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Secret History of Humanity / História Secreta da Humanidade.

This video talks about archeological findings around the world, mainly on Colombia, its in English and have Portuguese subtitles:

What is nice on that video, that it shows strange technologies, tools that are impossible to make even in our current time.

It shows antique maps with Atlantis island draw.

This image is not photoshopped and the skull was studied by professionals, and they all said that it is authentic. And giant bones and elongated skulls, that me and my friend knows that it was a common aspect of Lemurians and Atlantis people, because we are Atlantis souls and we remember those skulls on our regressions. It’s not from aliens, it was from the native humans that existed on earth on an antique period, we had great magick skills, that is how we made incredible technologies and sculptures, we used the “Vril” energy, later the reptilians and annunakis made the Pyramids and some other sculptures, I don’t believe that our intelligence came from aliens, all species have a soul of same capacities as any soul, but different technologies, the reptilians and annunakis came to enslave us, and not to help us. In our visions (regressions) Lemurians had around 2,90m – 3,10m and Atlanteans around 2,30m – 2,60m.

Graham Hancock, his fact findings views on our Ancient past.

Another friend, Absconditus, recommended me to research about Graham Hancock, I did and I though interesting, he sent me a video:

I think the titles cover well the video, its just a interview with him talking about his study, but its very interesting. He begins talking about the mysteries of our species and the repression of the studies. Then he talks about Giza and its architecture and astronomical precision and about Tihuanaco as a port to lake Titicaca that is one of the most mysterious thing in the world and wrongly dated by some, for him it was made in 15.000bc, me and my friend Avalokiteshvara, through our regressions, we think Atlantis had flooded on +– 12.000bc, so this is maybe somewhat a Atlantis construction, but in the video he is showing this to show how there are very old civilizations, older than what common archeologists believe. Its interesting how it progress, talking that the Gods created the buildings, because I have a ebook called “Aquem da Atlantida – Gustavo Barroso” (Download, PT), that talks about almost the same thing of “white bearded guys from across the ocean”, its really interesting to study, he then proceeds talking about a statue of their images.

Then he talks about it like it being from a ancient destructive global event era, I call it Atlantis, he proceeds talking about the equality between different cultures mythological entities. He talks about the architecture of buildings from different cultures, that are very similar one to another and the capacity to resist earthquakes. I have some images here (not from the video):

He talks then about the astronomical precision on egypt being even better than from our actual culture, and that the pyramids are way more than a tomb.

Maybe now you can understand why the world's constructors are Freemasons, haha.

I want to thanks Absconditus to introduce me to him, how could I have not knew him before?!

Zecharia Sitchin - Sumerians & The Annunaki.

A video telling a lot about Sumerians and the Annunakis, long but very interesting, it have lot of images and texts.

The Revelation Of The Pyramids.

This video is long but very interesting, it talks about lot of the Egyptian mysteries, about the great architectural precision of the buildings, one part got my attention is when they talk about two statues, that are Perfectly identical, maybe more than a machine could do, with perfect geometrical precision. It talks more, I recommend to watch it if you like those archeological things interesting.

The Secret Human History of Earth.

Interesting video, with Hollywood images as references. I just have different beliefs on some parts, I think angels are not aliens, and yes, persons that reached paradise (Causal realm), and there is some stuffs I think are Atlantean and Lemurian magick and technology, not from aliens. But its a interesting video.

David Icke - Saturn & The Moon Matrix.

This is for the nuts that already fried their brains, its talk bizarre things that you'll not believe, like that the planets and the moon are technologies, and that Saturn is like a antenna, that it have crystals on its rings and that it emits radio frequencies, that it makes us stuck in a illusory matrix, why you gonna waste time watching those unbelievable things? I'll post this video too: David Icke The Saturn Matrix & Saturn Symbolism It shows about symbolism, gnostic knowledge about Saturn and the astronomic knowledge about Saturn and the moon, he says the moon is fake, can you believe that? He says the moon is hollow, and he quotes lot of important scientists. Of course you'll not believe this, huh? But honestly, I suspect David.