Basics of interpretation

text by Princess Sophia

Version 1.1, 22/12/2016

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When you begin to use your higher bodies, you gonna see that you can learn techniques with each one, with your astral body, some people learn how to psychography, some people learn how to talk with angels, some how to telepathy and etc, there is so many things you can do with your astral body, I can't even explain, but Interpretation is one of those, because its not only the things on the earth that can be interpreted, everything can be interpreted, most of the astral experiences are in fact a autonomous interpretation capacity, its like, you earn some “keys” that makes astral emanations get decryptographed, after you receive those “keys”, you transmute the astral emanations in to words, more “keys”, more information you receive from there and more ways to receive (not only words), those interpretations are a way to communicate with the world, and the world is the “God's mouth”, so, if you learn to interpret well, you can discover things, even the future and how to deal with it.

To you understand the basics of the interpretation you need to consider some stuffs:

As we can see, even getting on astral is communication with subtle forces. And as we can see, sexual misconduct is about this part of the brain, love and sex is not the same, the love part of the brain that makes you fell attraction to someone based on his/her conscience and essence, when you fell good to keep near and talk to someone, its not like the image above, that part from the image is about sexual communication, that one is just about pleasure and how to use your genitals, that if used more and more leads to a addiction or more sexual misconduct.

The way I explain most of the time about interpretation is using a image that I'll post later and the “Palográfico” psychological test.

In another article I wrote about this test:

There is an interesting test called “Palográfico”, where psychologists read sticks drawn as fast as someone can. It’s like calligraphy analysis, but only with sticks. What is the idea? The idea, that you have nerves that oscillate energy, and that energy doesn't oscillate perfectly, because everything that is inside you combines to change the original oscillation. What? It means, that everything you do since you were born (and before birth), combines within you and this alters the way your nerves oscillate. So, basically, we can read your entire life experience in everything you do! Every imperfection in your actions, depending on how your nerves are working is the result of everything you have done in life. And yes, people can subconsciously read all of your life experience in every expression, and no, your brain is not private, ha-ha. With Palographic testing we can know and read everything in the life of someone, it all depends if you know how to read. But what it really means with all that, is that the imperfections you show on Palographic tests are in fact the way your ethereal body flows, and that depends of what spirit you fed on. With Palographic testing, we can see your present, your past and your future, because there is a standard that is conveyed by the sticks that is made by your essence, and so your destiny too.

Knowing about this is a good introduction to you understand the basics of interpretation. Later I'll explain a little about how to interpret the Palographic. But now I'll show the image I said before, its a very simple image: Look at each area of the image, and you can see that each area give a different sensation. Everything we see, give us a different sensation, that means a different thing to us, that sensation changes the way we look the world and that make us choose a different step to give, making our brain acts differently and search for another memories and that brings another emotions that changes the next step that change the next step and in a chain effect, it changes your destiny, because your currently destiny (moment), is nothing more than the sum of everything you did, and everything you did is a inspiration received from subtle influences. So if you know how to control the way people will fell the world, you can control the next step of someone, and if this one is a great mage, or better, a great step programmer, a great subconscious engineer, this one can basically choose your destiny and you'll think that yourself wanted that. Each sensation changes the way your nerves are oscillating, and like I explained the palographic test, it mess forever in the way you'll express yourself, and that can be read by a professional on your small subtle subconscious body expressions. The precise understanding of the meaning and the result of each sensation you can provide to someone is the basics of magick and interpretation. There is no turning back, everything you do marks you forever, each second you live changes your entire destiny, because everything you look just sum constantly and changes the way you see the world, the causal body is just stimulus and form, tonnage and timbre, some days you see a tree and its beautiful, some days you see the same tree and its just a tree, that is because the stimulus and form you look the tree, having the right jewels and the right keys you always gonna see the tree beautiful.


I had to correct too much of those tests. This is the book used for:

Well, I researched and I think Americans don't do this kind of test, but they compare it as the HTP (House, Tree and Person) test.

Well, this palographic test can report everything you did in life, you just need to know how to read it properly. Its hard to interpret lot of things, but small standards are easy to interpret.

More distant a stick is from another, means more “attention” someone try to have, so, more close one stick is from another, means that probably this one is not much communicative, maybe is a shy person or just a quiet person. If I remember correctly, the book states that more far a line is from another, means that this one looks to keep distant from other persons. I think in the image below they wanted to talk about the pressure in the lines, more pressure, more incisive this person is, if there is too much pressure, probably is from a person that tries to force his opinion on others, but that is not the case in the image below because it have not pressure enough, but it vary in pressure, I think that means a signal of instability. Note that I just gave a small explanation behind those expressive signals, there is much more to you interpret correctly the information I gave, and they can vary depending of the composition.

If the line is ascending, its is more about a confident person, but if ascend too much, its about a much proud person, if the line descend its about a cautious person, if descend too much, its maybe a depressive person. If the stick is falling to right, its about a person that needs others support, if the stick is falling to left, its about someone more recluse. As you can see, up, down, left and right is very alike Alpha and Omega idea, so the interpretation varies alike in Palographic. If they have alike amount of stick between the pauses, they have a stable productivity, if they begin with lot of sticks and end with low sticks, they tend to lower his productivity with time.

In the image above, we can see someone that begins more stable and ends more energetic, that means someone that loses his control when he is ending something in rush, or if he is faced with a challenge. Its probably from a sociable person, but a very energetic person, that probably sometimes over-talks peoples, maybe he is very anxious, but excited person, he probably likes to keep near other persons.

In the image above we see a common person, with a nice amount of sticks, that shows he have a standard productivity and is stable, the distance between the sticks shows that maybe he is a sociable person, but not someone that draws too much attention, the sticks are straight, showing that he cares about his objective and that he is socially comported, the distance between lines shows he keeps at a medium distance from others and it varies a little.

Those images don't make me sure about the distance of the margins, that is another thing to count, sure that all details count, the size of the sticks, the quality of the sticks count, the imperfections, the sinuosity, the pressure, curves, hooks and more.

Alike test as the above one, but this one have less productivity, looks from a more quiet person, maybe even a timid person (but not much), but still a generic test.

On the image above we see different sizes of the sticks, ff the stick is too big, its probably from a energetic and/or extrovert person, or from someone that don't cares to/wants to be visible, it depends of other signals, if too small is probably from someone that is introvert and not much energetic, probably of someone that is shy or speaks very low, in the examples above, there is none that is small enough to fit the characteristics I just mentioned. I don't remember well, but I think if it curves forward, concave, its about passivity, and if backward, convex, its about negligence, but I can be wrong, I need to check the book. “* Concave (Open in the right): Express diplomacy and good adaptation to social environments. * Convex (Open in the left): Express insecurity, distrust, opposition and intolerance.” If the line shows sinuosity, maybe its weakness, or sometimes drugs, drunk and smokers shows that signal, elders too.

On the above image, its about the distance between the lines. Translating: “* Normal or medium: Reflect interpersonal relations in balance and respectful. Reveal to have good perception of limits and moderation to deal with others. * Augmented or Distanced: Indicates of distancing or caution in relations, revealing big formality in dealing with others. Reveal preference to realize lonely activities once that distance relation with inhibition and possible insecurity being very reflexive in his/her attitudes. * Very Augmented or Distanced: Indicates need of accentuated distance in interpersonal relations possible related to a big inhibition and insecurity on him/herself. Reveal preference in activities that don't need contact with thirds.

This one is about the direction of the lines, as I said before: “If the line is ascending, its is more about a confident person, but if ascend too much, its about a much proud person, if the line descend its about a cautious person, if descend too much, its maybe a depressive person.”

Here, a Portuguese limited manual to palographic: * *

Its too much work to translate, please understand. This is a small manual, the book have hundred of pages with more detailed explanation to each item and precise numbers and measures to a better evaluation, things you'll not find in this manual, so understand that reading this manual don't makes you a good palographic interpreter.

î How to apply. (I decided to remove that huge amount of images I had uploaded before)

Now that you learned about palographic, you are now sure that exactly all your expression reveals your life. So that is very good to understand interpretations, because the same way you read a palographic is the same way you read another stuffs to interpret. And your subconscious knows the answer it wants and it knows the answer that is gonna appear. Palographic is a serious and respected test, it is used to gun control and things alike, its so precise, that once (and recently, maybe 2015) a girl decided to be kind and accept a test of a guy with “high aggressiveness” signals, and the guy ended up to shot some people. Of course, take in consideration that those are psychological tests and if you are not a psychologist, probably you'll interpret it wrongly, there are lot of variants for those signals, and lot of different tests to affirm more precisely someone's personality. Lot of psychologists says to people take care with the information of those interpretations techniques, because non students can miss interpret it easily. I see nothing wrong in sharing the meaning of those tests. Those tests don't make you a psychologist, there is lot to understand, lot of another signals that is beyond the test, if someone use those information I shared to call himself psychologist, this one is simple a dumb person, it make no sense to hide any kind of information. I think its very interesting to show this test to people, because this test basically interpret everything they need about their expressions, this tool should not keep away from people knowledge, I think this test was important to my knowledge, it made me secure about the notion of subconscious expressions, I was sure about we expressing everything in small details, and this test is a studied version of it, and its the only test about it, so this is a interesting tool to develop this kind of knowledge, I think this should be shared. Some says this test makes no sense, this test was studied for much years with lot of comparisons and scientific methods, everything that is inside us change the way we express ourselves, saying that a imperfection that you draw have no meaning is senseless, I think there is nothing in this world that is meaningless. Most of the people that complains and say this test isn't precise is the ones that failed on the test and wants to complain, if failed, this one had something for that to happen, is uncommon to someone fail this test, even with bad made sticks, this test was studied with lot of years, its needed to know this is not the only test we use to reprove, at least where I'm, we use a battery of test.

If you are asking why I'm showing all that, its because this test will be the base for my introduction to interpretations, because the same signals of the test are the ones to interpret the signals of oracles and another stuffs, so its important to me share this, you'll understand it better later.

Tools of interpretation

Ok, this is would be a dumb topic, because you can use absolutely everything to interpretations. But there are tools that can help you to understand better those stuffs. But I say that you need to understand it more with the sensation than with words. All images carries infinite words possibilities, so everyone can give a different meaning and this one will still be right, you need to know exactly what you are asking, what I mean with that, is that you need to know that you are asking more with spirit than with your body, and you need to know how your spirit is asking, so it knows how to extract the exact information you need from the image. I commented about the Zulliguer test above, its some ink spots that the person need to interpret it, so we try to figure some characteristic of this person interpreting their interpretation, everyone have a personal perception of the image, so those interpretations of this person depends of what is inside him/her, and that depends of the spirits he carries, how his/her soul manifest and his/her conscience state, so, when you are asking a oracle, you are asking with that concept and mechanics, focusing in the question, so you ask with the question spirit, and then later you interpret your interpretation and/or vision.

There are some well know oracles. The one I use most is the IChing. Its a Chinese oracle, since it have interpretation books, its easier to interpret. I use this one Uol IChing, PT.

There is the Tarot, I use this website,, PT.

You can use a random page of the bible in the website: Random, US.

A secure translation, King James text is fine besides the Rosicrucian symbolism that was not made by him.

But there are some unknown oracles, there are indeed too much oracles around the world, a lot in each tribe.

I have three dices, so I use it as a oracle, but I use my own version with 216 combinations, I think it works, because it answered precisely numerous times.

You can flip some coins, rotate a pen, use a pendulum, open a book, open the bible (I prefer to use only psalms and sometimes proverbs or alike those), close your eyes, look around or try to understand the synchronization (like, but not limited to, Apantomancy).

Every sensation have a meaning, the words were created on this concept, the same way we barely pass our eyes in the words and already read it, we can train to translate the meaning of the sensations around us, and whatever is happening around us gonna say something and we gonna read it automatically. The humans created a lot of ways to try to translate those stuffs, and strangely when they finished, those stuffs were talking rational things. The Jews use the Hebraic letters, and each letter have a meaning and a number, and all their vocabulary have a number meaning and a letter meaning with same coherence. Everything is communication, everything gives a key, and this key can be used for diverse things.

Normally oracles come with a image, and them you extract from that image, but some images are undefined by words, but carries the same logic keys than certain ideas, situations, philosophies and more. Some oracles comes with symbols another with sounds, but they carry the same logic keys than certain ideas, situations, philosophies and more.

Interpretation isn't just about oracles, but the same way you interpret one, you interpret everything, there is nothing meaningless, even if someone tries to make the most meaningless something possible, that already means a lot about his personality and in the abstract and uncontrollable circumstances of this something this one made, it would be possible to read everything of his life, like we can read a palographic.

I made “universal” map for interpretation. Throw something, move something, push something or do something else above this, and try to understand it:

11 = Wind; 10 = Fire; 01 = Earth; 00 = Water.

You can flip a coin, if its the number is “1”, if its the face is “0”. Flip three times, and check the answer, if its three “1”, it means Intellect and Logic, if you prefer, you can use the IChing: * ||| = 111; * :|| = 011; * |:| = 101; * ||: = 110; * ::| = 001; * :|: = 010; * |:: = 100; * ::: = 000.

Interpretation through where your eye relax.

There is a way that I teach persons about how to learn more abstractly about interpretation. In this I use the idea of the Diffuse Attention, its a subconscious attention we have for the next thing we are looking for, this is the attention that normally makes you skip a name in a list even if that name is in front of your eyes, your attention diffuse flows based on what is inside you, what aura/spirits are inside you, I once talked about it in another article: ... That is not the only effect, there is something called Diffuse Attention, I study psychology and I had to correct lot of tests. PDF portuguese file about attention(if on Tor browser, open it while offline). I have corrected mostly of tests that is written on this pdf: Oh God, how much work correcting this stuffs... At whatever, I repeat, whatever you do, will change the “next” thing you gonna see and focus, because it is done diffusely. Open a book, or your music playlist, and think bad words, you gonna see that your eyes gonna focus on bad words, now think good words and you gonna see that your eyes gonna focus on good words. The idea is the same even if not a word, because what makes you looks those words is in fact the aura that you just received after thinking those words, so if you think bad things, your diffuse attention gonna follow bad trails, and its like a miracle, its just matter of time that if you continue to follow the bad words trail, this, like a snowball, will lead you each time to a badder and badder trail, and its all controlled by a mere though, if you pray, “God please protect me”, strangely your diffuse attention will focus on protective trails, but that, only if you have faith, strangely, if you don't have faith, your diffuse attention will “randomly”(There is no true random, all is communication with an aura) choose a destiny, this destiny is randomly choose between the spirits that is inside you, so whatever you do attract something to you, and its a matter of time that your projections makes your diffuse attention brings you a bad/good destiny...

The idea is that, if you let your eye relax in a point, it will “choose” a certain point that is based on your spirits/aura. That is interesting to understand interpretations based on your abstraction from a experience. You can do like I said above, opening a book or a playlist and thinking bad and good words. Or you can meditate on a music or meditate on the things around you, while you keep looking concentrated at the image below:

Now try to memorize in what stem you eyes relax when things changes in music or around you, the stem your eyes relax means what you are feeling in the moment, people studied that and made incredible oracles, and not just those people, psychologist studies almost this kind of thing, the interpretation of the geometry stems are alike the one of a palographic. Doing this, will increase you capacity of communication with a 7 simplex geometry, remember the Temporal lobe image from the beginning of the article? After you understand how to communicate with a 7 simplex, you can use it as a oracle. This is the same to all oracles, so that is the basics to interpret those, the same sensation and place you eyes relax, can interpret things completely different if that thing have the same sensation as those (same keys as those), so learning this 7-Simplex technique is a good way already, if you like geometries and don't like much the 7-Simplex, you can use the infamous Metatron's cube.

Metatron's cube.

Flowe of Life with 6 levels.

You can try with diverse geometries, like, the hypercube (tesseract):

You can try with things around you. Like a market shelf:

If you keep looking too much to something, you'll end up enchanted, that means, you absorbed this something spirit and its active on your etherical body, when you close your eyes, you'll see this something popping-up constantly, that means you are enchanted, and if you are, when you are going to sleep, you gonna notice that, before you enter dream state, in ether state (the one you hear random voices), the random voices there will be explaining the something you got enchanted, so that is a good way to learn about interpretation, keep looking at the figures, and when you sleep, you can hear the voices talking in etherical state of dreaming.

Now you know that for interpret things, it depends of what is inside you, not just that, there is a standard in all we communicate that can be used to interpret the entire world. Try to be always very conscious, look everything you see, listen everything you hear, each object in your house mean something, I discovered lot about my past lifes looking to the objects in my house and old photos, increase your sensibility, increase your synesthesia, increase your brain capacities, have a nice diet to increase more of it, so you see more dimensions in your acts. I think I told my best to introduce you to interpretations, this is the “2+2” of interpretation, the “ABC” of it, in the next interpretations articles I'll try to explain better about more deep meanings in interpretations.