Pleiades visions

text by my friend Avalokiteshvara.

versions 1.4; 23/11/2016.

This text is translated from a resume he wrote about his astral visions communicating with pleiadians.

His descriptions about pleiadians are that they are alike humans, but taller, and very white, with light blond hair, few ones have a darker blond hair, they have a more stretched body and face. Here is some draws he made:

Here are some images we found on internet that looks alike his vision:

He said to me too, that there are other planets on Pleiade with different species, and that he is contacting this one through dreams, and they are telling him stories about humanity, what he said to me personally is way more than what I'll write here, I'll just translate a text he gave me in some papers, later I'll ask him how we can explain better those texts.

He mentioned too, that those pleiadians live in a peaceful planet, that already “past the test”, now the new souls there easily finish the samsara test.

I'll add some images later that aren't made from us, for explanation, I don't know the source of those images anymore.

The Italic texts are my commentaries.

Papers – Page 1

480.000 bc – Nibiru came

Nibiru move itself in the contrary route than the rest of the planets, its a artificial planet, that make part of our galaxy and of Sirius, inhabited by Annunakis (Nefelins), the life is inside the planet and not in the surface. Created to be alike the original planet, Avyon.

“My friend mentioned about this planet being high tech from inside, i noticed that the new 'Star Wars' movie have a planet that is high tech from inside:”

Surface looks like a natural cold planet, image from 'Star Wars' movie.

480.000 – End of the galactical war, commanded by the family of Anu, including Marduk, they came to earth.



Anu's Family

Tiamat – Destroyed planet from the Etherical Sirians and the Felines, they moved to Pegasus, after to Nibiru, they generated a new linage (Amelius), creating the Galactical Federation.

The asteroid belt we believe that could be the remains of Tiamat

Sirians and Felines represented on a Egypt drawing

Niestda – First Governor of Nibiru(Amelius linage), later, beings of Orion become to live on Nibiru(Reptilians and Orion Humans). Anu is the 17th generation after Niestda.

War between Amelius and Reptilians, Anu pretends to destroy Tiamat and Aun(reptilian colony).

After the destruction of Tiamat, Nibiru comes to earth.

Amelius = Annunakis + Felines + Sirians.

Earth belonged to Sirius B, it had links with Acturians, Pleiadians of Aria, Veganians, Capelians, Lemurians, Mutant Lemurians, Reptilians(escaping from Tiamat), humans primates lived on the planet.

Homo Erectus – Was seeded by Felines and Etheric Sirians, they lived in peace at the florests, far from the Lemurians Giants. Earthlings Sirians – They were in the animal degree of life, descendants of Etheric Sirians, leaded by Amelius.

Papers – Page 2

Yus – Mu orientals, descendant from Gray Pleiadians and Red Atlantis. Descendants from the Pleiadian DNA of Atlas, that had connection with earth in the Sirius B era.

A drawing of the Yu people from Mu in Lemuria era.

Altea(Atlas) – Anu's cousin, began the global Atlantis civilization. Anu had as objective to mix the Amelius DNA with the races that lived in earth to create a new race.

Nibiru came to earth to gather gold, to fuel the force camp around the planet, they made a accord with the Christians Sirians, people that got visited by Jesus on Sirius B, to develop with the help of the Felines, a human body with double DNA for the Earthlings Sirians, that were the future generation of the Sirians and they made their animal degree on Lemuria.

Annunakis had spaceships on that period. Drawn on various earth images.

A strange image from Egypt that shows Helicopters, submarines and flying devides

Strange images from Mexico

People from Nibiru that got on earth at that time was from Pleiades of the Reptilians beings with the mix of human genome, developed on Avyon planet, in Vega.

Dna Annunaki on that time = Sirians, Reptilians, Felines, Avyon humans.

Papers – Page 3

Pleiades – 300 different people, various dimensions.

The Annunakis don't respected entirely all the life beings, they made a lot of DNA modifications, wars and destruction. That got coded on the actual Human after the genetic mixtures.

At the first coming of Nibiru, it had lot of Reptilians on Earth, it had a peace agreement between Annunakis and Reptilians. Anu married with Dramin, the Dragon Queen.

Pleiade – The millions of races there developed more the feminine aspect, after Nibiru, they would be experimenting more the masculine aspect. They needed to comprehend the peoples to their spiritual evolution, that is why they too came to earth.

On Lemuria, it had two reptilians people, the Dragon people and the Snake People.

Anu united with the Dragon people and constructed tunnels and magnetic energy lines linking all the earth. Those people made a peace agreement. Anu married again, with the Dragon Princess Namu, from that union, its born Enki, half Annunaki and half Reptilian.

Anu's sons – Enlil, Enki and his daughter Ninhursag.

Ninhursag at right and maybe her brother Enki.

Grandsons – Ninurta, Nannar, Marduk, Thoth.

Anu's Family

It had tensions between Enki and Enlil. So they made a agreement to divide part of the earth.

Papers – Page 4

Annunaki revolt (250.000 bc), after lot work and little development. Enki and Ninhursag needed to create a new race in lab to become workers. That race was the second seeding between Sirians and Felines. The Homo Erectus was chosen to carry this DNA, in union with the Annunaki DNA, creating a completely new race. This new race was called Lulus. Lot of Earthlings Sirians incarnated on those beings.

Lulus being created

Lulus being slaves

Marduk and Dumuzi with the poor Lulus being slaves.

It had two glacial eras, lot of races from earth began to disappear, one of the races that developed was Cro-Magnon, descendant from Atlantis DNA. It had a big union to destroy the dinossaurs in earth, Lemurians animals with reptilian DNA. The Atlantis used energies from crystals, with the help of Marduk, that only wanted the global domination. After the end of the dinosaurs, the Earthlings Sirians completed the animal degree.

Adam and Eva – First beings with twelve DNA helix, descendants of all linage that wandered earth.

Enki donated his sperm to fertilize a egg, given by Nin, this egg was inserted in Ninhursag uterus, that made the Adam origin, the genetic material from Adam was used to make Eva, both grew up together in Eden of Lemuria.

Pre-biblical Adam and Eva image.

Sumerians, Enki and the DNA, showing they knew about this.

Papers – Page 5

Marduk and Lilith were the responsible for the apple incident. The serpent is a symbol of Enki. Marduk used that to favor a plan of global domination of the earth by the reptilians.


Enlil planed that the descendants of Adam would be the earth guardians, that would free the Nibiruans from the karma that accumulated on that planet.

Enki created the Serpent Fraternity for the training of the descendants of Adam, the beginning of what would be the Illuminati. Enki and Enlil conflicted.

Enki taught techniques to manipulate energy, while Enlil was aware of the Divine plan, was descendant of the Felines (people visited by Christ in ancient Tiamat).

It was made a agreement to free the descendants of Adam, so they could follow their own natural evolution, out of Eden limits.

Inanna(Lulu) helped a lot in the development of humanity, on Lemuria, created temples for ceremonies and tantric rituals.

As Lulus multiplication goes, the Annunakis began to copulate with they.

The intersexual has fallen out of control, Enki and Enlil subdivided the territories, to avoid a war between they.

Sumerians couldn't control themselves with the Lulus, and began to fornicate those(since those were slaves, and maintained on ignorance, they were used as sex slaves without seeing nothing bad about it, on innocence).

Innana husband Dumuzi(Marduk's brother).

Innana Marriage.

Innana = Ishtar = Aphrodite = Isis = Venus = Hathor = Lakshmi.

Ishtar or Innana.

By what me and my friend were talking, Inanna, was nice and respectful about sexuality, but later she got revolted with a war on Egypt and she began to practice sexual misconduct. She is Purple ray(Muriel's daughter) Inanna Tantric temples, with some practices after she became pervert. Before that, it had only the White Tantra path, a tantra without sex, then it had the Red Tantra path and the Black Tantra path, I don't recommend the last two. As you can see, I'm extremely puritan, not that you should agree or not.

Papers – Page 6

Lot years later, on Atlantis, Marduk and their reptilian allies dominated Atlantis with the use of the power of the giant crystal. In principle, that was to give power to airplanes and submarines. That divided the Atlantis society between the interested in spirituality and the one toward the reptilians technology.

Atlantis began in a period in the end of Lemuria. It yet had Atlantis and Lemurians living in earth at same time for a period.

Marduk was the responsible for the end of Lemuria. Atracting a comet to earth with the help of the giant crystal, generating a great impact.

A artistic representation of a giant crystal of Atlantis. I noticed that on Evangelion anime, it talks about it and mostly of that story, check up Dragon Ball Z, there are lot of hidden signal that the anime tells the Lemuria stories(dinosaurs with humans and things like that). On this episode, Gohan finds a cave that he thinks could be Lemurian ruins, he then find a robot, maybe Dragon Ball author knew about Lemuria, dinosaurs and ancient technology, in fact, I think Dragon Ball Z, on Freeza history, is in fact a Lemuria story.

Marduk was the responsible to the destruction of the “firmament”, five kilometers layer of humidity, the man couldn't see the sun and the moon until now, because that, the sky were orange and on Lemuria it had a immense green garden. There was the firmament, filtering the solar rays. That made the “forty days and forty nights”, because the firmament collapsed slowly.


Seth(Marduk's son) used the great pyramid to realize the task.

The Egyptian empire already existed on Atlantis.

Finally had a war between Enlil and Enki, forever rivals. The earth suffered much, God sent the flood, that he already had announced by signals.

Papers – Page 7

Enlil escaped with the Annunakis. Innana and Nihursag, cried about the end of the Lulus.

Some people survived, other races dissipated forever. Noah(Ziusudra) saved the genetic material of the creatures on submarines, saved too Enki and his family and some Lulus.

Enki and Enlil tried again the peace.

New Earth – 11.000bc

The Noah family began to live and cultivate the mount Moriah, that after became Jerusalem. Enki went to live in the Egypt with their descendants, Osiris and Seth.

Adad, son of Enlil, began to gather gold on South America.

Grandsons of Anu – Ninurta, Nannar, Utu, Inanna, Seth, Osiris, Ninhursag and Marduk.

Marduk = Ra, Amon Ra.

Me and my friend talked about it, and we discovered that Marduk is the physical emanation of Demiurgue, we share this in the other papers.

Small papers – Page 1

Its just a list:

Small papers – Page 2

List 2:

Papers 2 – page A

Pyramids – Ningishzida(Thoth), with ancestors Feline and Carians(Couldn't read it well), constructed it on Giza. Marduk governed Egypt after the Atlantis fall, and made enormous statues of himself (Amon Ra).

Because a different body, Lulus and humans believed that he was a God, there was the Marduk code, to be respected though tyranny. The Giza Pyramid(Ekur) had a vibratory frequency of the solar house of Nibiru. The one that controlled it, controlled Earth. Marduk and Nergal fought for Ekur, Marduk won.

Seth murdered Osiris and Horus(son of Osiris), planned revenge. 1st Pyramid war. The Annunakis divided in two groups, Enlitites and Enkites, that fought the 2nd Pyramid war, Three hundred years later, Enlil chose Ninurta as a chief to destroy Marduk, moving a big army. The war finished with the intervention of Ninhursag, that kept with the Pyramids(8.600bc). Those were access to the Sirius solar system, all Pleiadians have three pyramids, to receive energy of the plasma. Inanna = Ishtar/Isis/Venus/Afrodite/Hatmor/Lakshmi Babel tower – DNA disconnection, neolithic period, independent humans civilizations, Sumerians appears, Annunaki's descendants. Marduk create the Babel Tower, the human beings had to fall on the spectrum of life so they could stop to do what they were doing and to continue from where they stopped.

My friend told me Marduk was incarnated as the King of Babylon, and then made the Babel tower, I researched about, and I found a interesting text, the Sumerians have a text called “Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta”, that Enmerkar of Uruk construct a massive Ziggurat on Eridu and both rival Gods, Enki and Enlil, end up confunding the language of all humanity as colateral effect of their discussion. Maybe Marduk was this Enmerkar guy? Its funny because me and my friend never heard the Enki and Enlil until the Pleiadians began to talk, later we discovered those existed, all I'm translating are from his visions, we didn't knew it could have real life histories that matches those histories we are telling until we decided to publish this text

When I was talking to my friend, he told me more, its not on this paper, but I'll translate here anyway: “Marduk – Tried to elevate the Babel Tower to contact the 'Gods'(Nibiru), Enlil destroyed that one with a 'Vimana shot'. The people separated, the DNAs were uniting when they were constructing the tower, then the 5th body(that already existed) was the body that everyone began to rebirth(reincarnate). I believe that the pre-sanskrit was the universal language and it began to disappear with the time after this happened(after the people separated)“.

Papers 2 – page B

3.700bc – Nibiru's return, neolithic. Enlil create the human calendar, Alulim become Earth governor(Sumerian half Annunaki). 3.400bc – Babel Tower, spaceship with launching pad, slave Lulus/humans, Enlil tried to stop the project and destroyed the tower with particles ray, lot died with radiation. God separated the Lulus/Humans so they could develop alone, changing their idiom, all that history got erased from people mind, that forgot their earthling/Annunakis/Reptilian origin. God modified the DNA of the people at this moment. Marduk and Inanna began to fight for Egypt from now. Marduk kill Dumuzi(His own brother and Inanna's husband). The Egyptian people respected Inanna and their Feline origins, Marduk had to flee and got hidden in Ekur pyramid, Utu(Inanna's brother) call Enlil, that invoke his father image, Anu, that propose a judgement to finish that situation. Inanna decide to imprison Marduk forever in Ekur, his water and food would deplet. Marduk's mother supplicate to Enki with his Wife-Sister. Sarpanit(Lilith) and Marduk got freed... Thoth went to Mexico to begin his next civilization(3.113bc), taking the image of serpent and of the eagle (Thoth is Ibis on Egypt). Inanna went to India, married with Sargon e began the Acadian Empire. (She)created tantric temples alike the ones of Lemuria. Tara – Serpent Princess, together with Ninhursag and Inanna, the women image was beginning to become more powerful on earth and on Nibiru.

Papers 2 – page C

Marduk = Mart god, of the war. (This is one of his aspects.) At this time, it was discovered the importance of the Love virtue(Samkhya), the energy that God used as the primordial reason of the universe. Innana and Tara made the India a good place on earth. Sargon and Innana governed Acadia pacifically (2300 – 2279bc). Marduk destroyed with plasma guns all the plantations, the people got hungry and revolted against Sargon, it had a great war, Inanna got out of control and everyone from Anu's family had to intervene. Acadia, Sumeria and Babylon got devastated. The family fought between themselves, destroying everything. Marduk began to dedicate on Mart, Inanna went to Nibiru with her mother, Enki and Enlil kept fighting for the Earth. After a time, Anu's family rebuild cities again. Enlil and Anu needed to contaim Marduk, Enki was impotent. (They)Destroyed all Babylon with a Plutonium gun, however, the wind spread radiation everywhere. Abraham(Nibiruans descedant) destroyed the cities of Sodoma and Gomorra and received that area as a legacy, later, it was know as Canaan. Moses too descend from Nibiruans. The wars on Earth don't stopped, pests and hungriness. The Intergalactic council had to intervene, the Anu's family felt small near the important names of all the universe, the Earth's “games” were going too far. The Nibiruans violated the council when they modified the DNA of the peoples and to spread radiation on the Galaxy.

Papers 2 – page D

Anu's family lost powers and privileges. Marduk trained secretly a army on Mart, Anu went to a neighbor system, Enki and Innana went to the serpents reign, on the Earth underground, Enlil went with Anu. Marduk kept with the control of Nibiru and of Earth, controlled a plan to reduce the humans women, intervene in the Christians churches to burn people, the Reptilian's clergyman began to control the world with the Illuminati order. Marduk placed on the moon, a electromagnetic apparatus that connected with women ovulation cycles. Created the industry, increased the materialism and the vague work. [They]Bet on fear as a way of control, like on Egypt. Marduk = 4th dimensional aspect of Satan. To beat Marduk, there is the necessity to recode DNA. The real Earth heirs are the descendants of the Etherical Sirians, all humans have this DNA.

A friend, me, and Avalokiteshvara were once talking about Akhenaten, on my friends vision Egyptian pharaohs used the different body they had to bring fear and obedience to their slaves, and Akhenaten, said that there were only on God, so people shouldn't worship those fake gods, of course, the evil one don't liked much this, and painted Akhenaten as a enemy.

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