso da força para nos impor. A própria beleza, graça, suavidade e inteligência faz com que seja muito fácil para nós o contato com outras civilizações avançadas. Porém, como tudo ainda nesse universo, existe a dualidade e existem também aqueles que não estão sintonizados neste tipo de harmonia.Muito difícil é o contato com povos belicosos. Para vocês, seria algo comparado à sensação de estar em contato com um pequeno animal denominado cachorro quando enlouquecido. Nada do que você fale ou tente fazer para agradá-lo ou amansá-lo será levado em consideração. Advertimos vocês de que existem ainda seres de civilizações em desequilíbrio que tentam penetrar em seu planeta. Para que não os atraiam, é preciso manter a harmonia, tanto interna quanto externa, nos pensamentos, sentimentos, atos e palavras. Um bom antídoto para essa energia negativa poderá ser a música, boa música colocada em altura certa. Em oportunidades adequadas, podem com isso modificar totalmente um ambiente e todas as formas pensamentos ligadas entre si que diferenciam um grupo de seres de outro. Uma oportunidade ímpar se apresenta quando vocês se reúnem para ouvir música feita por profissionais que amam e entendem as vibrações. Para nós é sempre um grande deleite ouvir a boa música. Saibam vocês que uma boa música é um agrado para o sentido do ouvir.

Em todas as civilizações de vibração mediana a superior, existe uma identidade de harmonia nos diversos sons do universo. Não há como uma música dissonante ou cacofônica seja considerada agradável em outras civilizações. O que é agradável, pacificador, doce e suave em seu planeta, também assim o é em planetas superiores. Planetas inferiores, muitas vezes, sequer conhecem os primeiros acordes musicais. Os sons nascem não do ouvido, mas do coração, e é aqui, em seus corações, que nós Pleiadianos nos colocamos para contato. Todos nós vibramos em uníssono através do chacra cardíaco. Essa é a forma dos Pleiadianos se comunicarem.Estamos sempre alegres e tranqüilos, aguardando o que o universo nos oferece, porque ele é sempre muito generoso com aqueles que vibram no compasso divino. Vocês podem me identificar como Pitano das Plêiades. E, assim, os deixamos.

Recebam nossa Gratidão!

Nós somos Os Pleiadianos -

There are videos on the link, if you are interested, since my blog don't supports those.

Anjo de Luz - Conselho Galactico.

Portuguese version.

English version. This text is interesting because it show various different races, and he discover to be a Sirian soul himself. Its nice that some of the stuffs he mentions is alike my friends visions.

The Galactic Council: A Primer.

A message written by Adam Apollo.

For some, the following information will appear to be Science Fiction. Indeed, many of our everyday experiences were considered Sci-Fi only a decade or two ago. We walk around with the capacity to almost instantaneously talk to anyone, anywhere on the Planet, at any time, using a small device in our pocket. From this same device, I can capture what I see, transmit it across thousands of miles, have it printed and shipped back to me in a variety of forms, overnight. I can view the weather in New Zealand, check traffic in New York, watch a video by a kid in London, all within the time it takes to listen to a short song produced today in San Francisco.

All the technologies we now consider commonplace were once Science Fiction, but more importantly, our current types of experiences were also viewed in this fashion. When does Science Fiction become Science Fact? What are the lines between “verifiable evidence” and “shared experience?” What changes in context occur that change the same type of experience from “impossible” to “standard?”

Only a few years ago, I suspected that there was other intelligent life out there, whether through the overwhelming mathematical probabilities, or the consistency of mysterious signs like crop circles and UFO sightings. Yet, I could not logically confirm or deny the existence of these other species without a direct personal experience or more “objective irrefutable evidence.”

Since that time, I've learned quite a bit more about the nature of objective irrefutable evidence, and I had my first major direct personal experience. Everything written here is based on personal experience and years of reflection, refinement, and slow processes of confirmation.


Of all my extraterrestiral experiences, those with the Sirian planetary system and species formed my foundation, and provided the initiations necessary for me to work with the Star Families more deeply and directly. I now know that this is primarily due to the fact that I arrived on Earth from this nearby star system, around 13,000 years ago during the time of Atlantis, along with many other individuals from the diverse range of planetary systems listed on this site. I've included background information about this in the Orientation links below, so please explore them in depth.

It is nearly impossible to summarize any species in a few paragraphs, but fortunately the Sirians have been described in immense depth and detail by a famous author that most people immediately recognize. His stories contain keys to their language, beliefs, customs, and even indirectly point to their planetary origins. In fact, most people know the culture of the Sirians almost as well as they know human culture, or are deeply mystified and intrigued by it, feeling a deep resonance that can only be described as a “longing for home.”

In the “Lord of the Rings” series by JRR Tolkien, the Elves are said to come from a distant place “across the great sea,” from a “land of eternal sun.” They adapted to this endless sunlight by building their homes into the forests; cities laden amongst the canopies of massive trees. These trees were so large that the forest floor was often as dark as twilight, and so the Elves would often create their homes in the sunspackled golden boughs high above the ground. Of course if you had two suns, as in the case of the Sirian planetary system, such trees would offer more than homes; they would be revered and honored as the protectors and guardians of all life.

Since Tolkien's novels (which were inspired by the “discovery” of the Elven language according to him), others have recorded many of the different layers of the complex Elven cultures, and those of us from the Sirian star system have recognized these stories as our own. These works are important, because unlike many previous distortions, they describe Elves properly as tall human-like beings full of magic, beauty, and grace.

We are the people of the Twin Suns, pointed ears perked to the planet's song, almond eyes slanted to catch the colors that interweave the stars, lithe bodies shaped to dance between the branches of Sacred Trees. Our pale skins love the cool breezes of the forest floor, and the trees that have seen Ages pass fill us with reverence until we overflow with tears. We sing to the animals and plants, we play in our dreams, and we know the deep importance and purpose of planetary transformation on Earth. May Gaia's Chakras be symphonies of the geometries of Light!

First Contact – My first experience with the Sirius System, and the beginning of my quest to fully understand my extraterrestrial relationship.

Journey to Earth – The awakening of an ancient memory of my journey to Earth, and the revelations that deepened my understanding of the Age of Atlantis.

The Ambassador – My first known physical encounter with an extraterrestrial being, and my re-initiation as an Ambassador to the Galactic Council. (NOW AVAILABLE)

Sirian: First Contact.

In my first experience of the Sirian system landscape, I was in a dream. I was walking towards a large building, part of an educational institution of some sort. As I walked, each footstep became lighter upon the ground, until suddenly, I realized that I could simply leap forward and fly. Jumping into the air, I flew toward the building, then turned upward, shooting into the sky at blinding speeds. I left the atmosphere, and found myself heading towards the constellation of the Big Dipper. On instinct, I headed toward the last star at the end of the handle of the dipper, and noticed that there were actually three stars that I was going to fly between, two others that were not part of the constellation. As I passed between the three stars, I felt as though I just crossed through some sort of liquid membrane or surface, and everything suddenly accelerated dramatically. Like a shooting star, I was propelled through a set of three stars including the center star of the dipper’s handle, then three more where the handle meets the scoop. The four stars of the scoop appeared at an angle as I approached, becoming a sort of holographic surface that enveloped my consciousness, streaking through space.

Everything rotated around me, and the stars blurred and rearranged themselves in slightly different positions, and I found myself floating near the orbit of a planet and its moon. I could see each with perfect clarity, and many small glyphs that I instinctively understood flashed through my vision, indicating temperature, atmospheric density, elemental composition, and other reference information regarding the planet and the moon. As I approached the planet at high speeds, I noted that there were two nearby suns, one larger that the planet orbited around, the other smaller and in orbit also.

An instant later, I entered the atmosphere of a very earth-like planet, noting large bodies of water, expansive forests, and mountains. My destination was a grassy valley, where I found myself landing on a series of small dirt paths through tall green grasses. Just down the hill from my landing position, I saw a small building that looked like a massive nautilus shell on its side. On the other side of the valley, also downhill from my position, was a large disc-shaped observatory, shimmering with metal plating and external machinery on the vertical walls, with a gently-sloping dome roof. The roof had the color of graphite, and gave off subtle rainbow refractions, like those on an oily surface.

I traveled to the small building first, which I knew was a house. As I entered the round, bulbous door, my vision seemed to be rearranging pieces of my memories and mental imagery to form the correct appearance for the objects in the space. Like a collage being formed at hyperspeed, my vision quickly resolved a beautiful stained-glass window pouring multicolored warm light into a comfortable curved cottage. Along with the clarity of sight, a powerful certainty of feeling came over me, and I knew that this place was my home. Glancing around at complicated crystal structures on shelves, golden goblets on a table, and the soft colorful blankets on a bed further into the curvature of the nautilus, deep relief seemed to overwhelm my emotions.

A spark of something else entered my memory, and I ran outside and flew to the observatory. Entering a sliding geometric door, I came into a space of stunning beauty. The dark polished floor was inlaid with smoothly curving geometry in pentagonal phi-spirals. Other radial lines in the same metal inlays aligned specific points and created complicated hexagonal and heptagonal crystal structures around the outer edges of the room. Stairs left the floor along one wall, leading up to a thin balcony that followed the curve of the building. As soon as my eyes drifted to the ceiling, I found that the dome was formed of geometric plates, and the plate I was currently looking at had become transparent to the stars. The material of the ceiling blocked out the endless sunlight of the brother suns and all of the atmospheric refraction of the brilliant blue skies outside to give a perfectly clear view of the celestial bodies outside the atmosphere.

I walked through the space in awe, observing the many constellations visible in each of the ceiling plates, and had a strange sense that someone else should have been there with me. I knew that I could not stay long, and left the building shortly after. I walked back up one of the dirt paths toward my landing position, where I could see a tree-line further up the path that entered a dense forest. I looked up at the sky, prepared to depart, and then something caught my eye. Quickly looking back down the path, I saw a being radiating brilliant yellow and orange light that seemed to be dancing. I had the feeling she was smiling at me, and everything suddenly became very bright. A moment later stars were whirling through my vision, and I sat up in bed.

It took me a few days to realize that the place that I saw must have been in the Sirian Star System, after catching part of a random article about the Dogon Tribe during some online research. It immediately felt right, but my logical mind was a bit skeptical, as I had no idea how I could be from another star system, and had not established enough data to make conclusive decisions about Extraterrestrials in general.

Sirian: Journey to Earth.

My second journey to the Sirian System didn’t come until many years later, on a night when I would begin a true exploration of my own Galactic origins. On this fated night, I would meet my father from the Age of Atlantis in person, and work through deep and painful karma with him in relation to my mother from that Age. In the wake of this torrential healing and clearing work, it was as if a massive dam blocking the energy of my past had been released, and massive amounts of energy suddenly poured into me. I was swept into a journey through my past-lives by this wave, using the momentum of trust, acceptance, and forgiveness that I had built up in the healing process to clear sanskaras and karmic entanglements in a series of eight life-times following the Age of Atlantis. Each of the major clearings were related in subtle ways to the original sanskaric knot I had developed in Atlantis, and many of them were also related to an ongoing relationship with another Soul whom I had been traveling with through all of these lives.

The roles often shifted, but as each of these clearings were completed, the many lessons and opportunities my Soul partner and I had given each other became more and more illuminated. Finally, when I came into the present again in my consciousness, I found her fully present with me in her dream body. Although she was a thousand miles away, she was very much aware of me, and what we had just processed with each other. In my physical form, out in the middle of the desert in the middle of the night, I began to run with her. Running with me in her dream, we finally slowed and came to a stop, suddenly finding ourselves transported to another place entirely. I sat down, and was aware of a smooth floor with inlaid metal geometries. She sat down directly across from me, under a dome ceiling through which the stars could be seen.

Immediately recognizing this place, it also began to dawn on me what we were doing. There were two vertical pillars of light floating between us, with each color in the spectrum highlighted in a certain position along the pillar, much like a spectrometer reading from a star or chemical. I knew that one of these pillars represented her energy body, and the other was mine, with the exact frequency of each of our chakras being displayed as a color line in the pillars. We were weaving these two pillars together, pulling the colors from each of the pillars into an energy form in the center that looked very much like DNA. I knew that we were creating a Soul-Bond, and that we were doing this so that we could leave our current physical bodies, and our Souls could travel to Earth. This Soul-Bond would enable us to constantly feel an attraction to each other, so that we could find each other wherever we incarnated on this new planet, and help to trigger each other’s memories of who we were before we made the Interplanetary journey.

As my awareness bridged back to the present, sitting on the Desert floor, I also knew in that moment that this was our opportunity to unweave this Bond, and complete the circle we had traversed for over 13,000 years. Immediately, and in perfect sync, we began to unweave the fields again, bringing all the information in the DNA light-pillar back into our independent chakric pillars. It was completed quickly, with her and I working in perfect union, and as soon as it was done, we chanted to each other to finish bringing the magic into the present. “I Free You… I Free You… I Free You…” We called out each other’s names with the chant of freedom, knowing that this was the final gift we had been working for so long to give each other.

Then, in an instant, it was done, and a blinding flash of energy surged through my whole body, roaring with images of being a priestess, geisha, bellydancer, princess, wisdom, queen, medicine woman, and more. I felt as though the entire archetype of Woman poured through me in a split second, and I knew that this was a gift of having shared so many lives with each other, each holding one polarity of male or female through all of these time periods. I had been a male so long, to suddenly be filled with this deep feminine awareness and memory was both startling and exhilarating. As her dream body responded to the massive energy influx in masculine form, I knew she was going to wake up, and said farewell, feeling a surge of love and respect for this incredible Soul that I had made this long journey with. A moment later, she was gone, and I found myself standing in the middle of the desert in the middle of the night, more complete as a Soul and Being than I had ever felt…ever.

In that moment, I also knew why I had made the journey to Earth. I had come as part of a family of Souls who were dedicated to helping the human population make its transition from being a Planetary species to a Galactic species. This family of Souls were primarily Sirian, Pleiadian, and Arcturian, at least in their most recent lifetimes, as these species were able to integrate their “Spirit Genome” into the human body’s genetic system much more easily. Our body types, needs, and physical senses were also some of the most similar of the species in the Galactic Council that were interested in making this offering to Earth.

So much information was immediately available to me in that moment, systematically filling in huge gaps of data in my memories of Atlantis and of being Sirian. Also, my understanding of the variety of Extraterrestrial experiences humans have had for millenia began to become more clear. It was suddenly obvious why all my memories of Atlantis and those of so many others in my Soul family are of an “Elven” race. I had always known that my body-type in Atlantis had been almost exactly like that of the Elven race described in J.R.R. Tolkien’s writings. So many of his descriptions of cities in the forest seemed overwhelmingly familiar to me, and to many of my friends.

My memories of that Age do not begin in a city, but in a forest with super-massive trees and areas of canopies of leaves so high and dense that the forest floor resides in endless twilight. I remember arts that integrate with the living species of the Earth: songs that cause branches to grow in certain patterns, symbols that help flowers to bloom, and a protective people full of pride, and stubbornness. Children of the Stars, and descendants of those travelers to Earth, many of whom had already forgotten their home world. Many strict traditions were in place, keeping tight guidelines around the passing of bloodlines and requiring very intentional conception of new children. Some held the knowledge of why these traditions were held in place, while others followed simply for the sake of tradition, and still others fought to change these principles and patterns. The people of the Sirian Star System had been coming to Earth in this way for quite some time, and some genetic sciences had become lost in laws; the original Spiritual purposes often forgotten.

As Elven humans, our people found forests similar to those on our planet in the Sirian Star System, and were able to create a living environment very similar to that of our home world. Not all of us lived in the forests, and just as I eventually left and traveled to the City of Atlantis, so many others also traveled to, and were born within, other places on the Earth. Similarly, the other species of the Galactic Council who had Soul groups traveling to Earth tended to find places similar to their own planets to raise their youth and learn about the distinctions of this planet.

I will not hesitate to underscore the challenges involved in integrating and re-establishing memories of living in another body on another world. Even with direct education regarding reincarnation and Soul travel, actually opening to memories is more of a matter of Spiritual maturity, and Soul preparation. Additionally, as almost no direct physical contact between Galactic Species in spacecraft and life-forms on Earth was allowed during this period of development, most of the information about a group’s true origins and home planet had to be passed from generation to generation in story form or historical records from those who were able to remember. Among the Sirians, this information was considered to be sensitive and kept secret from most individuals, but self-awakening and individual Soul memory integration was encouraged.

Sirian: The Ambassador.

My third experience of my Sirian family came with my first physical contact, the same night as I released my bond with my Soul Partner. Just after we completed this release with each other, and my realizations of who I was and why I had come to Earth settled within me, I knew that my journey had just begun. I saw a brilliant light shining into the stars on the top of what looked like a pyramid, far out in the Black Rock Desert. I was near a city known as Black Rock City, the place where the Burning Man Festival is born into existence for seven days, and then vanishes without a trace.

There are many types of Art at Burning Man; some massive structures, statues, and exhibitions created simply for entertainment, and others to inspire. There are some pieces of Art at Burning Man that are there for a different reason. Sometimes, an individual or group has an awakening experience, and realizes that they must create something. They may not always understand the purpose of their creation, but this is not usually as important as the actual creative process. Many of these Art pieces, their origins wrapped in the mystery of revelation, make it to Burning Man every year. Sometimes, that is where their Purpose is revealed… The Stargate Temple, as it has always called itself in my mind, was one such place.

I ran into the night towards the vertical light, the stars streaked by above me, and the pyramid became more and more brilliant against the backdrop of deep darkness. It was a cone, instead of an angular pyramid, and it seemed to have a transparent surface containing a magnificent swirl of floating stars, moving in rhythmic harmony. Like a Galactic vortex, the stars spun around and up to the apex, where a piercing white light sliced into the sky...

Click here to read this full transmission, containing important information regarding 2012, the future of humanity, and full nature of our relationship with the Galactic Council.


A brief introduction:

My experience of the Pleiadian species has been deeply refined and confirmed through many Souls who were of this Star Family before travelling to Earth long ago. What most of them share in common is a powerful connection to the Oceans, beautiful experiences of awakening or Self-Empowerment through swimming or being in Water, and often times a strong telepathic connection to Cetaceans like Dolphins and Whales.

Through other's memories and natural capacities, as well as my own direct experience with Pleiadian beings, it has become clear that their species has deeply mastered the Emotional Field and the ability to use Sound to precisely vibrate matter into certain positions and configurarations. In one of my journey's I was shown how young initiates on a planet entirely covered in Oceans except for some small island chains would learn to develop the ability to sing to Water in such a way that they could then walk upon its surface.

I look forward to sharing much more about these beautiful beings soon!


Full expositions on each of these species will be provided soon. Please be patient!

A brief introduction:

An ancient species with a complex history, I have learned a great deal about their diversity through the many different memories and missions that individuals in my Soul Family have undergone with them. With the help of the Arcturians, certain people I know created systems to block out their knowledge of themselves in order to become spies, transmitting information about their “programming” by Draconian, Zeta, and Human groups to aid in the process of understanding these systems of Mental enslavement and learning how to disengage them.

This may sound harsh, but these individuals clearly made a choice to undergo such operations, and as an Ambassador to the Galactic Council, I cannot fully express in words how much gratitude we have for these brave Souls, and how much assistance their work has provided.

The Arcturians I have met directly are intelligent, insightful, and highly spiritually developed beings. They are willing to bend the rules in ways that others are hesistant to do, as they seem to have an innate sense of the longer Soul journey and the flow of Time. The elders are not only great Wisdom keepers, but are also very grounded in physical actions and operations. Many of their initiation practices involve going into areas of complete darkness, and learning how to work with the Light that radiates from the Self and within all things.

I was shown that many of the Ancient stone structures on the Earth were created with aid from Arcturian Soul groups who traveled here. These structures mirror many of the types of buildings and halls the Arcturians create on their homeworld. I was shown Mountains with vast cave networks and massive Halls that have recorded Ancestry over many millenia. I was told that much of the deep honoring of Ancestry by the “Indigenous” peoples of Earth is part of the Arcturian teachings that arrived in the time of Atlantis and earlier. It seems essential to them to remember and record the flow of Bloodlines and the Genetic development of Family Lines, as well as Soul Genome Records.


Full expositions on each of these species will be provided soon. Please be patient!

A brief introduction:

Deep dank jungles, swamps, and rich forests with endless abundant living systems and cycles cover the planet of the Yahonian species. The journey of mastery for them involves learning to communicate with each species of plant and animal, and discovering patterns in the unlimited forms of interaction and relationships between species. These patterns are mapped through biological experience and direct communion, and the knowledge stored and shared in Astral spaces, accessed through entheogenic and spiritual journeys.

Those who have had experience studying on the Yahonian homeworld often have a deep innate sense of Plant Medicine and the natural properties of herbs, tinctures, and essential oils that seems to go far beyond the teachings of Earth Herbology. They commune with Plants in an intimate way, with a deep love for Fungi, dirt, worms, roots, and the raw richness of black soil.

Many of these teachings have been shared with Earth for a very long time, and were independently awakened here as well, a natural process for anyone who immerses themselves in the depth of Gaia's life-web.

Yet those of the Yahonian world also remember sitting in Trees and entering stargates, using Plant Medicines to hold Astral Council with other Galactic Species, and have a highly refined sense of the Energy Flows of all living things.

The world the Yahonians showed me looked very much like Dagobah, the heavily forested planet where Yoda lived. When I considered this, they seemed to reinforce my conception of the similarities, and even showed me a diversity of Yahonian species types which included one that looked very much like the Jedi Master. The other primary species type were humanoid beings who were very tall, with very very dark skin.

I was also shown that Ayahuasca is a Yahonian Medicine that was taught to humans on Earth by direct contact, and also by Souls who came to be born as Shamans in the deepest jungles on Gaia.


My first experience of the Shihaelei was a mysterious download of a Galactic Guardian Sigil, which I was told would enable me to reveal more of my past. Eventually, these memories surfaced, and came with a firestorm of transformation in my life. I will provide full details on my memories as a Shihaeleian soon.

They have been extremely challenging to face, and very complex, but with the help of several brothers and sisters who have the same memories, I've been able to clarify and confirm a great deal of my knowledge from this time. These memories involve a great deal of root information about the Draconian Species, which is essential in this time of Planetary Transformation. Until I release this download, I will once again give a glimpse into the planets and culture of this beautiful species.

A brief introduction:

The Art of Movement and expression is the Heart of the Shihaeleian species culture. From dynamic Martial Arts (that can stretch the rules of Space-Time) to Circus arts, acrobatics, and elaborate performances, the Shihaelei are a species whose existence revolves around the balance of work and play.

They have two primary planets, one a diverse world similar to Earth, and the other is a bone-white desert planet. This planet has white mountains that rise sharply out of the desert ground, and it is in these mountains that the Shihaelei carve their cities.

Long ago, the Shihaelei dedicated themselves as Guardians to the Galactic Council, and so many individuals spend much of their early lives training in preparation for this Sacred Service. Some Souls (including myself) who traveled to other Planetary Systems still hold this Oath, acting as Guardians in whatever realms we may incarnate, and often fulfilling our Sacred Mission of restablishing Galactic Harmony.

Here were the first Samurai, the first Jedi, the people forged in the fire of destruction and slavery, ravaged by the Draconians, and awakened through their battle for Freedom and Justice.


Full expositions on each of these species will be provided soon. Please be patient!

A brief introduction:

The Laquinon species are non-planetary, as their planet was destroyed long ago. There is still a powerful light-grid where this planet used to be, and it is used by this species as a Galactic Archive Records Library. Like braids of rainbow light and geometric structures, where their cities used to be are now complex resonant pillars with multidimensional information lattices woven throughout them, and deep networks running through the interior of the planet's lightbody.

These species can enter Physical or Etheric Form at will, having learned how to vibrate their bodies into higher and lower density states. These teachings are shared and used by highly-developed beings of other species within the Galactic Council, and are of course open to anyone within the Galactic Federation of species to explore and study if they wish to do so.

The Laquinon are Elders in the Galactic Council, as their species has been around since a very early period in our Galaxy's development.

Recent Update:

I have received confirmation that the constellation Cassiopeia is a primary reference and communication portal for this species. Also, it is highly likely that the remnant of a supernova around Cassiopeia A is the actual location where their primary planet used to reside before the star exploded. The radio frequencies being released in this area are very extreme, even for a supernova.

Tiara Danan

Late one night on the beach in Hawaii I was contacted by two beings, one male and one female, who called themselves Alean and Alene (pronounced the same). They referenced their presence through brilliant flashes of the star Vega, though they made it clear that their system is not located there. Using Star-Linking, they showed me the general region within a partial cross of visible stars to use for a more accurate reference. I was shown a beautiful planet, terraformed and Earth-like, with many small villages and starports.

They seemed very surprised that I was receiving their communication, and were very curious about the capacity of other humans to communicate in this way at this time. I expressed simply through my mind that I felt that many were awakening to the ability, and most needed help in refining their translations, and they seemed to understand this well.

I asked them where they were from, and the answer was as complex as the question, I realized. Apparently they were reaching out to share this information specifically, regarding their history and origin.

They showed me flashes that were related to my own memories: being a slave on a volcanic moon, Reptilian robotic armies, and women of my species at that time, the Shihaelei, being tortured and raped by reptilians. Then they showed me labs where there were genetic experiments, and where some of the Shihaelei women were being impregnated by Reptilian/Shihaeleian hybrid fertilized eggs.

The women were in deep prayer, though they were afraid and in pain. They were calling on the Sacred Source to make these children bearers of peace, bringing forth all the light and goodness of each race in their genome. The Reptilians wanted to breed more slave warriors, using the agility and intelligence of the Shihaelei with their own fierce strength and stamina. Yet these Mothers were already training the children within their wombs to be free beings, awakened in body, mind, and spirit.

I began to understand why they were showing me all this, and Alene and Alean returned to my inner vision. Now I could partially see their forms, but I asked them what they looked like to have a clearer confirmation and projection of their Physical bodies. In response, I saw a being that had Oriental qualities of a Human, with Elven qualities like a Sirian, and ridges on their forehead like a Reptilian.

They even gave me a reference word to research that they said was already recognized on our Planet: Romulan. I couldn't entirely remember details about that name, but I knew it was from Gene Roddenberry's great body of work: Star Trek.

After this, they showed me glimpses of their uprising as youth, joining the forces of the Galactic Council (which was little more than a Rebel Alliance at this time) to bring down the Reptilian Empire from within. Then they showed me their roles as Guardians, and peaceful citizens of the Galactic Federation who generally keep to themselves.

I deeply thanked Alene and Alean, and promised that I would explore more, and connect with them again in the future. Before we closed our connection, they showed me one of my deep Sisters, and told me that it would was very important that I shared this information with her soon, as it would release some of her old Karma as one of their Mothers.

With immense honor and gratitude, I said goodnight, and watched as Vega pulsed brightly one last time that evening.

In later exploration, I saw that the Romulan beings in Star Trek look very much like the physical forms they showed me. [Memory Alpha – Star Trek Reference Wiki] This made me consider more deeply the other races Gene Roddenberry may have “channeled” into the Star Trek universe, and I immediately noticed the likenesses between the Vulcan and what I know of the Sirian species, as well as the obvious similarities between the Reptilians and Klingons.

Additionally, I came across the “Tuatha De Danann” in Wikipedia, a mysterious race of people in Irish Mythology, known also as the people of Danu. Notably, “they arrived in Ireland, on or about May 1 (the date of the festival of Beltaine), on dark clouds, although later versions rationalise this by saying they burned their ships to prevent retreat, and the 'clouds' were the smoke produced.” [Tuatha De Danann – Wikipedia]

Also, these people were said to have brought with them four sacred treasures (one for each element or suit, found in Tarot and other mythology): The Dagda's Cauldron, the Spear of Lugh, the Stone of Fal, and the Sword of Light of Nuada. The Sword of Light in particular may possibly be correlated with Caliburn, the legendary sword more well known as Excalibur.

An initial assessment of this information has lead me to suspect that there is a connection between the people of Danu and the Tiara Danan, possibly as a group of Souls who also entered at the time of Atlantis. This group may have remained somewhat self-contained, but the few of my Soul family who feel connected to this have strong “Elven” memories from the time of Atlantis, so there is likely a Sirian link and relationship here also.

Clearly, more research and shared memory is needed to complete and confirm the story here.


After a long period of self-development and refinement, I finally opened up to identifying and learning about another of the Council Species. I tracked a ship in the atmosphere above Oahu, and it lead me to focus on a brilliant Star almost directly south, near the horizon below the feet of Canis Major. It was Canopus, of the constellation Carina (Keel). I spent a lot of time just receiving energy from this Star, opening to what information channels were flowing readily through it. Following some light pulses, I began to see a larger system of stars that were clearly going to be a surface for a holographic transmission.

A moment later, a being resolved itself out of the stars and greeted me with sparkling eyes and a welcoming grunt. He had a wide, smooth saucerlike head that came to a gentle curved peak, like a rounded rice-farmer's hat. The front of his head transitioned into a kind humanoid face, but with wide glittering dark eyes and almost no protrusion to the nose. A firm chin and thin lips made him immediately appear peaceful and considering. A flash in my mind's eye outfitted him in a corded suit, similar to the pilot gear in the movie “The Last Starfighter.” I could see a warm light in his third-eye, and almost an electric glow around the edge of his head, as though his psychic field was well distributed to his surroundings.

His voice was then bounding through my head, and I found myself speaking his words out-loud to taste their texture and understand the energy of the dialect. My mouth found most of the forms familiar, and the language sounded like a mix of Quiche Maya, Lakota, and Yahonian. It was somewhat thick with extended vowel sounds, but bouncy, formed between rich G, K and CH sounds.

I laughed out loud, as I knew he was expressing honor and gratitude for meeting with me, and I let my mouth carry forth my reciprocation of his appreciation. He asked about my recent Galactic Home, and I immediately brought the Sirian System into alignment with our shared telepathic space. He chuckled and nodded with some semblance of approval in his assessment.

“Where is your Planetary System?” I asked. My vision of him in the stars blurred, and the craft I had traced earlier shot downward in a luminous streak of light from the tail of Canis Major toward Canopus, and then a flash indicated another star to the upper left of the brilliant star in Carina, which I found later is called Tau Puppis (Stern). Another flash appeared equidistant from Canopus to the upper right, but when I looked, I could not see any visible stars in that location. Uncertain, I looked back at Tau Puppis, but again noticed some sort of energy imprint in its mirrored location. In understanding, I nodded and knew that although I could not see his star-system, it was there, at the same distance and angle from Canopus as Tau Puppis. I was immediately rewarded with a short streak of light nearby in the sky. Upon some Astronomical research, I believe the system may be around Beta Pictoris, a small star in the Pictor constellation, which means “Painter.”

Returning my focus to this being before me, holographically displayed in the stars above Canopus, I spent a few minutes just connecting with him, and asking him what name I should use to reference his Species. He laughed heartily, and the sound “NGUU-RA” resonated through my being. I said it back several times, getting a feel for it, and he seemed pleased.

After a time, I requested to learn a bit more about his people, and was greeted by a very feminine consciousness. In a visual flash, I could tell that the females of their species are very beautiful, and this reflection prompted another chuckle and feeling of deep appreciation flowing through our three-way telepathic field. She took me through a very brief history, where I was shown a variety of things about their species, and I will record these insights here as best as I am able to translate.

They seemed to build many of their early structures underground, but with open views to the sky. The sky was the home of their only real predator, a species akin to the Terradactyl. From the images I saw, it seemed that their head structures were first evolved as shields to protect them from aerial attacks. Later, their heads became one of their most powerful tools for sensing the environment around them, both physically and psychically.

Later, they mastered communication with the Terradactyl-like flying species, and learned to travel around their planet by developing a relationship with this species to ride them as mounts. This was a huge stepping stone for bringing their peoples together, and accelerating their technological prowess to a point of some major energetic revolutions.

Finally, I saw some sort of augmentation system for their thought-energy, which allowed stable levitation, and high-speed physical travel without external vehicles. This was the juncture that gathered the collective attention of the Galactic Council, and enabled the Nguura species to join the Family.

I hope to learn more from the Nguura, and will share those transmissions here and on my upcoming Galactic Family website as they become available.

Videos about humanity history.

Videos found online.

versions 1.2, 7/12/2016.

Secret History of Humanity / História Secreta da Humanidade.

This video talks about archeological findings around the world, mainly on Colombia, its in English and have Portuguese subtitles:

What is nice on that video, that it shows strange technologies, tools that are impossible to make even in our current time.

It shows antique maps with Atlantis island draw.

This image is not photoshopped and the skull was studied by professionals, and they all said that it is authentic. And giant bones and elongated skulls, that me and my friend knows that it was a common aspect of Lemurians and Atlantis people, because we are Atlantis souls and we remember those skulls on our regressions. It’s not from aliens, it was from the native humans that existed on earth on an antique period, we had great magick skills, that is how we made incredible technologies and sculptures, we used the “Vril” energy, later the reptilians and annunakis made the Pyramids and some other sculptures, I don’t believe that our intelligence came from aliens, all species have a soul of same capacities as any soul, but different technologies, the reptilians and annunakis came to enslave us, and not to help us. In our visions (regressions) Lemurians had around 2,90m – 3,10m and Atlanteans around 2,30m – 2,60m.

Graham Hancock, his fact findings views on our Ancient past.

Another friend, Absconditus, recommended me to research about Graham Hancock, I did and I though interesting, he sent me a video:

I think the titles cover well the video, its just a interview with him talking about his study, but its very interesting. He begins talking about the mysteries of our species and the repression of the studies. Then he talks about Giza and its architecture and astronomical precision and about Tihuanaco as a port to lake Titicaca that is one of the most mysterious thing in the world and wrongly dated by some, for him it was made in 15.000bc, me and my friend Avalokiteshvara, through our regressions, we think Atlantis had flooded on +– 12.000bc, so this is maybe somewhat a Atlantis construction, but in the video he is showing this to show how there are very old civilizations, older than what common archeologists believe. Its interesting how it progress, talking that the Gods created the buildings, because I have a ebook called “Aquem da Atlantida – Gustavo Barroso” (Download, PT), that talks about almost the same thing of “white bearded guys from across the ocean”, its really interesting to study, he then proceeds talking about a statue of their images.

Then he talks about it like it being from a ancient destructive global event era, I call it Atlantis, he proceeds talking about the equality between different cultures mythological entities. He talks about the architecture of buildings from different cultures, that are very similar one to another and the capacity to resist earthquakes. I have some images here (not from the video):

He talks then about the astronomical precision on egypt being even better than from our actual culture, and that the pyramids are way more than a tomb.

Maybe now you can understand why the world's constructors are Freemasons, haha.

I want to thanks Absconditus to introduce me to him, how could I have not knew him before?!

Zecharia Sitchin - Sumerians & The Annunaki.

A video telling a lot about Sumerians and the Annunakis, long but very interesting, it have lot of images and texts.

The Revelation Of The Pyramids.

This video is long but very interesting, it talks about lot of the Egyptian mysteries, about the great architectural precision of the buildings, one part got my attention is when they talk about two statues, that are Perfectly identical, maybe more than a machine could do, with perfect geometrical precision. It talks more, I recommend to watch it if you like those archeological things interesting.

The Secret Human History of Earth.

Interesting video, with Hollywood images as references. I just have different beliefs on some parts, I think angels are not aliens, and yes, persons that reached paradise (Causal realm), and there is some stuffs I think are Atlantean and Lemurian magick and technology, not from aliens. But its a interesting video.

David Icke - Saturn & The Moon Matrix.

This is for the nuts that already fried their brains, its talk bizarre things that you'll not believe, like that the planets and the moon are technologies, and that Saturn is like a antenna, that it have crystals on its rings and that it emits radio frequencies, that it makes us stuck in a illusory matrix, why you gonna waste time watching those unbelievable things? I'll post this video too: David Icke The Saturn Matrix & Saturn Symbolism It shows about symbolism, gnostic knowledge about Saturn and the astronomic knowledge about Saturn and the moon, he says the moon is fake, can you believe that? He says the moon is hollow, and he quotes lot of important scientists. Of course you'll not believe this, huh? But honestly, I suspect David.

Basics of interpretation

text by Princess Sophia

Version 1.1, 22/12/2016

Small text added.

When you begin to use your higher bodies, you gonna see that you can learn techniques with each one, with your astral body, some people learn how to psychography, some people learn how to talk with angels, some how to telepathy and etc, there is so many things you can do with your astral body, I can't even explain, but Interpretation is one of those, because its not only the things on the earth that can be interpreted, everything can be interpreted, most of the astral experiences are in fact a autonomous interpretation capacity, its like, you earn some “keys” that makes astral emanations get decryptographed, after you receive those “keys”, you transmute the astral emanations in to words, more “keys”, more information you receive from there and more ways to receive (not only words), those interpretations are a way to communicate with the world, and the world is the “God's mouth”, so, if you learn to interpret well, you can discover things, even the future and how to deal with it.

To you understand the basics of the interpretation you need to consider some stuffs:

  • Everything have a reason, there is no coincidence.

  • Everything is perfectly synchronized, each noise is made in the right time, each color appears in the right time, each change in front of you is on the right time, the place you relaxed your eyes was the best to describe the moment, the information flux is infinite, for some people its very heavy to keep on flux, but I say to keep on it constantly, when it becomes soft, you'll win a jewel.

  • Everything is communication.

  • The same part of your brain that take care of your speak, is the same that take care of your driving skills, the same that you use when you use a fork while eating, the same that you use when you learn to walk, the same you use when you are good in a competition/game/hobby. Its all communication, communication with your mouth, with your vehicle, with your tool, with your legs and/or with your competition/game/hobby skills, all communication.

  • World talks.

  • Your moment is the sum.

  • Everything you do is dependent of everything you ever did on this life and past lifes.

  • You talk with your thoughts before you use your body (2D and 1D); You talk with your spirit before you use your thoughts (3D and 2D); You talk with your soul before you use your spirit (4D and 3D); You talk with your conscience before you use your soul (5D and 4D).

  • It answer in spirit and in the image key.

  • Your subconscious knew what was going to happen before it happen.

  • Your subconscious knows what number the dice will roll.

  • Sometimes you don't understand it consciously but you understand it subconsciously.

  • Sometimes you think it makes no sense but it does make sense.

  • Sometimes the meaning of it appears later, when you are going to do something and it suddenly pop on your mind.

  • Things are as in heaven as in earth.

  • The way you interpret dreams and astral visions are the same you do to interpret life, the same symbols of dreams are the same meaning in life when you see in life, everything that happens in dream is real, you just need to know how to understand your dreams.

  • All images gives a key that can be used to bring numerous another images.

  • There is a meaning behind each object of your house, a meaning behind each grain of dirty in the floor, a meaning behind everything you look at, a meaning behind every place you decide to go.

  • Your higher bodies claimed whatever you are seeing in front of you, nothing is hidden, your higher bodies were subconsciously going in the direction of something until you subconsciously find this something.

  • Training to have synesthesia is one of the best thing you can do to increase your interpretation skills, you need to train it until you hear a 'bang' when a light barely appears, loud enough that almost spook you.

As we can see, even getting on astral is communication with subtle forces. And as we can see, sexual misconduct is about this part of the brain, love and sex is not the same, the love part of the brain that makes you fell attraction to someone based on his/her conscience and essence, when you fell good to keep near and talk to someone, its not like the image above, that part from the image is about sexual communication, that one is just about pleasure and how to use your genitals, that if used more and more leads to a addiction or more sexual misconduct.

The way I explain most of the time about interpretation is using a image that I'll post later and the “Palográfico” psychological test.

In another article I wrote about this test:

There is an interesting test called “Palográfico”, where psychologists read sticks drawn as fast as someone can. It’s like calligraphy analysis, but only with sticks. What is the idea? The idea, that you have nerves that oscillate energy, and that energy doesn't oscillate perfectly, because everything that is inside you combines to change the original oscillation. What? It means, that everything you do since you were born (and before birth), combines within you and this alters the way your nerves oscillate. So, basically, we can read your entire life experience in everything you do! Every imperfection in your actions, depending on how your nerves are working is the result of everything you have done in life. And yes, people can subconsciously read all of your life experience in every expression, and no, your brain is not private, ha-ha. With Palographic testing we can know and read everything in the life of someone, it all depends if you know how to read. But what it really means with all that, is that the imperfections you show on Palographic tests are in fact the way your ethereal body flows, and that depends of what spirit you fed on. With Palographic testing, we can see your present, your past and your future, because there is a standard that is conveyed by the sticks that is made by your essence, and so your destiny too.

Knowing about this is a good introduction to you understand the basics of interpretation. Later I'll explain a little about how to interpret the Palographic. But now I'll show the image I said before, its a very simple image: Look at each area of the image, and you can see that each area give a different sensation. Everything we see, give us a different sensation, that means a different thing to us, that sensation changes the way we look the world and that make us choose a different step to give, making our brain acts differently and search for another memories and that brings another emotions that changes the next step that change the next step and in a chain effect, it changes your destiny, because your currently destiny (moment), is nothing more than the sum of everything you did, and everything you did is a inspiration received from subtle influences. So if you know how to control the way people will fell the world, you can control the next step of someone, and if this one is a great mage, or better, a great step programmer, a great subconscious engineer, this one can basically choose your destiny and you'll think that yourself wanted that. Each sensation changes the way your nerves are oscillating, and like I explained the palographic test, it mess forever in the way you'll express yourself, and that can be read by a professional on your small subtle subconscious body expressions. The precise understanding of the meaning and the result of each sensation you can provide to someone is the basics of magick and interpretation. There is no turning back, everything you do marks you forever, each second you live changes your entire destiny, because everything you look just sum constantly and changes the way you see the world, the causal body is just stimulus and form, tonnage and timbre, some days you see a tree and its beautiful, some days you see the same tree and its just a tree, that is because the stimulus and form you look the tree, having the right jewels and the right keys you always gonna see the tree beautiful.


I had to correct too much of those tests. This is the book used for:

Well, I researched and I think Americans don't do this kind of test, but they compare it as the HTP (House, Tree and Person) test.

Well, this palographic test can report everything you did in life, you just need to know how to read it properly. Its hard to interpret lot of things, but small standards are easy to interpret.

More distant a stick is from another, means more “attention” someone try to have, so, more close one stick is from another, means that probably this one is not much communicative, maybe is a shy person or just a quiet person. If I remember correctly, the book states that more far a line is from another, means that this one looks to keep distant from other persons. I think in the image below they wanted to talk about the pressure in the lines, more pressure, more incisive this person is, if there is too much pressure, probably is from a person that tries to force his opinion on others, but that is not the case in the image below because it have not pressure enough, but it vary in pressure, I think that means a signal of instability. Note that I just gave a small explanation behind those expressive signals, there is much more to you interpret correctly the information I gave, and they can vary depending of the composition.

If the line is ascending, its is more about a confident person, but if ascend too much, its about a much proud person, if the line descend its about a cautious person, if descend too much, its maybe a depressive person. If the stick is falling to right, its about a person that needs others support, if the stick is falling to left, its about someone more recluse. As you can see, up, down, left and right is very alike Alpha and Omega idea, so the interpretation varies alike in Palographic. If they have alike amount of stick between the pauses, they have a stable productivity, if they begin with lot of sticks and end with low sticks, they tend to lower his productivity with time.

In the image above, we can see someone that begins more stable and ends more energetic, that means someone that loses his control when he is ending something in rush, or if he is faced with a challenge. Its probably from a sociable person, but a very energetic person, that probably sometimes over-talks peoples, maybe he is very anxious, but excited person, he probably likes to keep near other persons.

In the image above we see a common person, with a nice amount of sticks, that shows he have a standard productivity and is stable, the distance between the sticks shows that maybe he is a sociable person, but not someone that draws too much attention, the sticks are straight, showing that he cares about his objective and that he is socially comported, the distance between lines shows he keeps at a medium distance from others and it varies a little.

Those images don't make me sure about the distance of the margins, that is another thing to count, sure that all details count, the size of the sticks, the quality of the sticks count, the imperfections, the sinuosity, the pressure, curves, hooks and more.

Alike test as the above one, but this one have less productivity, looks from a more quiet person, maybe even a timid person (but not much), but still a generic test.

On the image above we see different sizes of the sticks, ff the stick is too big, its probably from a energetic and/or extrovert person, or from someone that don't cares to/wants to be visible, it depends of other signals, if too small is probably from someone that is introvert and not much energetic, probably of someone that is shy or speaks very low, in the examples above, there is none that is small enough to fit the characteristics I just mentioned. I don't remember well, but I think if it curves forward, concave, its about passivity, and if backward, convex, its about negligence, but I can be wrong, I need to check the book. “* Concave (Open in the right): Express diplomacy and good adaptation to social environments. * Convex (Open in the left): Express insecurity, distrust, opposition and intolerance.” If the line shows sinuosity, maybe its weakness, or sometimes drugs, drunk and smokers shows that signal, elders too.

On the above image, its about the distance between the lines. Translating: “* Normal or medium: Reflect interpersonal relations in balance and respectful. Reveal to have good perception of limits and moderation to deal with others. * Augmented or Distanced: Indicates of distancing or caution in relations, revealing big formality in dealing with others. Reveal preference to realize lonely activities once that distance relation with inhibition and possible insecurity being very reflexive in his/her attitudes. * Very Augmented or Distanced: Indicates need of accentuated distance in interpersonal relations possible related to a big inhibition and insecurity on him/herself. Reveal preference in activities that don't need contact with thirds.

This one is about the direction of the lines, as I said before: “If the line is ascending, its is more about a confident person, but if ascend too much, its about a much proud person, if the line descend its about a cautious person, if descend too much, its maybe a depressive person.”

Here, a Portuguese limited manual to palographic: * *

Its too much work to translate, please understand. This is a small manual, the book have hundred of pages with more detailed explanation to each item and precise numbers and measures to a better evaluation, things you'll not find in this manual, so understand that reading this manual don't makes you a good palographic interpreter.

î How to apply. (I decided to remove that huge amount of images I had uploaded before)

Now that you learned about palographic, you are now sure that exactly all your expression reveals your life. So that is very good to understand interpretations, because the same way you read a palographic is the same way you read another stuffs to interpret. And your subconscious knows the answer it wants and it knows the answer that is gonna appear. Palographic is a serious and respected test, it is used to gun control and things alike, its so precise, that once (and recently, maybe 2015) a girl decided to be kind and accept a test of a guy with “high aggressiveness” signals, and the guy ended up to shot some people. Of course, take in consideration that those are psychological tests and if you are not a psychologist, probably you'll interpret it wrongly, there are lot of variants for those signals, and lot of different tests to affirm more precisely someone's personality. Lot of psychologists says to people take care with the information of those interpretations techniques, because non students can miss interpret it easily. I see nothing wrong in sharing the meaning of those tests. Those tests don't make you a psychologist, there is lot to understand, lot of another signals that is beyond the test, if someone use those information I shared to call himself psychologist, this one is simple a dumb person, it make no sense to hide any kind of information. I think its very interesting to show this test to people, because this test basically interpret everything they need about their expressions, this tool should not keep away from people knowledge, I think this test was important to my knowledge, it made me secure about the notion of subconscious expressions, I was sure about we expressing everything in small details, and this test is a studied version of it, and its the only test about it, so this is a interesting tool to develop this kind of knowledge, I think this should be shared. Some says this test makes no sense, this test was studied for much years with lot of comparisons and scientific methods, everything that is inside us change the way we express ourselves, saying that a imperfection that you draw have no meaning is senseless, I think there is nothing in this world that is meaningless. Most of the people that complains and say this test isn't precise is the ones that failed on the test and wants to complain, if failed, this one had something for that to happen, is uncommon to someone fail this test, even with bad made sticks, this test was studied with lot of years, its needed to know this is not the only test we use to reprove, at least where I'm, we use a battery of test.

If you are asking why I'm showing all that, its because this test will be the base for my introduction to interpretations, because the same signals of the test are the ones to interpret the signals of oracles and another stuffs, so its important to me share this, you'll understand it better later.

Tools of interpretation

Ok, this is would be a dumb topic, because you can use absolutely everything to interpretations. But there are tools that can help you to understand better those stuffs. But I say that you need to understand it more with the sensation than with words. All images carries infinite words possibilities, so everyone can give a different meaning and this one will still be right, you need to know exactly what you are asking, what I mean with that, is that you need to know that you are asking more with spirit than with your body, and you need to know how your spirit is asking, so it knows how to extract the exact information you need from the image. I commented about the Zulliguer test above, its some ink spots that the person need to interpret it, so we try to figure some characteristic of this person interpreting their interpretation, everyone have a personal perception of the image, so those interpretations of this person depends of what is inside him/her, and that depends of the spirits he carries, how his/her soul manifest and his/her conscience state, so, when you are asking a oracle, you are asking with that concept and mechanics, focusing in the question, so you ask with the question spirit, and then later you interpret your interpretation and/or vision.

There are some well know oracles. The one I use most is the IChing. Its a Chinese oracle, since it have interpretation books, its easier to interpret. I use this one Uol IChing, PT.

There is the Tarot, I use this website,, PT.

You can use a random page of the bible in the website: Random, US.

A secure translation, King James text is fine besides the Rosicrucian symbolism that was not made by him.

But there are some unknown oracles, there are indeed too much oracles around the world, a lot in each tribe.

I have three dices, so I use it as a oracle, but I use my own version with 216 combinations, I think it works, because it answered precisely numerous times.

You can flip some coins, rotate a pen, use a pendulum, open a book, open the bible (I prefer to use only psalms and sometimes proverbs or alike those), close your eyes, look around or try to understand the synchronization (like, but not limited to, Apantomancy).

Every sensation have a meaning, the words were created on this concept, the same way we barely pass our eyes in the words and already read it, we can train to translate the meaning of the sensations around us, and whatever is happening around us gonna say something and we gonna read it automatically. The humans created a lot of ways to try to translate those stuffs, and strangely when they finished, those stuffs were talking rational things. The Jews use the Hebraic letters, and each letter have a meaning and a number, and all their vocabulary have a number meaning and a letter meaning with same coherence. Everything is communication, everything gives a key, and this key can be used for diverse things.

Normally oracles come with a image, and them you extract from that image, but some images are undefined by words, but carries the same logic keys than certain ideas, situations, philosophies and more. Some oracles comes with symbols another with sounds, but they carry the same logic keys than certain ideas, situations, philosophies and more.

Interpretation isn't just about oracles, but the same way you interpret one, you interpret everything, there is nothing meaningless, even if someone tries to make the most meaningless something possible, that already means a lot about his personality and in the abstract and uncontrollable circumstances of this something this one made, it would be possible to read everything of his life, like we can read a palographic.

I made “universal” map for interpretation. Throw something, move something, push something or do something else above this, and try to understand it:

11 = Wind; 10 = Fire; 01 = Earth; 00 = Water.

You can flip a coin, if its the number is “1”, if its the face is “0”. Flip three times, and check the answer, if its three “1”, it means Intellect and Logic, if you prefer, you can use the IChing: * ||| = 111; * :|| = 011; * |:| = 101; * ||: = 110; * ::| = 001; * :|: = 010; * |:: = 100; * ::: = 000.

Interpretation through where your eye relax.

There is a way that I teach persons about how to learn more abstractly about interpretation. In this I use the idea of the Diffuse Attention, its a subconscious attention we have for the next thing we are looking for, this is the attention that normally makes you skip a name in a list even if that name is in front of your eyes, your attention diffuse flows based on what is inside you, what aura/spirits are inside you, I once talked about it in another article: ... That is not the only effect, there is something called Diffuse Attention, I study psychology and I had to correct lot of tests. PDF portuguese file about attention(if on Tor browser, open it while offline). I have corrected mostly of tests that is written on this pdf: Oh God, how much work correcting this stuffs... At whatever, I repeat, whatever you do, will change the “next” thing you gonna see and focus, because it is done diffusely. Open a book, or your music playlist, and think bad words, you gonna see that your eyes gonna focus on bad words, now think good words and you gonna see that your eyes gonna focus on good words. The idea is the same even if not a word, because what makes you looks those words is in fact the aura that you just received after thinking those words, so if you think bad things, your diffuse attention gonna follow bad trails, and its like a miracle, its just matter of time that if you continue to follow the bad words trail, this, like a snowball, will lead you each time to a badder and badder trail, and its all controlled by a mere though, if you pray, “God please protect me”, strangely your diffuse attention will focus on protective trails, but that, only if you have faith, strangely, if you don't have faith, your diffuse attention will “randomly”(There is no true random, all is communication with an aura) choose a destiny, this destiny is randomly choose between the spirits that is inside you, so whatever you do attract something to you, and its a matter of time that your projections makes your diffuse attention brings you a bad/good destiny...

The idea is that, if you let your eye relax in a point, it will “choose” a certain point that is based on your spirits/aura. That is interesting to understand interpretations based on your abstraction from a experience. You can do like I said above, opening a book or a playlist and thinking bad and good words. Or you can meditate on a music or meditate on the things around you, while you keep looking concentrated at the image below:

Now try to memorize in what stem you eyes relax when things changes in music or around you, the stem your eyes relax means what you are feeling in the moment, people studied that and made incredible oracles, and not just those people, psychologist studies almost this kind of thing, the interpretation of the geometry stems are alike the one of a palographic. Doing this, will increase you capacity of communication with a 7 simplex geometry, remember the Temporal lobe image from the beginning of the article? After you understand how to communicate with a 7 simplex, you can use it as a oracle. This is the same to all oracles, so that is the basics to interpret those, the same sensation and place you eyes relax, can interpret things completely different if that thing have the same sensation as those (same keys as those), so learning this 7-Simplex technique is a good way already, if you like geometries and don't like much the 7-Simplex, you can use the infamous Metatron's cube.

Metatron's cube.

Flowe of Life with 6 levels.

You can try with diverse geometries, like, the hypercube (tesseract):

You can try with things around you. Like a market shelf:

If you keep looking too much to something, you'll end up enchanted, that means, you absorbed this something spirit and its active on your etherical body, when you close your eyes, you'll see this something popping-up constantly, that means you are enchanted, and if you are, when you are going to sleep, you gonna notice that, before you enter dream state, in ether state (the one you hear random voices), the random voices there will be explaining the something you got enchanted, so that is a good way to learn about interpretation, keep looking at the figures, and when you sleep, you can hear the voices talking in etherical state of dreaming.

Now you know that for interpret things, it depends of what is inside you, not just that, there is a standard in all we communicate that can be used to interpret the entire world. Try to be always very conscious, look everything you see, listen everything you hear, each object in your house mean something, I discovered lot about my past lifes looking to the objects in my house and old photos, increase your sensibility, increase your synesthesia, increase your brain capacities, have a nice diet to increase more of it, so you see more dimensions in your acts. I think I told my best to introduce you to interpretations, this is the “2+2” of interpretation, the “ABC” of it, in the next interpretations articles I'll try to explain better about more deep meanings in interpretations.

Question & Answers

text idea by Absconditus

Version 1.1, 06/12/2016

The bold lines are the questions.

“You describe the 'first soul' of a person as an animal. Is that first soul really an animal or is it 'like an animal'? How should I 'feed this animal' and how does a person tell that they are treating their soul correctly?”

Yes, when someone has their first life as an animal, he is already a soul. The example of the bulldog was exactly for that, for being an analogy, with everything that a person needs to know about how a soul is born. Everybody needs a first body to adapt to earth, and that is an animal body(but not limited to), this is the true first life, and you can see it through regressions, if you could see it, you gonna notice that basically the standard of destiny of all your lifes are from your animal life.

Your first life leaves traces on your anatomy, its not easy to notice, sometimes it is, so, in my example, I had a first life as a Wild Cat(not domestic), so I have a small chin and my cheeks have the strange format of a cat, the way I look at people are the same face cats normally do, I sleep for 12 hours normally, I'm extremely quiet and I love peaceful places, and annoying things makes me just quietly leave the place, since cats are normally lone hunters, I used to do more individual sports/competitions than team ones, I trained Martial Arts, a place that I found lot of predators souls(people with predator first animal life, there is a student there, that is a red ray White Shark, and he is Giant, and don't have a good vision, because sharks don't see well, sorry if I'm wrong, because I'm not sure). In comparison, I had a black ray friend with Lion elemental, he was very popular(not like cats, that are more lonely), liked team sports/competitions, played much soccer, had a bigger body, both he and me have big hands(Feline paws), knew how to talk and had attention of the girls, its way different than me, a pink ray cat. I too have a Tiger yellow ray friend(Tigers came from the yellow ray essence of the lion, but any ray can born from any animal, but some animals attracts more certain rays), since Tigers are lone too, he lives only with his wife, that I think is in fact his prey on his first life, we learn to love what we killed, and its not uncommon that a predator soul ends up marring a herbivore soul, well, but he is more “swag” than me, a cat, because Tigers are more swags, haha. I used as example my feline friends, to you see small detail differences, but you can be a monkey, a whale, a kangaroo, a dog and etc...

In the Irael's sons list, I listed José Aldo, he is a UFC fighter, his elemental is a rhino, that means his first life he was a rhino, the animal, physically, after this rhino died, he had a first human life.

Looks like even “they” know about it: they made a marketing video with a rhino walking in the street, then the rhino check the mirror(check the self, auto-evaluation), and discover to be José Aldo. Image from the ads:

The problem is that most people, when they research about the ego, think that to kill the ego you should control it until it loses spontaneity. The idea is that you should let your spirits spontaneously act from within you, or else you begin to repress those spirits. You should control how they act, like you control a child, you can’t force your kid with too much authority or it will turn out to be a “robot-like” person. That happens with our body and spirits too. You need to notice when a spirit is controlling more you than yourself(addiction), or when you are forgetting some spirits(when you miss some things you used to do that are good).

Think of it like this: • You body eats and drinks; • Your psyche eats performances(Omega) and poetics(Alpha); • Your mind eats ecstasy(O) and epiphanies(A); • Your soul eats Feelings(OO) and emotions(OA), Reflections(AO) and Reason(AA); • Your conscience eats Virtues(O) and Sureness(A), that is why is just light over there.

So check up if what you eat, what you drink, what performances you see/do, how the poetics flows from you, what brings you to ecstasy, what epiphanies you have, how sensible you are, how emotional you are, how reflexive you are, what reasons you cultivate, which virtue you feed and the things you are sure about. If none of those things seems bad, you probably have no problem with your spirits. But to know that for sure, you need to check yourself, and try to understand yourself, and examine the things you do.

Think about this: When you dream, you are using your astral body. If there is a sin you do on earth, when you dream you barely see that sin so you barely do that sin. Because that body is one dimension beyond, it acts one dimension faster, that is why is so hard to control. When we sin and when we die, we reincarnate here, because we have the same lack of control we have in our dreams. So we see our sins from heaven, but there is no sin in heaven, so we return here, reincarnating.

Everything that could make you come back here is something that you shouldn't feed in the spirit. So, check up on your spiritual progress through your dreams, because everything you do in your dreams, you have a possibility to do that on earth. Sometimes we break that possibility just because we dreamed that and got shocked when we woke up. Sometimes it is something that only a strong trigger would make us do, so we don't believe we could do that, until that trigger appears. But, everything that is possible to do, is slowly approaching from the 4th dimension (astral realm).

So, your dreams are a good way to see what spirits you are feeding. Check the unknown persons of your dreams, if they are annoying or evil, those are all spirits inside you. It was created by you, like when you create a cartoon person. Each person in fact carries something that is from you, all the persons in the cartoon do only what is inside you or what you could possible think. Our sons too, they can't do more than us, like we can't do more than God. While we grow, our sons grow.

I want to add that not all kind of animals are elemental(Spirit animal). Very small animals, like rats and lizards, are just etherical animals, by what I received in a meditation, when someone dies, it still don't have astral control yet, so they need a body to their mind flows, that mind flows through a small animal while he is on purgatory, all the effects that happens on purgatory, makes a effect on those animals. Some persons were evil, and then, they become a rat and is hunted down by a cat, this is the price of his/her mentality. Of course that if you help those small animals you are teaching those spirits too.

Its not uncommon that your personal pets are in fact your own spirit attracted to you, those are our most close sons, our most direct sons. But there are spirits on you that come from diverse parts, and some parts are more ignored, but not repressed, those create wild animals that you probably will not see, or sometimes society makes us get far from our sons with its bureaucracy and civilization. You sons can come from diverse parts of you, sometimes is something from you that affects another DNA, or sometimes is your own skin falling on earth and with that DNA code absorbed in plants and animals bring those to live when those reproduce. Yes, there are plants that are our sons too, but those are just spiritual emanations of us, and plants will not bring a human life. Yes again, if you though that the plants that are more closely to you are your plants indeed. There is no coincidence, if you buy seeds, those are your seeds, the farmer astral body was already reserving it to you and he made that here subconsciously, because we think that the things we do here are what we do, but what we do here is just following a occult realm, and in fact what we do here is totally dependent of what happens “there”, that is how magick works.

“Are there people I should avoid in my everyday life because they will affect the positive progress of the spirits in my soul(my 'sons')?”

There are indeed some persons that should be avoided. Those persons are not wanting help or wanting to change, that is, if they aren't trying to change you. There are countless passages in the Bible that recommend to avoid violent people, foolish people, people without constructive words, drunkards, “party” people (sorry I couldn't translate “baderneiro”: those that just make messy parties and think nothing about life). You help those that want help, those that want to listen. The bible talks about people that just drain our energy and make us stressed and they should be avoided.

2 Timothy 3 : 1 But understand this: In the last days terrible times will come. 2 For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 unloving, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, without love of good, 4 traitorous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Turn away from such as these! 6 They are the kind who worm their way into households and captivate vulnerable women who are weighed down with sins and led astray by various passions, 7 always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth. 8 Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so also these men oppose the truth. They are depraved in mind and disqualified from the faith.”

1 Corinthians 5:11: “11 But now I am writing you not to associate with anyone who claims to be a brother but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or a verbal abuser, a drunkard or a swindler. With such a man do not even eat. 12 What business of mine is it to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? 13 God will judge those outside. “Expel the wicked man from among you.””

1 Corinthians 15:34 “33 Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good character.” 34 Sober up as you ought, and stop sinning; for some of you are ignorant of God. I say this to your shame.“”

Ephesians 5:11: 10 Test and prove what pleases the Lord. 11 Have no fellowship with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. 12 For it is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret. 13 But everything exposed by the light becomes visible, for everything that is illuminated becomes a light itself. 14 So it is said: “Wake up, O sleeper, rise up from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.””

Psalm 101:4: 3I will set no worthless thing before my eyes; I hate the work of those who fall away; It shall not fasten its grip on me. 4A perverse heart shall depart from me; I will know no evil.”

Maybe what people hate about bible, is that it is directly honesty, and report the evil directly.

“Do some souls attract each other and others repel, in a similar way that magnets attract or repel depending on how they are aligned?”

I could say so about souls being like magnets, but well, the astral realm is the realm of projections, with all your projections projecting at the same time, endlessly. It's just a matter of time until this causes something to happen here, so everything that you could project, its like a magnetic effect to the projections someone else has, and it's inevitable that they interact to attract or repel. If you really wanna fight, you'll fight, everything that happens in your life, it's you that is guiding it.

Here's an example. Once I talked to a friend, he had moved to another city, had problems with the police, then he couldn't visit us. He was doing some skate tricks, and he knew he could break a bone doing it, but he was stubborn and he did fall and break the bone. He said he knew that it was going to happen, but well, after that he could visit us, and it is the same for all of us, that we attract what happens to us.

He said that he felt that he was going to break the bones, but it was like his soul wanted it because he would never do that consciously and he needed an excuse to avoid his job and visit us. I was smoking my herb in my backyard, I saw a newspaper, with the ad: “Worth it!”. I saw this ad, and thought, is there something in this world that's worth it? I mean, everything we do here sacrifices our body and time for it. The same day, was the day my friend was going, and we talked again, how he had a nice time here, then he said it was just because of his broken bone, then a whisper in my head said “Worth it!”, and I thought; so there are things that really are worth doing here. I appreciate the courage of my friend's soul to sacrifice his own arm just to see his friends.

I would not do the same. (Sorry, I can't imagine my bones breaking)

That means his soul attracted a destiny to visit us, and then any soul can project things that will attract you to it, or it to you. Its not something he could control, its was like his dream body, you can dream that you break your bones to visit someone, but you wouldn't do that consciously, but well, the 4th dimensions is the dimension that makes things happen on earth, so consciously or not of that, what you wants gets attracted to you.

Think about that, you hate fights, but then you watch television and see a unfair event, then you think to yourself, “If I could kill this guy!”, that makes you have a certain aura. Walking here and there, this aura will be used to your expressions, the way you talk and move, will be moved by this aura, like the “Palographic” example I gave in my article “How souls are born”, the marks you leave around the earth while you walk, all written “If I could kill this guy!”, its just a matter of time for your conversations and ideas flows to the same idea you had, because you gonna see that the topics you are talking are not becoming attractive, because what is attractive depends of how your aura is, and the topics began to lose dialogue, to bring those dialogs again, this person probably will try to approach a next topic and its just a matter of time to he says “I saw a shit on TV and if I could kill that guy...” and get in a argumentation about it. That is not the only effect, there is something called Diffuse Attention, I study psychology and I had to correct lot of tests. PDF portuguese file about attention(if on Tor browser, open it while offline). I have corrected mostly of tests that is written on this pdf: Oh God, how much work correcting this stuffs... At whatever, I repeat, whatever you do, will change the “next” thing you gonna see and focus, because it is done diffusely. Open a book, or your music playlist, and think bad words, you gonna see that your eyes gonna focus on bad words, now think good words and you gonna see that your eyes gonna focus on good words. The idea is the same even if not a word, because what makes you looks those words is in fact the aura that you just received after thinking those words, so if you think bad things, your diffuse attention gonna follow bad trails, and its like a miracle, its just matter of time that if you continue to follow the bad words trail, this, like a snowball, will lead you each time to a badder and badder trail, and its all controlled by a mere though, if you pray, “God please protect me”, strangely your diffuse attention will focus on protective trails, but that, only if you have faith, strangely, if you don't have faith, your diffuse attention will “randomly”(There is no true random, all is communication with an aura) choose a destiny, this destiny is randomly choose between the spirits that is inside you, so whatever you do attract something to you, and its a matter of time that your projections makes your diffuse attention brings you a bad/good destiny, and since the other people can read subconsciously your aura, they subconsciously know what you are thinking, they just don't know consciously, but that will leave a “energy” in the area, that will create a strange atmosphere that will bring up something if you don't confess, because he will keep searching consciously that something that is affecting him through his diffuse attention, and if that something is you, something gonna happen, if not consciously, that person can subconsciously make something “accidental” on you, you subconscious knows more than you think it knows, if something happens on Japan, you fell it subconsciously, that counts about the astral realm, like I said, your brain is not private, in fact, everything you do is showing on astral realm, its just about someone canalize and knows it consciously, and mediums know how to do that, but well, if not medium, don't matter if you do hidden or not, everyone that you know gonna see you doing everything you do on astral realm, and when you face they again, they will have a strange subconscious reaction, if you BARELY think about someone, he already fell it subconsciously, its very easy to test it, just think in the direction of someone and check his subconscious response.

Interpreting a “Futurama” episode, “Mobius Dick”

text by Princess Sophia

Version 1.0, 06/12/2016

Most of the popular culture entertainment is filled with occultism.

I think this episode shows about sacrifices to Saturn, about Kundalini and occult initiation.

Futurama is is made by a Zionist jew, so you can spectate lot of occultism and “prophecies” from both Futurama and Simpsons. Zionists are the Elite jews, Matt Groening sure hides it, but those who knows how to see and understand what is behind the occult, can notice it very easily. In this image we can see a hidden Zionist message, about how they are working the Aquarius Era with the entertainment, hypnotizing the kids while the adults are ignorant of what is behind this show. Zionists are behind lot of shows, just like the Masonry, we can see in the Simpsons, since Krust is a infamous clown and he is Jew too.

Its not coincidence that Matt Groening have lot of subliminal masonic images, and that he “discover the future”. Here, check this image:

Futurama begin with the “Sun Dawn” symbol, the symbol of the “Great Orient”, a symbol about the Sun and about Lucifer. If you think I'm talking bullshit, why then so many powerful companies uses that same symbol? In one of the images, have the Lucifer's torch. The Great Orient of France seal.

So lets talk about the episode.

Notice the hangar they have: Its red, like the first chakra, and it have a phallic form. that is something that will be used to translate that episode.

The episode talks about a crew that got lost in the Bermuda's Tetrahedron. The Tetrahedron is in fact the Pyramid of the Masonry, and there is some stars around it, representing Saturn's ring, that is the Demiurgue(Satan), the entity the Zionists and the Masons worship.

Demiurgue's Eye

Here, have a read about what means Saturn: He is the God that separated the heaven from earth, like Demiurgue did after he used his daughter Lilith to offer the fruit to Eva. He is the same as Kronos, Kali, Satan, Moloch, Odin, Nimrod.

“There was in their city a bronze image of Cronus extending its hands, palms up and sloping toward the ground, so that each of the children when placed thereon rolled down and fell into a sort of gaping pit filled with fire.” – Diodoro Siculus.

“There stands in their midst a bronze statue of Kronos, its hands extended over a bronze brazier, the flames of which engulf the child. When the flames fall upon the body, the limbs contract and the open mouth seems almost to be laughing until the contracted body slips quietly into the brazier. Thus it is that the 'grin' is known as 'sardonic laughter,' since they die laughing.” – Cleitarchus' paraphrase of a scholium to Plato's Republic.

Was the last crew sent to be sacrificed?

Take in mind, that he is too, the God of death, time and space, that is important to interpret this episode.

Leela say that it is just a myth, but well, we know about myths, hehe. She says about avoiding it, because its something you shouldn't be messing with.

They fly to another planet, where we see more Saturn's reference.

We end up seeing a guy with the masonic suit.

After making a deal with a mason, they are subconsciously influenced, and when they decide to go back with the delivery, Leela decides with her proud, that they should make a shortcut on the Bermuda's Tetrahedron.

Remember I said about the hangar being a reference to the first Chakra? Well, the spaceship means the sexual force, it have the explosive reaction and a phallic form, when we see explosion in our dreams, sometimes its a reference to orgasm, but normally that occurs when this one abuse it, in this case, the force that makes the spaceship fly, its the sexual energy, that contained, can rise though you spinal cord. After you trepass Saturn, you reach astral realm.


Here is a very good text from Samael Aun Weor, that explain how to raise your Kundalini, I like much his works.

“Onto us, Saint John delivered the mysteries of Christian Gnosis, whose secrets (even when they were not permitted to be unveiled) were unveiled for us in the book of Revelation, utilizing allegories in the same way the Aztecs did in their bas-reliefs and monoliths in order to transmit to us their occult wisdom.

I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and, What thou seest, write in a book, and send it unto the seven churches which are in Asia; unto Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, and unto Pergamos, and unto Thyatira, and unto Sardis, and unto Philadelphia, and unto Laodicea.

chakras-sevenThe seven churches are the seven main nervous centers of the spinal medulla in the human being.

Ephesus is the coccygeal ganglion, the Muladhara chakra where the serpent (symbolized by the feathered serpent of the Aztecs) of our sexual power is dormant.

Sexual caresses must be made between the couple, yet both must withdraw before ejaculation in the man and orgasm in the woman occurs, so as to avoid the spilling of the semen.” – Samael Aun Weor on his book “Aztec Christic Magic”, a nice book by the way.

The Saturn is also a reference to the Crown Chakra, that is the chakra that realeases the 5-neo-dmt, the Pineal Gland, when people born, dream or die(or have a near death experience), this gland releases a lot of Melatonin(5-neo-DMT), so the Crown Chakra is too a reference to death.

”... Promoting the visual effects of natural dreaming, near-death experiences and other mystical states” (...) “JC Callaway, who suggested in 1988 that DMT might be connected with visual dream phenomena” (...) “Dr. Rick Strassman, while conducting DMT research in the 1990s at the University of New Mexico, advanced the theory that a massive release of DMT from the pineal gland prior to death or near death was the cause of the near death experience (NDE) phenomenon”.

“Its a spaceship graveyard.” That means, its the place where our phallic forces reach its ends.

They find the last spaceship, I think that crew was sent to be a sacrifice for Saturn. So that new crew could be initiated with this sacrifical magick.

After a while, that whale appears:

This whale have a scar in one of the eyes, representing Demiurgue, that have only one eye. Odin have only one eye too, and he too separated the heaven from earth, and he thinks he is the true God, even if he is lower than a lot of Gods. Horus too, lost a eye.

Or better, they went to Saturn, and found Saturn himself, represented as a whale. Everything that is sent to Saturn is for sacrifice, so, the whale is about to try to kill they all, but they survive.

We see the whale showing his destructive force.

Now, the phallic force of the last crew is finally consumed.

“That thing screwed my delivery!” – Says Leela, The idea is that Saturn is not a nice person, and he will consume your forces, the spaceship was a vehicle to delivery this force, and the whale is a obstacle for it. Since Saturn is the God of Death, Leela decides that she needs to confront death to accomplish the delivery, or better, we need to face our most materialist spirit so we don't deviate from the delivery of our sexual force. The idea is that normally we can hold up some sins, and that makes our sexual force gets far, but there is the major sin, that is represented as Saturn, and this major sins normally is a obstacle to you fail your “delivery”, and then, failing your Illumination. Even Jesus got annoyed by the evil. “Matthew 4:1 – Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.” Devil is the last thing we defeat for illumination, even Jesus had to face that. Since Satan = Saturn, the whale is in fact the Devil annoying the new spaceship crew so they can't make the delivery(acquire Illumination).

Leela says that its not personal and this time is business, that means that our personal desires shouldn't deviate us from the serious business that is spirituality.

They went to chase the whale, in the mid of a dark cloud. They see the whale, and the whale exhales a Fibonacci spiral. The idea is, Demiurgue made us materialized in this world, he used the cube magick for it, not just the cube magick, he had knowledge to make us stuck in Time and Space(Kronos, Saturn, Kali...), and one of the tools he used was the Fibonacci spiral, that don't means that if you use or see Fibonacci spiral you are doing evilness, but this spiral is a neutral tool, and it was used by Demiurgue with the cube to make us stuck on Material world.

“Use boat talking!” – Says Leela. The idea is that the boat is the vehicle, so using the boat talk is using the spirit language.

One of the author spirit(Amy) is used to try to defeat the whale with a harpoon, but that is a violent way to defeat violence, like using fire against fire(instead of using water), it just make they get more united with the sin, not just united, pushed by it. But that will lead they to a different kind of travel.

Leela, after seeing the mistake, tries to use the anchor, but its too late, now you are in the spiritual trip and there is no turning back, the only way would be cutting the rope, but Leela is still stubborn.

They begin to enter the 4th dimension(Astral realm), and the colors, sounds, time and space begin to morph and disappear, since this realm is above time and space, and Demiurgue forces us to keep on the Time and Space world(Material world) through sins to enslave us. Normally this experience is too much intense, but too much beautiful, so that makes everyone get impressed with those effects. I can see sideways in time! – Hermes Conrad(What a name, huh?!)

They reach a field of diamonds, diamond is a symbol of the soul, indestructible, that means they are beginning to reach the fragments of their own soul, that is too a reference to Pineal Gland, that is in fact a crystal. Wiki's page of Pineal Gland. “From the point of view of biological evolution, the pineal gland represents a kind of atrophied photoreceptor(Third eye, this eye was visible on Lemuria's era, and atrophied at Atlantis era, now its on the middle of our brain in Earth's era)”. Our pineal gland have a crystal called “Apatite”, the “Hydroxylapatite crystals are also found in the small calcifications (within the pineal gland and other structures) known as corpora arenacea or 'brain sand'”, maybe it transform in Hydroxylapatite with the calcification if i understood it well.

Here is a mainstream website I found in a fast search that explain the alchemy meaning of the Diamond.

Its funny that David Icke said the Saturn's rings have crystals on it, see? If he is right the bermuda's tetrahedron is really Saturn. I found this video recently, maybe its too nut, but it here that he mentions it on 8:47 – 9:48: David Icke – Saturn & The Moon Matrix. “... The official story is that the rings of Saturn are full of ice basically, ice particles of various sizes, I say that that is actually some form of crystal, some form of crystal maybe that we don't know about on earth and never come across...”

Bender is the condensed ego representation of the author, showing his inherent greed and that it is charged by Karma.

Losing the head is a symbol of lack of control, of confusion... Greed leads to confusion.

Leela don't cares about Bender, because our ego don't matter. Anyway, all the characters are the authors spirits, and not all spirits that is inside him agree. The ego is too something that is with us, wanting or not, while we are alive, we need to accept it, even if it is annoying, so the spirits though it was better to worry about him. Hermes says he is one of the most expensive items, that shows about greed and money, but it means that is something of value, even if it is just a robot.

That part shows the conflicts to understand/accept Ego when we are in this kind of “adventure”. Ego is something programmed(Robot), but we can't deny that we have it, because always we reincarnate, we gonna need a body, and that will bring a self-image, and that will be judged, wanting or not. We shouldn't care about our self-image, but we do have self-image, that is our body, “our robot”, and we can't discard it, its the way we use to express our soul here on earth, of course, that means we too have to accept temptations and suffering when we reincarnate.

The whale then consumes the crew, but not Leela. Satan absorbed their spirits. Leela then have to face death to save her friends. But she ends up eaten.

“Where are we?” – Ask Leela. “In the belly of the beast!” – Answer Hermes. The author's spirits (each personage of the show) began to discuss. Leela says she is not obsessed, but she shows obsession to kill the whale(she wants to kills her interior Devil). “Holy crap! Four-dimensional bowels...” – Says Fry. It looks like the infinity symbol, that is too used as a Saturn's, meaning that what is inside the symbol, is stuck on the Time and Space world. What it means, that the beast digestion is through the imprisonment of the spirits making the souls stuck on the Matter world. This image is too the Uroboros image, that means the Samsara, or better, the reincarnation cycle, the Saturn's trap, so we keep reincarnating and being his slave, so he digest our energy while we are not “awake”. The snake with crown, showing that the reincarnation is a Draconian(Reptilian) elite trap, Demiurgue is Marduk, the mix between Annunakis and Reptilians.

The Leela friends are trowed on the bowel by water, water is a symbol of birth, and Uroboros the symbol of Samsara, or better, they were forced to rebirth, reincarnate.

When Leela ask why... “The great fish has choosen you for a higher purpose!”

He finds the former captain, that was sacrificed and now united with Satan.

“You see... This space whale feeds on Obsession!” Obsessions comes from desires, and desires are the cause of suffering in the view of all religions, the whales is Demiurgue, and Demiurgue feeds himself with our desires, the other characters were taken to the hyperdimensional bowel(digesting obsession), because they must had have much obsessions and that made they reincarnate.

The Noble Eightfold Path:

  • Right view: our actions have consequences; death is not the end, and our actions and beliefs have also consequences after death; the Buddha followed and taught a successful path out of this world and the other world (heaven and underworld/hell) Later on, right view came to explicitly include karma and rebirth, and the importance of the Four Noble Truths, when “insight” became central to Buddhist soteriology.
  • Right Resolve: the giving up home and adopting the life of a religious mendicant in order to follow the path; this concept, states Harvey, aims at peaceful renunciation, into an environment of non-sensuality, non-ill-will (to loving kindness), away from cruelty (to compassion). Such an environment aids contemplation of impermanence, suffering, and non-Self.
  • Right Speech: no lying, no rude speech, no telling one person what another says about him, speaking that which leads to salvation.
  • Right Conduct: no killing or injuring, no taking what is not given, no sexual acts.
  • Right Livelihood: beg to feed, only possessing what is essential to sustain life.
  • Right Effort: guard against sensual thoughts; this concept, states Harvey, aims at preventing unwholesome states that disrupt meditation.
  • Right Mindfulness: never be absent minded, being conscious of what one is doing; this, states Harvey, encourages the mindfulness about impermanence of body, feeling and mind, as well as to experience the five aggregates (skandhas), the five hindrances, the four True Realities and seven factors of awakening.
  • Right samadhi: practicing four stages of meditation (dhyāna) culminating into unification of the mind.

Buddhism about craving for desires: “Buddhist concepts

Dukkha is a central concept of Buddhism and part of its Four Noble Truths doctrine, and a central characteristic of life in this world. It can be translated as “incapable of satisfying,” “the unsatisfactory nature and the general insecurity of all conditioned phenomena”; “painful.” Dukkha is most commonly translated as “suffering,” which is an incorrect translation, since it refers not to literal suffering, but to the ultimately unsatisfactory nature of temporary states and things, including pleasant but temporary experiences.

The Four Truths express the basic orientation of Buddhism: we crave and cling to impermanent states and things, which is dukkha,“incapable of satisfying”and painful. This keeps us caught in saṃsāra, the endless(That is why the Uroboros looks like the infinity symbol sometimes) cycle of repeated rebirth, dukkha and dying again. But there is a way to liberation from this endless cycle to the state of nirvana, namely following the Noble Eightfold Path.

The truth of dukkha is the basic insight that life in this “mundane world,” with its clinging and craving to impermanent states and things” is dukkha, and unsatisfactory. We expect happiness from states and things which are impermanent, and therefore cannot attain real happiness.

Dukkha arises when we crave (Pali: tanha) and cling to these changing phenomena. The clinging and craving produces karma, which ties us to samsara, the round of death and rebirth. Craving includes kama-tanha, craving for sense-pleasures; bhava-tanha, craving to continue the cycle of life and death, including rebirth; and vibhava-tanha, craving to not experience the world and painful feelings.

Dukkha ceases, or can be confined, when craving and clinging cease or are confined. This also means that no more karma is being produced, and rebirth ends. Cessation is nirvana, “blowing out,” and peace of mind.

By following the Buddhist path to moksha, liberation, one starts to disengage from craving and clinging to impermanent states and things. The term “path” is usually taken to mean the Noble Eightfold Path, but other versions of “the path” can also be found in the Nikayas. The Theravada tradition regards insight into the four truths as liberating in itself.

In Buddhism, dukkha is one of the three marks of existence, along with impermanence and anattā (non-self). Buddhism, like other major Indian religions, asserts that everything is impermanent (anicca), but, unlike them, also asserts that there is no permanent self or soul in living beings (anattā). The ignorance or misperception (avijjā)(For gnostics, ignorance is too one of the main factors of the world evilness) that anything is permanent or that there is self in any being is considered a wrong understanding, and the primary source of clinging and dukkha.”


I don't know if i heard wrong... “The great space serpent...” “...Mammal!” It is in fact the space serpent, because the reptilians, but well, “Never mention the reptilians!”

“Figured long ago that nobody is more obsessed than space captains.” He figured out that the ones that looks to understand the mysteries are normally the more obsessed.

Satan always will need to renew its obsession source, and the sacrifice is going, he needs more sacrifices.

“The whale is obsession Leela, and you are the Whale!” At the fourth dimensions, everything is one and one everything, so if we have some obsession on us, we are the obsession too, we “have satan inside us”, that is what make us sin, because he made materialism, so we being from a material body, we have a little of him(Ego).

Leela trying to be defensive against the argument that she is obsessed, ends up discovering that she is indeed obsessed, but since she is obsession, the whale can't escape her.

Leela then die for this world, and turns out to be self-realized, once she knows, she can fight or control it.

Leela, as Whale, destroy the Hangar, that means she defeated her sexual desires, and consequently all desires, because all sins came from this one.


She talks about her obsession to kill the whale, until she was consumed by the whale. Beneath her obsession, hided a deeper obsession, a obsession so strong that overpowered the beast wills, a obsession to complete her delivery(We already talked what is delivery). On this image, we can see that the delivery opened her mind, and with her mind she can control the whale(beast), now she have self control, and is not controlled by the beast, or better, she is not controlled by her obsessions anymore, she defeated Ego. The evil eyes, Demiurgue's eye, is showing that she controls the beast.

Then a statue falls, a homage to the sacrifices for the beast. She then shows that with he light, she can bring people out of the whale digestive system, the hyperdimensional bowel, that is Samsara.

The Prof. Farnsworth talks about the Time and Space warp that the hyperdimensional realms take care, since we are stuck with our material body on Time Space, but with our Astral body(4th dimension body), we aren't.

Leela tells the whale was not just her obsession and “others like me”, because in 4th dimension we are all one, and Satan is fortified by all our sins. The former captain says “mainly you”, because some people are too much stubborn to accept that they are somewhat evil too. Leela then knows that the whale is a stupid fish, because fuck you Satan.


This episode talks how to achieve illumination though the canalization of our sexual forces and destruction of our desires(obsession), it tells about time and space, how it is a illusion and how Satan really exist. Of course Matt Groening is not innocent on that, you can't say he used so much occult symbols just by coincidence. We all know Simpsons is filled with subliminal messages. I think Matt Groening is a Zionist Jew and he knows the magickal ways of Kabbalah, that is why he knows about Illumination and things alike that. This episode don't looks so bad because of that, but well, remember, Zionists are the elite of jews, the false jews, and mostly of the entertainment industry just accept certain persons. Of course, since our world is filled with black magick, its better that only their mages works with out culture.

Hope you guys liked my interpretation, there will be more to come.

Blesses. Sophia.


Mixed authors

Version 1.0, 30/11/2016

“Don't worry, you ones are in peace, keep in peace, I give for you all my peace, your sons are extensions of your hand, and so the peace will reach distance, and it will dawn after the leaf falls.” (After post-apocalypse, there will be a new White ray crop, because people will feed themselves with peace spirit, that will bring white ray sons, long time no new white ray crop, the leaf falling is the count down to Demiurge society falling).

This is about 2022, I now now what it means. Watch out for 2017 and 2018 too. I finally understood this vision, I talk on my article: [Removed], the torch is the knowledge and the scroll the rhetoric for that to happen.

This is a draw I made to represent what I saw about Demiurgue and society after I saw it on a vision.

I commented a vision I had in a another website, its not much and nothing people couldn't figure, I'll post with some corrections: “Then they will explode the mid-orient, and in a dream i had, not exactly with this words, they will say, “Oh look what happen if you believe in God, or in those fantasies, you will do crazy things, like suicide yourself for a invisible man in the sky, we need a new secular order, based on rationality, without those fantasies, a order based on Fraternity, Liberty(For immorality ), Equality(Pseudo-Equality, or better excess of rules)”, and people would love this rhetoric, and applaud, and then, after some time, since the Masons hate morality, they even avoid to use this word, they will say morality is just a concept made by men(since when what they offer aren't just a concept), then everybody will be too much pervert, and they will say “its nature of the human being pervert, we shouldn't be married, that is a idea from the oppressor, look at us, we are too much pervert to be monogamous, its nature of the human, we can't hold this, we need to fuck whenever and with whatever we choose too, without a alliance with a single being with a specific genre”, then in the era of the supposedly “reason”, they will say that “love is just a beautiful concept made to program humans to the patriarch of the marriage, and that we should just make sex for a fraternal agreement, because we are like brothers and we all like pleasures, that shouldn't be tabooed, because its a nature thing”, some people would still accept the love idea, but they would lose in the rhetoric and they would say they know love don't exist but they like to practice, until it turns to looks so dumb, that those surrender from love, then after some years, they will say, that for a right control of this increasing population, and for the “reason” era that is secular and don't believe in God, the people would need to use a mark(Chip?) to buy and do civil activities, then after a while, they will say that for the era of “reason”, they will have to eliminate some humans, that aren't worth of living and we are reaching a super population(All lie, there is lot of proofs that the main problem of the supposedly super population would be the own Demiurguist system), then for the “reason” era, people will agree, then would take no time to appear the Mandi, and he would reveal everything to everyone, and he will make unbelievers turn to believers, and he will talk with each religious with they own religion, then the evil would have to shut him up, and will make the antichrist appear, and he will do some shit rhetoric, that at first will not convince, but he will do some “miracles” and people will say, “even if the Mandi have a nice point, this guy appears to be Christ, he does miracles, so he must be telling the true”, and then people will follow the AntiChrist, and get over the Mandi, then Jesus will appear and save the Mandi, and bring the truth, the proud ones will follow the antichrist, the faithful, the Christ, then Christ would lead us to safety, because, being son of God, he knows where to go, and the apocalypse would destroy those that followed the antichrist... That was the vision i had...

The Arabians, says, that will be easy to recognize the antichrist, they say he will be blind of the left eye, and said that those that can see with another vision, will see that is written “lier”(i dont remember well) on his forehead, it have a list of another things he will do, its easy to find, even wikipedia have.”

That can take very long to happen

List of Archangel's sons

text by Princess Sophia

Version 1.1, 29/11/2016

I'll make a article to talk about Archangels and some of their role in the world, then I'll edit this page and link to there (DONE), from now, I'll post a list of the Archangel's son to you understand it by its essence and comparison, instead of only words, I think there are indescribable things about it to fit on only words, so try to understand it by its essence.

Archangels aren't dependent of Numerology, Zodiac, personality, culture and education, those changes from life to life when you reincarnate, but archangel essence keeps on you for eternity, I don't mean those dont have effects, it sure does. Archangel's ray don't change when you die and reincarnate, so if you are unsure about a past life, see if it have the same ray as you have, because you can't have a different ray from another life. You carry causal symbols too, and you have a elemental(animal[or another] first life), those don't change from life to life.

Archangels changes everything on you, since the way your hair and nail grows, to the way the Karma reacts to you, your face, your body, your expression, you smile, the Three of Life branches, Souls of angels, souls of souls, souls of a different species(Reptialians, Annunakis)... Everything, I really mean it. But the best way to you understand it its by finding the standards between the sons, so I'll let a list to you understand it better by your own comparison.

Brown and Orange Archangel stopped to give sons, they are helping by influence now.

A list of each archangel, I gave a word to describe each virtue they give, but don't care about the words:

“Angels and demons can't cross over into our plane. So instead we get what I call “half-breeds.” The influence peddlers. They can only whisper in our ears. A single word can give you courage, or turn your favorite pleasure into your worst nightmare. Those with the demon's touch and those part angel, living alongside us. They call it The Balance. I call it hypocritical bullshit.” – Constantine.

As you can see, there are sons of Angels, mixed and sons of demons. Demiurgue say to us, good can't exist without evil, but he is lying, he calls it “The Balance. I call it hypocritical bullshit”, there is only light and lack of light, but no absolute darkness, evil is faded to destruction, there is Goodness and lack of goodness, things will quantitatively grows the benevolence, and “The truth will be revealed”.

“Heaven and hell are right here, behind every wall, every window, the world behind the world. And we're smack in the middle.” – Constantine talking about things being as in heaven as in earth.

That is a important thing to know to understand magick.

As you can see, they talk “Occultish”, like english, or spanish. They talk in a way those that understand are on the loop and they don't need to worry. We talk like in a web, surface web, deep web, occult web, talking between the details, people try to find here and there and find nowhere, the keys to understanding are behind the curtains, but “Truth will be revealed”.

List of Muriel's sons

text by Princess Sophia and Avalokiteshvara

Version 1.3, 29/11/2016

That is too a sum of a lot of what we learned with another friends too. Gwen Stephanie and Pedro Costa moved to Black ray. More descriptions. Pedro Bial moved to Green. Bruna Marquezine moved to Yellow.

The purple rays normally are interested for visual arts, so its comon to see they on roles in cinema, painting, sculpture, dance and things alike. Purples have something strange, the women are more Alpha and the men more Omega, so the women are more active and excited and the men more quiet and sentimental, but not always. Its not hard to deduce they have a good vision and are interested for beautiful things, normally their home are very clean and organized, each piece on a calculated place. Its the better dressed ray, consequently, both the Transparents and the purples are the most involved on fashion. On the culinary, the purples women normally mess up more with candies than with savory, the purples normally like chocolate. Sometimes have a excited and sweet way of expression, normally they talk in a formal way and are comported, normally they talk and act with calm. Its normal that they get curious about spirituality, esoteric, zodiac, astronomy/astrology or the deepness of the ocean. Its common to see they as visual artists principally, but sometimes we can see they as lawyers (the black ray too), as psychologist (the pink ray too) or working in the human Resources. Normally they have a round face and striking eyes. Those that can see aura, will sometimes see stars getting out of their eyes. I never saw a purple ray person shouting, yelling or being scandalous, for fun or for bad, I think this is the most “balanced” ray, normally they barely see a disharmony, they barely fix it, they normally are very well comported in public places, its difficult to see one suffering shame, in fact they have lot of problem in accepting shame when this happens. Its normal that they are quiet at home, and you catch they with a serious face when you see they, but on public they vary between “noble face” or “beautiful smile”. Some of they normally does small jokes, but normally they never are a comedian or they never make people laugh non-stop, like the Yellow, violet or black ray. Since the men are more omega, they tend to be more quiet. I don't know why in photos they normally tilt their heads a little.

The decade they influenced was 2000, we can see it with the indie rock culture and in how the aesthetic changed in that decade.

Physical characteristics: Round eyes and face; “Striking eyes”, like, they have this impactant look; Their hair are more Straight than the average of their ethnic group; A jutting chin, half round and straight at the same time; Normally they have a round eyebrow, like a arc.

Countries that evoke his energy because its culture:

  • Austria, maybe;
  • Uruguay;
  • France;
  • Madrid area on Spain;
  • South Korea;

I'll show celebrities from around the world, some fictitious personages that were made in image of a Archangel subconsciously or consciously and animals.



Alicia Vikander.


Queen bitch

Amy Lee.

Ana Maria Braga.

Ana Paula Padrão.

Andy Warhol.


She have both the mains sexual demons, Lilith and Aphrodite.

Ariana Grande.

Just learned the Lilith curse and showed that on a new video clip where she treat men like toys.

Ariel Winter.

Avril Lavigne.

Axl Rose.

Maybe a MK-ultraed.

Bethany Cosentino.

Billy Corgan.

He is what I call Daeon.


Bono Vox.

Brad Pitt.

Carly Rae Jepsen.

Cheryl Cole.

Curtis Stone.

He shows well how purple men are more omega than women. He have a nice aura too.

Cyndi Lauper.

Claudia Raia.

Dakota Johnson.

Aphrodite daughter; Aphrodite's curse, Witch.

Dami Im.

Venus' Agent, each number have a meaning and can be used for good or bad, in the bad side of 7 is Thor (that is why '007' agent), the bad side of 6 is Saturn and the bad side of 5 is Venus. Lot of times Venus' is represented introducing herself through water vapor, she is the water side of sexual desire, while Lilith is the fire side, so the 'water is getting hot', this pose was made by Shakira, I'll get a photo of it later, and the videoclip have some curtains that looks like fog too.

Daniel Radcliffe.

Dani Noce.

D'arcy Wretzky.

Demi Lovato.

Elijah Wood.

Felicity Jones.

Fogaça, Henrique.

He makes part of those Master Chef things, he and José Aldo (UFC, Black Ray) have same elemental.

Gerard Piqué.

Giada De Laurentiis.

Very sweet aura, I respect this girl :).

Gianecchini, Reynaldo.


Iggy Azalea.

James Duval.

Jay Kay.

Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Connelly.

Jennifer Lawrence.

I can be confusing her with Yellow, but I think not.

Jennifer Lopez.

João Kléber.

John Edward.

I have a small doubt about his ray, but I'm mostly sure he is purple, but sometimes he looks very yellow to me, but his attitudes are not “yellowish” and its more “purplish”. A trustful medium, he was tested in a scientific test of Arizona university, configured against cold reading, this can be watched in a documentary called “Life Afterlife”: Life Afterlife Part 3; At 5m and 42s begins the test, at 8 minutes, John Edward comes in the scene, but it changes the scenes often; The test scenes continue until part 4. There are answers he gives that are simple impossible to read through cold reading, I challenge someone to get those information with cold reading. Many of those who are convinced by the evidence that paranormal events occur, and that the personality can survive bodily death, have regretfully concluded that the task of trying to convince the resolute skeptics — those to whom disbelief is virtually a religion rather than condition of healthy doubt — is a waste of time and effort.

Junior Lima (Sandy & Junior).

Justin Bieber.

Maybe a Lulu descendant, maybe a MK Ultra-ed person.

Kate Bush.

Katy Perry.

She knows well the Aphrodite's curse curse and Lilith's curse, and she carries lot of demons. Katy, from cat?

Kathleen Hanna.

Kero Kero Bonito.

Lana Del Rey.


Lauren Mayberry.

Aphrodite's curse. “I want relief”, haha, what you want?

Lea Michele.

Leonardo di Caprio.

Lucy Liu.

Maria Casadevall.

If you watch her, you'll notice a strong narcissism aura.

Maria Kanellis.

Mariah Carey.

I love her voice, haha... Joke me...

Mariana Ximenes.

Maybe she is a Aphrodite daughter.

Marisa Tomei.

She is on my list.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Fire element people sometimes need to care with narcissism. This is making this girl “Lilithed” because of that.

Miley Cyrus.

Maybe a Lulu descendant, MK Ultra-ed person, as we can see in her hospice video clip.


Natalie Portman.

Olivia Wilde.

Here you can see how some purple standards are very alike, on the right, its Gianda, that is on this list.

Paula Fernandes.

By what I know, she is involved in stuffs to get her infamous, she have the Aphrodite's curse.

Petra Marklund.

Rafael Losso.

Sabrina Sato.

Sarah Brightman.

Shreya Ghoshal.

Theresa Caputo.

Another medium I saw on TV recently, I liked it, and I think she fine and trustful. Here is the Youtube channel with 100 short clips: YT Channel. I was watching this one when I was looking for this channel.


Titi Müller.

She have the Aphrodite's curse and the Lilith's curse, mostly the Lilith.

Tsai Ming-Liang.

Uiara Araújo.

Whitney Houston.

William Bonner.

A bad example of human being.

Xabi Alonso.


Beebe Bluff.

Not sure.



Judy Funnie.

Marge Simpson.

Misato Katsuragi.

Olga Pataki.

Rhonda Wellington Lloyd.



All animals have can be from any ray, but some animals attract more certain rays than others.

Felines came from a Black ray lion, so every feline have a touch of black ray, Leopard is a animal that came from the Purple essence of the Lion, so it have more from this ray. I think the one in the image is Purple, but I can be wrong.

Canines came from a Yellow ray wolf, so every canine have a touch of yellow ray, Golden Retriever is a animal that came from the purple essence of the dogs, I think the one in the image is purple, almost sure it is.

Canines came from a Yellow ray wolf, so every canine have a touch of yellow ray, Foxes are animals that came from the purple essence of the canines, I think the one in the image is purple, almost sure it is. Argyreia is a Plant that evolved from the DNA of a Hyperborean purple ray fox elemental girl, after she died. Chaliponga is a Plant that evolved from the DNA of a Hyperborean purple ray girl, after she died, when I used her plant, she said to me she is parent of Chacrona. Not completely sure, but almost sure this plant is from a purple entity. Lavandula is from purple entity. If not all, majority of Orchidaceae is from purple ray entity. This crazy plant.

Random images/persons

This girl.

List of Uriel's sons

text by Princess Sophia and Avalokiteshvara

Version 1.4, 29/11/2016

That is too a sum of a lot of what we learned with another friends too.

That is my ray and the ray of my friend Avalokiteshvara.

Pink is the most sensible of the rays, normally are very quiet and have a bad aesthetic notion (not always), its hard to describe they, because they are very extreme and/or unpredictable, so they end up varying much in what they choose to do. Because their sensibility, they normally are involved in spiritual activities, music and philosophy. Its normal that have facility in astral projections, but its normal that they lack social skills. They normally end up lonely, and like we can see in Japan (A “pink ray” culture), there is much suicides by lack of love correspondence. Normally is hard to they adapt to society (White ray have this same problem). Normally they are treated strangely because their silent nature, its not uncommon to meet a pink ray that don't open the mouth for even a second during the day, they normally are reflecting deeply about the things that happen to they. They are extremely deep and sometimes epics. Its common that they become depressive, lonely and/or rejected, leaving they in a failure feeling. Because they are sensible, they don't have much materialist things to offer to society, so they normally have problem with employment and to choose their study, since they passionately like what they do, they normally don't get interested in academic study, because they fell like it is repressing their free expression (but sometime is just the otherwise, and they end up loving academic studies). I would risk to say this ray is the most “failed” socially, but its hard to explain they, if they want, they are a social success; but its common that because that they end up being the ray that has facility in spiritual activities, the white ray too, the purple ray normally get interested on it too. But is hard to explain the pink rays, the pink color, its between the red and violet, consequently they are very extremist in what they do, so they can turn out to be way different of any explanation I can give, that is why its not hard to see one that do something very strange/different from others, they don't care much about image and do what is needed to achieve what they want, the violets and whites normally have this characteristic too. Some are kinda collectors, they don't care much about preferences and end up wanting “a little of everything”, if you offer a napolitan ice cream, they get one of each flavor, if you give him a build game, they will try to use all the pieces, even if that gets messed up, with the love virtue, they normally don't like to leave nothing behind, because they think every piece have value and should appear. Until they get perfection on their arts, those costume to be very messy and that is why they hear much critics and a academic ambient gets hard for their works, because they have faith that training in that messy way they do, they would reach mastery in a unique and personal way, and even if the things end up messy, they believe that they will find a order in the middle of this mess without leaving nothing behind. This is the most precise ray, I believe, so its not uncommon that they show great aim skills and things alike, one example is that samurai (Isao Machii) that cut off a BB pistol shot with a katana. Normally they have a sharp eyebrow, delineated eyes, and they normally don't show the teeth when smiling. Its common that they don't look at your eyes while talking, or looking above, or looking down. They normally have a perfect body, some pink gets on gyms and things alike because of that. Its a ray that have more chance to have a psychological problem, since bipolar disorder, to anxiety, to depression, to multiple personality and even schizophrenia, but its not limited to this ray.

The decade they influenced was 1980, you can see it from the bad aesthetic fashion, gym music and a extremely passionate epoch, they influenced the Romanticism epoch.

Physical characteristics: Normally they have a sharp eyebrow; Their eyebrow sometimes is alike the Black ray, that is like “angry eyebrows”, but less “angry”; “Delineated” eyes, hard to explain; High forehead; Sometimes a small chin; Most of they are medium or small frame, but there are more exception on Alpha or depending of elemental.

Countries that evoke his energy because its culture:

  • Argentina;
  • Belgium;
  • Chile;
  • Greece;
  • Japan.

I'll show celebrities from around the world, some fictitious personages that were made in image of a Archangel subconsciously or consciously and animals.


April March.

That is what you get with a Omega pink girl.


Ayrton Senna.

Basquiat, Jean-Michel.


Beto Guedes.

Bianca Comparato.

Bonnie Tyler.

Caio Blat.


Chris Cornell.

Sometimes he looks black to me.

Daisy Ridley.

Hmm, another pink ray girl confronting a guy acting like a transparent being, alike Demiurge, and maybe Adam Driver is transparent, or green, not sure.

Deborah Graham.

She is another of those mediums I saw on TV, I liked her, I believe she is trustful. This looks to be her official Youtube channel: YT Channel. She have a attitude alike mine, and she too don't show her teeth when smiling.

Diego Hipólito.

DJ Shadow.

Eddie Vedder.

Emma Watson.

Fátima Bernardes.

Fernanda Takai.

Fiona Apple.

Harry Styles.

Ian Curtis.

Ian MacKaye.

Isaac Newton.

Isao Machii.

Jack Black.

Jair Naves.

Good example of protoplasm souls physical features.

Jane Adams.

Jeff Buckley.

Jeremy Enigk.

This kind of music he does, genres like emocore, slowcore, grunge, drone, shoegaze, there is lot of pink rays on those.

Joe Matt.

Since his comic is about him, it is too pink ray. Another sad lone pink ray without girl. But he have something to blame, he had a girl.

John Coltrane.

John Robinson.

Juan Atkins.

Julie Fowlis (Cuilidh).

Justin Timberlake.

Kel Mitchell.

KL Jay.

Layne Staley.

Leibniz, Gottfried.

Lisa Kudrow.

Lucas Moura.

Luiz Antonio Gasparetto.

One of the most omegas persons. I believe he is a true medium, he is not much infamous, here one of his videos where you can check his “omegasity”:

Marco Nanini.

Not sure about him.

Mario Cullman.

Modern Talking.

Both pink ray.

Noel Rosa.

Rosa means pink or Rose.

Owen Wilson.

Pato, Alexandre.

Patrick Drake.

And his red ray wife.

Rachel McAdams.

Richard Rasmussen.

Roberto Carlos(Singer).

Much evilness on this one. We are not sure about him, maybe Black, maybe Violet.

Rosinha de Valença.

Rosinha = Little pink or Little Rose.

Sandy Leah Lima.

Scott Stapp.


He is the reincarnation of Socrates.

Sylvester Stallone.

Sneijder, Wesley.


Stephen Immerwahr.

Steve Haustchild.

Tatá Werneck

Not much sure, we were debating about her.

Théo Becker.

Thora Birch.

Tyler James Williams.

Xitãozinho e Xororó.

Both are pink ray.



Doug Funnie.




Kamiya Kaoru.


She is very important to interpret the “blue hair girl” thing that I'll explain later. Like Rei Ayanami and Zashiki-warashi.

Mima Kirigoe.

Moe Szyslak.

Mr. Robert Simmons.

Rei Ayanami.

I'll explain better later what is up with the blue haired pink ray girls you see everywhere, I'll create a post about it and edit this one to add the link. This carries lot of the symbols knows about her (Extremely quiet, blue hair, pink ray, red haired girl friend).


Shinji Ikari.

He is very important to explain the blue hair girl and the red hair girl that I'll talk about later.


Another Blue haired girl that I'll talk about later, with the exactly symbols (blue hair, pink ray, flute, lake, cold mountains, blue hair, night, pink flower on the left ear, crier, extremely quiet, lone and a red haired girl friend, if she carried a spear, it would be complete), this is too much precise.


All animals have can be from any ray, but some animals attract more certain rays than others.

My elemental. But I was wild. Felines came from a Black ray lion, so every feline have a touch of black ray, Cat is a animal that came from the Pink essence of the Lion, so it have more from this ray, mostly if a Calico cat.

Compare on the Irael's list to see how the black ray cats are different from the pink, if I'm sure, there is cat photos on the violet and green too.

Canines came from a Yellow ray wolf, so every canine have a touch of yellow ray, Pug (vary more) and Chihuahua (mostly) are animals that came from the pink essence of the dogs.

My friend Avalokiteshvara elemental. Mandrill monkey vary in rays, but it have a good amount of pink rays. Monkeys in general have lot of pink rays, lone animal. But there are lot of Green ray Orangutans.

Chacrona. B. Caapi. Ayahuasca, both plants that evolved from the DNA of Hyperboreans pink ray indigenous girl (Chacrona) and guy (B. Caapi), after they died. Maybe they were married and the plants need to be mixed to work. Rose is one symbol of Uriel. Azorina Vidalii.

List of Orifiel's sons

text by Princess Sophia and Avalokiteshvara

Version 1.4, 29/11/2016

That is too a sum of a lot of what we learned with another friends too.

Moved Kris Novoselic from Pink.

The violet ray changes from being very “electrics” to being very quiet, but mostly are very active, they normally like to do travels, visit lot of different places. Black, violet and pink, are the ones that normally have a good hearing, so they normally get interest in music, that is not limited to those rays, sometimes the elemental life of someone can make it too, but not limited. They normally like literature too. Its a twin archangel of Uriel, both are omega archangels, but Orifiel is the most alpha of the omegas, but they are still sentimental, so normally the violet girls are kinda “manly”, but not always, the omega polarity violet girls normally are very girly. Sometimes if you find someone with a thick eyebrow, its probably a violet person, but not always, and not all violet have this characteristic. Its common that they like traditional culture, they are normally interested in culture and they like to read, watch movies, do some cool art, music. Normally they have a kiddish way to have fun. Its common that they get interested in “other side” of magic, because Orifiel was attacked by Luciel, and Luciel got stopped by Miguel, Orifiel then have this “God didn't helped me”, consequently, their sons have this “revolt” against God, but strangely when their souls get old and learn about it, they become very spiritual, I think Alice Coltrane is a good example of this kind of person.

The decade they influenced was 1960.

Physical characteristics: Sometimes they have a thick eyebrow; Their eyebrow tends to be curved, or almost straight, except for the fire element, but yet some get straight; Their head normally have a “pill shape”; Sometimes men have big nose;

Countries that evoke his energy because its culture:

  • Cataluña, Spain, not sure;
  • India;
  • Portugal.

I'll show celebrities from around the world, some fictitious personages that were made in image of a Archangel subconsciously or consciously and animals.


Adnet, Marcelo.

Agostinho Carrara.

Alessia Cara.

Face of 2017 culture, haha.

Alice Coltrane.

Amanda Brown.

Anthony Kiedis.

Antonino S. Victorius II.

Barack Obama.

Caetano Veloso.

Maybe he is a Rosicrucian.

Carla Salle.

Carlinhos Brown.


Cássia Eller.


Chantal Goya.

Charles Bronson.

Chico Buarque.

Chico Science.

Chloë Sevigny.

Corinne Drewery (Swing Out Sister).

Courtney Love.


Dani Calabresa.

Dave Grohl.

David Blaine.

Maybe his magicks are real... Maybe from demons...

David Bowie.

Didi, Renato Aragão.

Django Reinhardt.

Don Cherry.

Donald Cammell.

What a great example of stupidity.

Dua Lipa.

Efrin Menuck.

Elissa Steamer.

Frida Kahlo.

Gilberto Gil.


What I call a Daeon, they know it. She is important, she is an old soul of Atlantis, created from the logos generated after the “art boom” that happened in Atlantis era, she is indeed the “art angel”. She shouldn't be on 'mainstream' path... I think she will regret it.

Guy Picciotto.

Ina Garten.

J Dilla.

Janis Joplin.

Smile in earth, cry in astral.

Jim Carey.

Jimi Hendrix.

This “inflamous” energy he have, its because he is filled with sexual demons.

John Boyega.

John Lennon.

Black mage. All members of his band are violet rays.

Jorge Ben.

Sometimes he looks purple to me.

José González

Jun Seba, Nujabes.

Juninho Pernambucano.

Karl Lagerfeld.

Katy Steele.

Kim Deal.

Kim Thayil.

Krist Novoselic.

Lázaro Ramos.

Liam Gallagher.

Sanpaku eyes.


She is on my list.

Lucio Mauro Filho.

Lulu Santos.

Maddie Ziegler.

Marcelo Camelo.

Maria Gadu.

Melanie Martinez.

I fell empathy for her.

Mia Zapata.


Monteiro Lobato.

Mr. Bean, Rowan Atkinson.

Nikola Tesla.

Noel Gallagher.

Pedro Benoliel.

Quentin Tarantino

Raul Seixas.

Much Rosicrucianism on this one. Much Rosicrucian artists in Brazil.

Renato Russo.

Rooney Mara.

Rosie Cepero.

  • Polarity: ?;
  • Element: ?;
  • Elemental: Maybe a Tapir, not sure;
  • Era the soul was born: Atlantis;

I recently watched her, and I loved it, I think she is a true/trustful Medium.

Here is the only complete episode I found online: YT.

some small clips from the TV show: , , , , , , and . I found a website filled with ads, but you can download Some of the episodes:

Samuel Rosa.

Sarah Silverman.

She is on my list.

Serj Tankian.

Masonic Hat.

Sorín, Juan Pablo .

Sun Ra.

Tom Zé.

Vanda Duarte.

Actress from the movies, “Ossos” and “In Vanda's Room”.

Véronique Chalot.

Victor Assis.

Violeta Parra.

Wesley Safadão.

Xavi Hernández.


And... If he really does magick? Strangely, I believe its not tricks... He did some of his magick in live television, and some can't explain if its CGI or not, but of course is not from God.

Yoani Sánchez.

Yoko Ono.

Yolandi Visser.

She is what I call Daeon, she have photos with black wings, maybe they know it, now she is corrupted. The cover of her music project makes me think they used pedophilia sexual magick to profane her, and now she is a Black Mage (and maybe very good at it, her voice is a example), see, “candy” (its a cliche to say a pedophile offers candy, and hard candy is a jargon to pedophilia), Baphomet (Common, he is a sexual entity and he is very close to Satan), and “Dark Side”, they not even hide, that is very suspect, maybe I'm nut, who cares... Her musics videos are filled with black magick and profanity, the “Evil Boy” video is filled with that and a huge amount perversion, check the lyrics.


Carl Carlson.


Jim Kuback.

Patti Mayonnaise.

Posey Tyler.


All animals have can be from any ray, but some animals attract more certain rays than others.

Felines came from a Black ray lion, so every feline have a touch of black ray, cats are from the pink ray part of the lion, but all animals can give any ray, the cats in the photos are violet ray.

Rodents came from a Violet ray essence, so every rodent have a touch of violet ray, squirrel is mostly violet, so its violet^2, the one in the photo is violet.

Random images/persons

An Atlantean alpha violet girl (Flora) from Hell's Kitchen BR Season 4. As we can see, there was a specie of Atlantean that had colored hair, so its normal that some Atlantean paint their hair, that don't mean all persons with painted hair is Atlantean.

This omega girl.