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God - Jesus Christ.

List of Ezequiel's sons

text by Princess Sophia and Avalokiteshvara

Version 1.6, 29/11/2016

That is too a sum of a lot of what we learned with another friends too. Sorry for the typo, my english, I just recently noticed it should be written Ezekiel in english.

Yellow ray is a ray that is more Alpha but it have a portion of Omega, The yellow ray persons, normally like food, so its common on culinary, they normally like to work and they normally are good salesman, its common to find they being comedian too, their last decade was 1930 I think, not sure. There is, too, lot of soccer players that are yellow ray. Its common that black rays tends to be their friends, its common that mostly of their friends tends to be yellow ray. Normally they value friendship, and its always with joy, they tend to tell jokes and talk in a friendly way, normally they are smiling. They are very open to friendship and sometimes talks even with shy and awkward people, but not always. Yellow, Black, Violet and Purple, are the ones that commonly likes to party, or to go out do something, or to drink some beers in the park. They sometimes shows skill in story telling, like the violets and sometimes the greens. Some of they have are inclined to radical sports, but not always. They normally have this “heroic” feeling, and are supportive with friends and family, they tends to valorize friendship, so if they fell they are not being friendly, they normally approach in a supportive form. Normally they have a audible voice, but sometimes they talk loud, more when they are having fun. Normally they are good to explain to people things in a plain and simple mode. Normally they have a good sense of “how to talk with someone”, and they adapt very well the words, jargon and style of talking to match more and become more understandable for people. They are very defensive to their friends, sometimes involving in fights for those, even if they know they are wrong, but they have this “father” figure and tends to reprehend later the one that did it, but if defending a good cause, they fell honored in helping. I think this is the most “father” figure ray, even when a girl, normally they tend to be good fathers and do well with kids. The yellow girls are somehow manly, and only the omega ones have high-pitch voice, if you see a “radical” girl that uses caps and train skate, probably is a yellow girl (but don't judge by that), because this “feeling” they have, some of they have this “punk” and “fuck off” attitude. Because this “fuck off” attitude, its common they regret barely after they say that, they are normally the ray that mostly say “nah, man, nothing wrong will happen, trust me...”, but at the same time they show courage and shows you shouldn't care about risks to achieve what you want and what makes you happy. They, and the Violet ones, normally are very open to different social expressions, making they very acceptable to different kind of people, they are somehow curious about different styles and cultures, but sometimes they tend to focus in the swag ones (not if a old soul), in sum with their “defensive” position toward people, makes they good persons helping awkward people and hanging with those different people, makes they fell like they are somewhat responsible for they safety, giving the first step against a prejudiced person. But at the same time, some of they become noble person and likes this nobleness, and then tends to have a closed friendship with those that are alike him and sometimes they are the prejudiced person. It is common for them to feel the urge to do chores, but they are often lazy in domestic chores such as household cleaning. Being the ray of happiness, they have this thing of, “for the happiness sake”, and they sacrifice certain things for things that makes him/her happy. Its common that you have a fun time near they and that they end up making you laugh, sometimes non-stop, because they are somehow very active and sometimes they get very excited to tell jokes or do funny things.

Physical characteristics: Round face, but with square chin; Salient chin and forehead; Descending eyebrow;

Countries that evoke his energy because its culture:

  • Brazil;
  • Colombia;
  • Costa Rica;
  • Cuba;
  • Equator;
  • Honduras;
  • Mexico;
  • Nicaragua;
  • Panama;
  • Venezuela;
  • West coast of USA.

I'll show celebrities from around the world, some fictitious personages that were made in image of a Archangel subconsciously or consciously and animals.


Abel Makkonen (The Weeknd).

Adam Sandler.

Alan Tudyk.

Alex Guarnaschelli.

Amy Finley.

Andrew Zimmern.


Ben Stiller.

Britney Spears.

Bruna Marquezine.

Cat Cora.

Claudia Leitte.

D2, Marcelo.

Érick Jacquin.

Fernanda Gentili.


Gary Mehigan(Chef).

Maybe George Calombaris is yellow too, but I'm not sure, so I'll not list him, maybe he can be Red ray.


Guy Fieri.

Jeff Mauro.

Lair Ribeiro.

I really recommend to watch his videos.

Leandro e Leonardo(musician).

Both are Yellow.

Luciano Huck.

“Look at those who belong to the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews but are liars instead. I will make them come and bow down at your feet, and they will know that I love you.” – Revelation 3:9

Luiza Hoffmann.

Maria Flor.

Neneh Cherry.


Paola Carosella.

Rachel True.

Regina Cazé.

Roberto Carlos(Soccer).


Ronaldo Gaucho.

Ronaldo Luís.

Ruben Barrichelo.

Selena Gomez.


Tiffani Thiessen

Tim Maia.

Will Smith.


Andrew “Andy” French.

Brittany Taylor.

Gerald Johanssen.

Heffer Wolfe.

Homer Simpson.

Kevin Thompson.


Lenny Leonard.


Yusuke Urameshi.

“From front to back: Yusuke Urameshi (front), Hiei (middle left), Kazuma Kuwabara (middle right), Kurama (back)“, in the same order, Yellow, Black, Maybe Pink and Pink.


All animals have can be from any ray, but some animals attract more certain rays than others.

Canines came from a Yellow ray wolf, so every canine have a touch of yellow ray, so, them wolfs are double yellow ray.

Canines came from a Yellow ray wolf, so every canine have a touch of yellow ray, Mostly of the dogs are yellow ray, but Bulldog is a animal that came from the yellow essence of the dogs, so its like, double yellow.

Felines came from a Black ray lion, so every feline have a touch of black ray, Tiger is a animal that came from the Yellow essence of the Lion, so it have more from this ray. I think the one in the photo is yellow, but not sure.

Bears came from a Yellow ray essence, so every bear have a touch of yellow ray, so, them bears are double yellow ray. Syrian Rue is a Plant that evolved from the DNA of a Yellow ray guy, after he died. Cannabis is a Plant that evolved from the DNA of a Yellow ray girl (maybe Atlantean), after she died.

Random images/persons

A Protoplasmatic hermaphrodite girl on Hell's Kitchen BR Season 4. I rarely see a Protoplasm yellow ray, this is a good example, see how different is a old soul reaction near the other yellow rays.

List of Irael's sons

text by Princess Sophia and Avalokiteshvara

Version 1.7, 29/11/2016

That is too a sum of a lot of what we learned with another friends too.

Irael got the name Irathon, I think its because he is the currently Karma keeper. It was once Raphael, and once Anubis. Sure it must have more, but I don't know.

Irael's sons normally are competitive so they appear lot in competitions, they are normally revolutionary people, they carry the virtue of the words, so they are involved in politics, administration, hip-hop and etc; I think black, yellow and purple ray are the most suitable to become infamous, so its easy to find they. They normally talk with authority. They show a great dedication in the doctrine they chose, normally they don't surrender and achieve high degrees. They normally are very administrative, and normally are constantly chasing restless for what they desire or want. Some of they learn fast how to achieve social contacts for things they want, they somewhat administrate even their friend, categorizing they and seeing what they can be useful for, not that they have bad intentions behind this, but sometimes they do, because Irael sons have this problem in “letting a opportunity go”, even if they have to do things that are, in certain degree bad, but excusable, its like they are somewhat addict to gain, in a general meaning. They learn very well techniques to do their doctrine, they remember very well how to repeat the physical process in their works, sometimes it makes they fell annoyed when they see someone that is not trying hard enough, or that don't remember what had to be done after they had explained it some number of times, I know much people fits this description, but some rays are more patient in the rate of development of certain persons, but when they grow old, or old souls learn how to be more patient. They somehow learn the technique, making a abstraction of what they do and “indexing” each movement. In sports they normally are very good in remembering and using correctly all their resources. They have a strong presence, and normally look to you from above, like, they tilt their heads back and lower their eyes to you, some people miss judged they because of it, thinking they are somehow superb, arrogant or violent, but its like just their natural way to look at you. They hear you very well, they hear well what you say, and think well about what you said and can overthrow you if you don't pay attention, like I said, they carry the virtue of the words, so they have a good rhetoric and since they are one of the most alpha rays, they don't mind in challenging you; I think Aries is the most black ray sign, I can be wrong, and I compare Aries as a rhetorical sign. Black ray vary between having a organized house, or a messy house, its hard to see a mid term, but not impossible, I could say the same applies to clothes, but I'm not sure, but I see that there is the Black ray that dress like a gentleman, and the Black Ray that dress like a Punk, and few mid term, but that is my experience.

We are currently in a decade (2010) that invoke Irael's influence, that is why there is so much competitions, techniques, political activism and more. I'm not sure about the next, I saw a vision it looked like transparent decade (2020), that is strange, but now that we are after the mid of the decade, its getting alike the transparent aura. I'm now basically sure that it will be transparent influence incoming.

Physical characteristics: They normally vary between having a “angry eyebrow” or a eyebrow that goes down in the external side; They normally have a high chin; Few are small.

Countries that evoke his energy because its culture:

  • Basque Country (Spain);
  • Croatia;
  • East coast USA;
  • Russia;
  • Serbia;
  • Thailand.

I'll show celebrities from around the world, some fictitious personages that were made in image of a Archangel subconsciously or consciously and animals.


Abraham Linconl.

He is the physical incarnation of baphomet.

Abujamra, André.

Aécio Neves.

Showing to who he works for.

Agatha Moreira.

Aleister Crowley.

With those info you can know who he reincarnated from.

Alex Jones.


Angelina Jolie.

Arizona Muse.

She is listed on my “Lilith” article.

Beto Richa.

Much evilness.


Big L.

Me and and Avalok were confused about him, I'm leaving him here.

Champignon(Pop musician).

Che Guevara.

Chorão(Pop musician).

Christina Aguilera.

Coco Chanel.

Normally I hate her quotes.

Criss Angel.

I was told that he was somewhat a brother of Irathon, I think when he wandered in earth, he is a mage in fact, hidden in cheap tricks.

Cris Cyborg.

Cristiano Ronaldo.


Very omega. I believe some of his magics are real magics.

Dave Navarro.

Hahaha... Well, regardless of what, that makeup is a luciferian magick.

Debi Mazar.


DJ Krush, Hideaki Ishi.

DJ Premier.

Duff Goldman.

Eduardo(Facção Central).


Emerson Sheik.



Filled with demons.

Fausto Fanti.

George Bush.

Much evilness on this one, his aura is so strange, its creepy, aura of a murder.

George Washington.

Same ray, same elemental, same symbols, Lincoln is his reincarnation.


He was winning Chelsea at 2012 world cup.


Gwen Stefani.

Hitler, Adolf.

Practices on Thule Satanism, part of Skull and Bones.

Ibrahimović, Zlatan.

James Hetfield.

Jay Z.

Jon Jones.

João Gordo.

José Aldo.

They know it too, they made a marketing video with a rhino walking in the street, then the rhino check the mirror(check the self, auto-evaluation), and discover to be José Aldo(showing the spiritual progress of José Aldo?). Check this image from the ads:

José Mourinho.

Kathleen Robertson.

Lady Gaga.

Black mage, filled with demons.

Laurie Spiegel.

Lewis Parker.

Lil Wayne.

How much demons someone can carry? His aura is nasty.

Lily Allen.

Lily Allen? Lilith Allen? This pose is the presentation pose of Lilith.


Mano Brown.

Maria Minerva.

Massa, Felipe.

Mena Suvari.

Mobb Deep.

Both black ray.

Monica Iozzi.



Seneca is reincarnation of Socrates, Nero is reincarnation of Meleto.

Nick Minaj.

Paulo Miklos.

Pedro Costa.

Peter Bagge.

Putin, Vladimir.

Rachael Ray.




Much demons on him.


I believe she is reincarnation of Nefertiti.


Ronda Roussey.

Rose McGowan.


Sandrão RZO.


His brother too.

Sérgio Moro.

The “benevolent” Sérgio Moro, and from where he gets his fame.

Stalin, Joseph.

Showing for who he works.

Taylor Swift.


Usain Bolt.

Watkin Tudor Jones.

I hate him and Yolandi, that is on violet rays page, check there to see what I have to say about both.


Ame Warashi.

Asuka Langley Soryu.

Bart Simpson.

Buddy Bradley.

Ed Bighead.

Harold Berman.

Helga Pataki.

Jane Lane.

Mr. Burns.

Like all powerful men, he is a freemason. Wiki: “The Stonecutter theme song goes as follows; Who controls the British crown? Who keeps the metric system down? We do, we do! Who keeps Atlantis off the maps? Who keeps the Martians under wraps? We do, we do! Who holds back the electric car? Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star? We do, we do! Who robs cavefish of their sight? Who rigs every Oscar night? We do, we do!”

Quinn Morgendorffer.

Robert “Big Bob” Pataki.

Roger M. Klotz.

Sagara Sanosuke.

Sandi Griffin.


Scar in the left eye, like Demiurge.

Sideshow Bob.

Trent Lane.



All animals have can be from any ray, but some animals attract more certain rays than others.

Felines came from a Black ray lion, so every feline have a touch of black ray, Lions are mostly black rays, like the one in the photo.

Felines came from a Black ray lion, so every feline have a touch of black ray, Cat is a animal that came from the Pink essence of the Lion, so it have more from this ray. The ones in the images are Black.

Canines came from a Yellow ray wolf, so every canine have a touch of yellow ray, Pitbull is a animal that came from the Black essence of the dogs, “90%” of those are Black, the ones in the images are Black.

Eagles came from a Black ray essence, so every eagle have a touch of black ray.

I'm not sure if the Owl came from the Black, Yellow or Green ray, anyway, there is a lot of Black ray owl.

List of Samael's sons

text by Princess Sophia and Avalokiteshvara

Version 1.3, 29/11/2016

That is too a sum of a lot of what we learned with another friends too.

Red ray ones that normally like body activities, they normally interest in training until reaching perfection. So its not hard to see one doing well on a sport. They have a gentle and calm nature. Normally they are very clean and take a lot of showers. They are not much common, but they aren't uncommon too. They do some small jokes, but they are not so much as Yellow and Black ones sometimes. Its commons that they have a well organized and clean house. Sometimes they show patience. All the ones I saw act, kinda, in a formal way, or in a receptive way, like, “a gentleman”, maybe I'm wrong and just met the nice ones, or not. Sam = Sun; El = Emanation (but not exactly), Samael, The emanation of the Sun.

Physical characteristics: Round face; They are normally small, but it depends, a white shark elemental person I once met, was giant; Their eyes are kinda unique, I don't know how to explain, compare and I think you'll understand;

Countries that evoke his energy because its culture:

  • China;
  • Mongolia;
  • Vietnam.

I'll show celebrities from around the world, some fictitious personages that were made in image of a Archangel subconsciously or consciously and animals.


Adam Lopez.

Whistle is so funny. Anyway, he is good example of someone that is “very” omega.

Arthur Zanetti.

Bobby Flay.

Bruce Dickinson.

Same standard as Messi.

Bruce Lee.

Chuck Norris.

Deng Shudi.

Devin Ocampo.

Donnie Yen.

Ip Man.

Jackie Chan.

Jet Lee.

Same standard as Messi.

Kylie Flavell.

With her pink ray husband.

Messi, Lionel.

Michael Jackson.

Michael Phelps.

Michael Symon.

Paco de Lucia.

Rodney Mullen.

Samael Aun Weor.

With the name of the Archangel.

Steven Seagal.




  • _;
  • Polarity: ?;
  • Element: ?;
  • Elemental: ?;
  • Era the soul was born: ?;


All animals have can be from any ray, but some animals attract more certain rays than others.

Dolphins came from a Red ray essence, so every dolphin have a touch of red ray, so, them dolphins are double red ray. Can't be sure of the one in the photo.

List of Luciel's sons

text by Princess Sophia and Avalokiteshvara

Version 1.1, 29/11/2016

That is too a sum of a lot of what we learned with another friends too.

Luciel got the name Lucifer after what he done.

Its now a rare ray, but I think it will be back at 2022. I think its time was at renascence and/or in the enlightenment, if not both. Luciel was the archangel that created the Fashion, so its normal that their sons become fashionistas. I don't need to say that his works are normally extremely beautiful, but, because what he did, his sons tends to join Rosicrucian and Freemasonry, both uses Luciel magick, as you can see, Rosicrucian have this egypt seduction magick alike on Luciel's aura; Freemasons too, they dress with nice suits and pretty temples, things well detailed, white colors, but all with that Luciel's aura, a extreme complex beauty. The Rosicrucian and Freemasons pop musics normally are extremely well produced and all, with great chorus, intensity, epic, saturated, very harmonic and more, even if they have a evil message behind it all. Luci = Light, Lucid; El = Emanation (but not exactly), Luciel, The emanation of the Lucid.

I'll show celebrities from around the world, some fictitious personages that were made in image of a Archangel subconsciously or consciously and animals.


I can't identify if its green or transparent the Adam Driver's ray, so I don't listed it here.


Dudu Bertholini.

Not much information.

Joe Biden.

Marilyn Manson.

I think its obvious that he is a black mage.

Meredith Monk.

Oscar Wilde.

Ronaldo Ésper.

Yves Saint Laurent.



Demiurgue is transparent ray, and is described as that in mostly gnostic arts, Aeon flux is a gnostic tale. Demiurgue is the same as Kronos, as Saturn, as Odin, as Kali, as Amon Ra, as Nimrod and as Moloch, all transparent ray beings.


Maybe he is Demiurgue.

Kaworu Nagisa.

Maybe he is Lucifer. Evangelion is a anime filled with Jew and occult magick.



  • _;
  • Polarity: ?;
  • Element: ?;
  • Elemental: ?;
  • Era the soul was born: ?;

List of Raphael's sons

text by Princess Sophia and Avalokiteshvara

Version 1.4, 29/11/2016

That is too a sum of a lot of what we learned with another friends too.

Pedro Bial moved from Purple.

Raphael's sons, Irael's sons and Michael's sons are the most Alpha of the Archangels, so they have a more firm and heavy energy than the rest of the rays, I think both Omega or Alpha are somehow abstract images, but I'll use the typical, “they can be more 'rational' than 'emotional'” phrase, even if I think one is never disconnected from another. Its common that Raphael's sons like to use “Ph” instead of “F”. Raphael's sons normally have some sort of vision problem, because the archangel is blind, so its not uncommon to see a Raphael's sons using glasses. Its common that they have a big mouth. Its common that they get involved on technology or strategy games, its common to find a Green/black/yellow ray programmer, but mostly Green ray. Its not exactly a characteristic, but I find a lot of skaters that are Green ray. Purple and Green, in this order, are the ones that knows how to dress well, while Purple use more vivid colors and design, Green normally likes to use more luxurious clothes, like suits and alike, but its not limited, they can dress well with all clothes. Its easier to find Green ray people on certain doctrines, like Engineering, medicine, chemistry, programming, physics and alike. But don't fool yourself, all rays can appear everywhere and decide to study any doctrine. Sometimes, they may have problem at teenage and when kid because they can sometimes be over active, or playing dumb games that can hurt they or risk they somehow. Or the complete otherwise, being autistic is very common in green ray persons and then in pink ones. My friend said, one of the Green ray virtue is justice, you can't of course charge absolutism on this, but they normally are interested in activism, protests, taking care of a strange criminal activity (Like Snowden did). They normally fell heavy in their emotions when topics/news about political unfairness appears, this is something black rays have too, but they react very differently in this occasion, Green rays normally fell kinda poetically depressed, while the black ray reacts with a energetic revolt, but don't confuse they with hippies, even if all rays can appear in all culture, somehow, there are fewer Green rays hippies, I think its because Green ray have a tendency for technology and urban scenario. The way they talk are very “gray”, but you all must already have deduced about it right now, I mean, its more common that the older souls express more their emotion through modulation of their voices or body movements, but, they normally talk with a “apathetic” voice and not much body movements, normally moving more the hands than the rest of the body.

I think the decade 1920, was a Green ray decade, not sure, and it had a role in 1990 with disco music, IDM and drum and bass (in fact, electronic music in general).

Physical characteristics: Straight/Square face features, like, straight eyebrow, straight nose, straight chin and etc... “Box” face, like, a Square head; They have tendency of needing to use glasses; Its common to have big mouth, and even to represent it on arts, drawing mouths or teeth; Normally they have a big square chin; Normally they are tall, but stretched, not like the black rays; Having a big neck is a common characteristic too; Normally they have a not much vibrant eyes.

Countries that evoke his energy because its culture:

  • England;
  • Ireland;
  • Germany.

I'll show celebrities from around the world, some fictitious personages that were made in image of a Archangel subconsciously or consciously and animals.


Albert Einstein.

Alton Brown.

Arto Lindsay.

Beth Gibbons.

Bill Gates.

This one is a Reptilian elemental, his first life wasn't any animal we can know. He is demon born, a Draconian.

Bob Burnquist.

Buddy Holly.


David Byrne.

Eagle-Eye Cherry.

Edward Snowden.

Hugh Laurie.

Ice Blue.

Ishai Golan.

Glória Maria.

Graham Hancock.

John Frusciante.

Julian Assange.

Kim Gordon.

Lani Minella.

Macaulay Culkin.

Marcel Hesse (the killer).

This moron.

Marcelo Tas.

Marianne Faithfull.

Marilia Gabriela.

Michael Stipe.

Pedro Bial.

P J Harvey.

Rafinha Bastos.

Richard David James.

Robert Crumb.

Robert Irvine.

Scarllet Johanson.

Sean Gullette.

Steve Hawking.

Steve Jobs.

Stone Gossard.

Thom Yorke.

Tony Hawk.

Uma Thurman.

She have a “perfect” hermaphrodite face example, in this photo you can see clearly what makes someone hermaphrodite.



Kevin French.

Kimihiro Watanuki.

Lisa Simpson.

Acts like a Aquarian.

Miriam Pataki.

Phoebe Heyerdahl.


Ritsuko Akagi.

Waylon Smithers.


All animals have can be from any ray, but some animals attract more certain rays than others.

Canines came from a Yellow ray wolf, so every canine have a touch of yellow ray, Labrador Retriever and German Shepherd are a animals that came from the green essence of the dogs.

Felines came from a Black ray lion, so every feline have a touch of black ray, Cats came from the Pink essence of the Lion, but there is all rays in all animals, the cats in the photos are green ray.

Snakes came from a Green ray essence, so every snake have a touch of green ray, snakes are mostly green rays, like the one in the photo.

Orangutans came from a Green ray essence, not sure what essence are for monkeys (maybe pink), so every Orangutans have a touch of green ray, Orangutans are mostly green rays, like the one in the photo.

List of Gabriel's sons

text by Princess Sophia and Avalokiteshvara

Version 1.2, 29/11/2016

That is too a sum of a lot of what we learned with another friends too.

The earlier decade they influenced was 1990. They normally vary from being very calm and peaceful, to someone that shows a certain revolt(but still in peace), as you can see, they normally do that with music. Its common to see musician and priests that are White ray, but, its not common to see a White ray at our time.

Countries that evoke his energy because its culture:

  • Ethiopia;
  • Jamaica.

I'll show celebrities from around the world, some fictitious personages that were made in image of a Archangel subconsciously or consciously and animals.


Anne Burrell.

Ariel Pink.

Bob Marley.

Jakub Vágner.

Marshall Bruce Mathers III(Eminem).

Kurt Cobain.

Born directly from Gabriel, he is not Gabriel, but he is no son of emanation from a human or another entity My friend (Avalok) found a strange website.

Saoirse Ronan.

Tilda Swinton.

Strangely, she acted as Gabriel in the movie “Constantine”, they know it. Yus lived in the Mu island, that existed at same time as Lemuria island, but it was gone later, Yu people was maybe one of the first, if not the first, that started some Atlantis colonies, so Atlantis people normally looks more like Yus than Lemurians;

Xuxa, Maria da Graça Xuxa Meneghel.

Showing the sign of what she worship.

Zack de la Rocha.



  • _;
  • Polarity: ?;
  • Element: ?;
  • Elemental: ?;
  • Era the soul was born: ?;


All animals have can be from any ray, but some animals attract more certain rays than others.

Cows came from a white ray essence, so every cow have a touch of white ray, but bulls not. I'm not sure if the cow in the photo is White, but its hard to see on cows, and on online photos, it could be violet or another, but looks white. Wachuma is a Plant that evolved from the DNA of a Protoplasmatic white ray gray wolf elemental “Inca” man, after he died.

List of Miguel's sons

text by Princess Sophia and Avalokiteshvara

Version 1.2, 29/11/2016

That is too a sum of a lot of what we learned with another friends too.

The earlier decade they had influence was 1970, I think, and then 1950, for sure, its hard to describe they, all I know that they are normally funny and shows sagacity. I think the archangel carries a Sword, that is somehow a symbol of sagacity. He is know to destroy demons, and is invoked for that sometimes, I think that makes some of the blue rays to be represented (or represent themselves) as “heroes”, it can vary. I need to know more about those kind of person.

Countries that evoke his energy because its culture:

  • Italy.

I'll show celebrities from around the world, some fictitious personages that were made in image of a Archangel subconsciously or consciously and animals.


Buffon, Gianluigi.

Daniél Rocha (Alkaline Man).

Thanks for the food tips.

Elvis Presley.

Fredie Mercury.

Iggy Pop

Inès de La Fressange.

Lucas Silveira, (Brazilian Pop musician).

James Dean.

Jim Morrison.

Jimmy Page.

Julio Cesar(goalkeeper).

Keanu Reaves.

Lisa Williams.

A video of her works. A true medium, one of the first I saw. If you see a medium in real life, you gonna notice they act very alike, this is a good way to recognize a medium. Like in the website I got it says: “Lisa Williams is an English-trained medium now working in the USA. As well as being able to give an extraordinary amount of detail of the spirit communicating she seems to be able to capture their body language and mannerisms. She has brought knowledge of mediumship to many people through her television programs.” “Many mediums have passed strict scientific tests. Professor Gary Schwartz and colleagues at the University of Arizona conducted a number of research studies with some of the top mediums in the United States including (in order of working with them) Laurie Campbell, John Edward, Suzanne Northrop, George Anderson. Anne Gehmen, George Dalzell, Allison Dubois, Catherine Yunt, Mary Ann Morgan, Janet Mayer, Christopher Robinson, Traci Bray, Sally Own, Mary Occhino, Debbie Martin, Doreen Molloy, Sally Morgan, Robert Hansen and Angelina Diana. Dr Schwartz writes: These mediums have been tested under experimental conditions that rule out the use of fraud and cold reading techniques commonly used by psychic entertainers and mental magicians. Details of his experiments in the Veritas Program and the published research reports based on them are available on his website The video below, made in 1999, shows Professor Schwartz conducting experiments with five of the mediums.” “HOW CAN THIS BE COLD READING? How could any normal person could get this amount of specific detail from the grieving fiance's body language?“.

Marcos Mion.


Nice pedo reference on the video clip. Lil girls, lollipop, loli, werewolf eating her... Hardy Candy is a jargon for pedo, as a werewolf he says: “Mama told me what I should know, Too much candy gonna rot your soul”, its going indeed. YouTube 6md5RSnVUuo There is another video where he shakes a 'light bar' in front of a kid. “Sucking too hard on your lollipop”... Ok... Lyrics.

Natalie Imbruglia.

Prince Williams.

This evil entity is a knight of the “Order of the Gater.”

Princess Kate.

Another example of evilness.

Rachel Weisz.

Robert Plant.

Sacha Baron Cohen.

Tom Cruise.

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Lubyanka, from “Masterchef Profissional BR”, protoplasmatic soul.

Pleiades visions

text by my friend Avalokiteshvara.

versions 1.4; 23/11/2016.

This text is translated from a resume he wrote about his astral visions communicating with pleiadians.

His descriptions about pleiadians are that they are alike humans, but taller, and very white, with light blond hair, few ones have a darker blond hair, they have a more stretched body and face. Here is some draws he made:

Here are some images we found on internet that looks alike his vision:

He said to me too, that there are other planets on Pleiade with different species, and that he is contacting this one through dreams, and they are telling him stories about humanity, what he said to me personally is way more than what I'll write here, I'll just translate a text he gave me in some papers, later I'll ask him how we can explain better those texts.

He mentioned too, that those pleiadians live in a peaceful planet, that already “past the test”, now the new souls there easily finish the samsara test.

I'll add some images later that aren't made from us, for explanation, I don't know the source of those images anymore.

The Italic texts are my commentaries.

Papers – Page 1

480.000 bc – Nibiru came

Nibiru move itself in the contrary route than the rest of the planets, its a artificial planet, that make part of our galaxy and of Sirius, inhabited by Annunakis (Nefelins), the life is inside the planet and not in the surface. Created to be alike the original planet, Avyon.

“My friend mentioned about this planet being high tech from inside, i noticed that the new 'Star Wars' movie have a planet that is high tech from inside:”

Surface looks like a natural cold planet, image from 'Star Wars' movie.

480.000 – End of the galactical war, commanded by the family of Anu, including Marduk, they came to earth.



Anu's Family

Tiamat – Destroyed planet from the Etherical Sirians and the Felines, they moved to Pegasus, after to Nibiru, they generated a new linage (Amelius), creating the Galactical Federation.

The asteroid belt we believe that could be the remains of Tiamat

Sirians and Felines represented on a Egypt drawing

Niestda – First Governor of Nibiru(Amelius linage), later, beings of Orion become to live on Nibiru(Reptilians and Orion Humans). Anu is the 17th generation after Niestda.

War between Amelius and Reptilians, Anu pretends to destroy Tiamat and Aun(reptilian colony).

After the destruction of Tiamat, Nibiru comes to earth.

Amelius = Annunakis + Felines + Sirians.

Earth belonged to Sirius B, it had links with Acturians, Pleiadians of Aria, Veganians, Capelians, Lemurians, Mutant Lemurians, Reptilians(escaping from Tiamat), humans primates lived on the planet.

Homo Erectus – Was seeded by Felines and Etheric Sirians, they lived in peace at the florests, far from the Lemurians Giants. Earthlings Sirians – They were in the animal degree of life, descendants of Etheric Sirians, leaded by Amelius.

Papers – Page 2

Yus – Mu orientals, descendant from Gray Pleiadians and Red Atlantis. Descendants from the Pleiadian DNA of Atlas, that had connection with earth in the Sirius B era.

A drawing of the Yu people from Mu in Lemuria era.

Altea(Atlas) – Anu's cousin, began the global Atlantis civilization. Anu had as objective to mix the Amelius DNA with the races that lived in earth to create a new race.

Nibiru came to earth to gather gold, to fuel the force camp around the planet, they made a accord with the Christians Sirians, people that got visited by Jesus on Sirius B, to develop with the help of the Felines, a human body with double DNA for the Earthlings Sirians, that were the future generation of the Sirians and they made their animal degree on Lemuria.

Annunakis had spaceships on that period. Drawn on various earth images.

A strange image from Egypt that shows Helicopters, submarines and flying devides

Strange images from Mexico

People from Nibiru that got on earth at that time was from Pleiades of the Reptilians beings with the mix of human genome, developed on Avyon planet, in Vega.

Dna Annunaki on that time = Sirians, Reptilians, Felines, Avyon humans.

Papers – Page 3

Pleiades – 300 different people, various dimensions.

The Annunakis don't respected entirely all the life beings, they made a lot of DNA modifications, wars and destruction. That got coded on the actual Human after the genetic mixtures.

At the first coming of Nibiru, it had lot of Reptilians on Earth, it had a peace agreement between Annunakis and Reptilians. Anu married with Dramin, the Dragon Queen.

Pleiade – The millions of races there developed more the feminine aspect, after Nibiru, they would be experimenting more the masculine aspect. They needed to comprehend the peoples to their spiritual evolution, that is why they too came to earth.

On Lemuria, it had two reptilians people, the Dragon people and the Snake People.

Anu united with the Dragon people and constructed tunnels and magnetic energy lines linking all the earth. Those people made a peace agreement. Anu married again, with the Dragon Princess Namu, from that union, its born Enki, half Annunaki and half Reptilian.

Anu's sons – Enlil, Enki and his daughter Ninhursag.

Ninhursag at right and maybe her brother Enki.

Grandsons – Ninurta, Nannar, Marduk, Thoth.

Anu's Family

It had tensions between Enki and Enlil. So they made a agreement to divide part of the earth.

Papers – Page 4

Annunaki revolt (250.000 bc), after lot work and little development. Enki and Ninhursag needed to create a new race in lab to become workers. That race was the second seeding between Sirians and Felines. The Homo Erectus was chosen to carry this DNA, in union with the Annunaki DNA, creating a completely new race. This new race was called Lulus. Lot of Earthlings Sirians incarnated on those beings.

Lulus being created

Lulus being slaves

Marduk and Dumuzi with the poor Lulus being slaves.

It had two glacial eras, lot of races from earth began to disappear, one of the races that developed was Cro-Magnon, descendant from Atlantis DNA. It had a big union to destroy the dinossaurs in earth, Lemurians animals with reptilian DNA. The Atlantis used energies from crystals, with the help of Marduk, that only wanted the global domination. After the end of the dinosaurs, the Earthlings Sirians completed the animal degree.

Adam and Eva – First beings with twelve DNA helix, descendants of all linage that wandered earth.

Enki donated his sperm to fertilize a egg, given by Nin, this egg was inserted in Ninhursag uterus, that made the Adam origin, the genetic material from Adam was used to make Eva, both grew up together in Eden of Lemuria.

Pre-biblical Adam and Eva image.

Sumerians, Enki and the DNA, showing they knew about this.

Papers – Page 5

Marduk and Lilith were the responsible for the apple incident. The serpent is a symbol of Enki. Marduk used that to favor a plan of global domination of the earth by the reptilians.


Enlil planed that the descendants of Adam would be the earth guardians, that would free the Nibiruans from the karma that accumulated on that planet.

Enki created the Serpent Fraternity for the training of the descendants of Adam, the beginning of what would be the Illuminati. Enki and Enlil conflicted.

Enki taught techniques to manipulate energy, while Enlil was aware of the Divine plan, was descendant of the Felines (people visited by Christ in ancient Tiamat).

It was made a agreement to free the descendants of Adam, so they could follow their own natural evolution, out of Eden limits.

Inanna(Lulu) helped a lot in the development of humanity, on Lemuria, created temples for ceremonies and tantric rituals.

As Lulus multiplication goes, the Annunakis began to copulate with they.

The intersexual has fallen out of control, Enki and Enlil subdivided the territories, to avoid a war between they.

Sumerians couldn't control themselves with the Lulus, and began to fornicate those(since those were slaves, and maintained on ignorance, they were used as sex slaves without seeing nothing bad about it, on innocence).

Innana husband Dumuzi(Marduk's brother).

Innana Marriage.

Innana = Ishtar = Aphrodite = Isis = Venus = Hathor = Lakshmi.

Ishtar or Innana.

By what me and my friend were talking, Inanna, was nice and respectful about sexuality, but later she got revolted with a war on Egypt and she began to practice sexual misconduct. She is Purple ray(Muriel's daughter) Inanna Tantric temples, with some practices after she became pervert. Before that, it had only the White Tantra path, a tantra without sex, then it had the Red Tantra path and the Black Tantra path, I don't recommend the last two. As you can see, I'm extremely puritan, not that you should agree or not.

Papers – Page 6

Lot years later, on Atlantis, Marduk and their reptilian allies dominated Atlantis with the use of the power of the giant crystal. In principle, that was to give power to airplanes and submarines. That divided the Atlantis society between the interested in spirituality and the one toward the reptilians technology.

Atlantis began in a period in the end of Lemuria. It yet had Atlantis and Lemurians living in earth at same time for a period.

Marduk was the responsible for the end of Lemuria. Atracting a comet to earth with the help of the giant crystal, generating a great impact.

A artistic representation of a giant crystal of Atlantis. I noticed that on Evangelion anime, it talks about it and mostly of that story, check up Dragon Ball Z, there are lot of hidden signal that the anime tells the Lemuria stories(dinosaurs with humans and things like that). On this episode, Gohan finds a cave that he thinks could be Lemurian ruins, he then find a robot, maybe Dragon Ball author knew about Lemuria, dinosaurs and ancient technology, in fact, I think Dragon Ball Z, on Freeza history, is in fact a Lemuria story.

Marduk was the responsible to the destruction of the “firmament”, five kilometers layer of humidity, the man couldn't see the sun and the moon until now, because that, the sky were orange and on Lemuria it had a immense green garden. There was the firmament, filtering the solar rays. That made the “forty days and forty nights”, because the firmament collapsed slowly.


Seth(Marduk's son) used the great pyramid to realize the task.

The Egyptian empire already existed on Atlantis.

Finally had a war between Enlil and Enki, forever rivals. The earth suffered much, God sent the flood, that he already had announced by signals.

Papers – Page 7

Enlil escaped with the Annunakis. Innana and Nihursag, cried about the end of the Lulus.

Some people survived, other races dissipated forever. Noah(Ziusudra) saved the genetic material of the creatures on submarines, saved too Enki and his family and some Lulus.

Enki and Enlil tried again the peace.

New Earth – 11.000bc

The Noah family began to live and cultivate the mount Moriah, that after became Jerusalem. Enki went to live in the Egypt with their descendants, Osiris and Seth.

Adad, son of Enlil, began to gather gold on South America.

Grandsons of Anu – Ninurta, Nannar, Utu, Inanna, Seth, Osiris, Ninhursag and Marduk.

Marduk = Ra, Amon Ra.

Me and my friend talked about it, and we discovered that Marduk is the physical emanation of Demiurgue, we share this in the other papers.

Small papers – Page 1

Its just a list:

  • Annunaki created Nibiru;
  • There lived Annunakis, Felines, Etheric Sirians and later, Reptilians;
  • War between Annunakis and Reptilians;
  • Anu destroyed Tiamat(Reptilian's colony) and some Reptilians escaped to Earth;
  • Annunakis needed gold for Nibiru and came to earth later;
  • Sirians needed to complete the seven degree, and asked to annunakis develop a new body with the help of the Felines, in Earth;
  • Peace between Annunakis/Reptilians;
  • Anu marry with Dramin(Reptilian) and have Enlil as a son;
  • Anu marry with Namu(Reptilian) and have Enki as son and Ninhursag as daughter;
  • Enlil and Enki divided the Earth;
  • Enki and Ninhursag create the Lulu's race to slave it, with the DNA of the Sirians, Felines, Homo Erectus and Annunaki;
  • Glacial era.

Small papers – Page 2

List 2:

  • The race Sirians wanted is created, with the Enki's DNA and Ninhursag(Adam and Eve). Marduk and Lilith were the responsible for the apple, the plan of global domination by the reptilians;
  • Enki created the serpent fraternity, to command the Adam's descendants;
  • Innana(Lulu) create tantric temples on Lemuria;
  • Marduke dominated Atlantis with giant Crystals and attracted a meteor to earth, destroying Lemuria and dinosaurs;
  • Egyptian empire began, with Marduk and his son, Seth;
  • War between Enlil and Enki;
  • Flood(On Atlantis), new Earth 11.000bc;
  • Enki was going to live on Egypt with his sons, Seth and Osiris;
  • Enlil went to South America;
  • Marduk = Amon Ra, Ra.

Papers 2 – page A

Pyramids – Ningishzida(Thoth), with ancestors Feline and Carians(Couldn't read it well), constructed it on Giza. Marduk governed Egypt after the Atlantis fall, and made enormous statues of himself (Amon Ra).

Because a different body, Lulus and humans believed that he was a God, there was the Marduk code, to be respected though tyranny. The Giza Pyramid(Ekur) had a vibratory frequency of the solar house of Nibiru. The one that controlled it, controlled Earth. Marduk and Nergal fought for Ekur, Marduk won.

Seth murdered Osiris and Horus(son of Osiris), planned revenge. 1st Pyramid war. The Annunakis divided in two groups, Enlitites and Enkites, that fought the 2nd Pyramid war, Three hundred years later, Enlil chose Ninurta as a chief to destroy Marduk, moving a big army. The war finished with the intervention of Ninhursag, that kept with the Pyramids(8.600bc). Those were access to the Sirius solar system, all Pleiadians have three pyramids, to receive energy of the plasma. Inanna = Ishtar/Isis/Venus/Afrodite/Hatmor/Lakshmi Babel tower – DNA disconnection, neolithic period, independent humans civilizations, Sumerians appears, Annunaki's descendants. Marduk create the Babel Tower, the human beings had to fall on the spectrum of life so they could stop to do what they were doing and to continue from where they stopped.

My friend told me Marduk was incarnated as the King of Babylon, and then made the Babel tower, I researched about, and I found a interesting text, the Sumerians have a text called “Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta”, that Enmerkar of Uruk construct a massive Ziggurat on Eridu and both rival Gods, Enki and Enlil, end up confunding the language of all humanity as colateral effect of their discussion. Maybe Marduk was this Enmerkar guy? Its funny because me and my friend never heard the Enki and Enlil until the Pleiadians began to talk, later we discovered those existed, all I'm translating are from his visions, we didn't knew it could have real life histories that matches those histories we are telling until we decided to publish this text

When I was talking to my friend, he told me more, its not on this paper, but I'll translate here anyway: “Marduk – Tried to elevate the Babel Tower to contact the 'Gods'(Nibiru), Enlil destroyed that one with a 'Vimana shot'. The people separated, the DNAs were uniting when they were constructing the tower, then the 5th body(that already existed) was the body that everyone began to rebirth(reincarnate). I believe that the pre-sanskrit was the universal language and it began to disappear with the time after this happened(after the people separated)“.

Papers 2 – page B

3.700bc – Nibiru's return, neolithic. Enlil create the human calendar, Alulim become Earth governor(Sumerian half Annunaki). 3.400bc – Babel Tower, spaceship with launching pad, slave Lulus/humans, Enlil tried to stop the project and destroyed the tower with particles ray, lot died with radiation. God separated the Lulus/Humans so they could develop alone, changing their idiom, all that history got erased from people mind, that forgot their earthling/Annunakis/Reptilian origin. God modified the DNA of the people at this moment. Marduk and Inanna began to fight for Egypt from now. Marduk kill Dumuzi(His own brother and Inanna's husband). The Egyptian people respected Inanna and their Feline origins, Marduk had to flee and got hidden in Ekur pyramid, Utu(Inanna's brother) call Enlil, that invoke his father image, Anu, that propose a judgement to finish that situation. Inanna decide to imprison Marduk forever in Ekur, his water and food would deplet. Marduk's mother supplicate to Enki with his Wife-Sister. Sarpanit(Lilith) and Marduk got freed... Thoth went to Mexico to begin his next civilization(3.113bc), taking the image of serpent and of the eagle (Thoth is Ibis on Egypt). Inanna went to India, married with Sargon e began the Acadian Empire. (She)created tantric temples alike the ones of Lemuria. Tara – Serpent Princess, together with Ninhursag and Inanna, the women image was beginning to become more powerful on earth and on Nibiru.

Papers 2 – page C

Marduk = Mart god, of the war. (This is one of his aspects.) At this time, it was discovered the importance of the Love virtue(Samkhya), the energy that God used as the primordial reason of the universe. Innana and Tara made the India a good place on earth. Sargon and Innana governed Acadia pacifically (2300 – 2279bc). Marduk destroyed with plasma guns all the plantations, the people got hungry and revolted against Sargon, it had a great war, Inanna got out of control and everyone from Anu's family had to intervene. Acadia, Sumeria and Babylon got devastated. The family fought between themselves, destroying everything. Marduk began to dedicate on Mart, Inanna went to Nibiru with her mother, Enki and Enlil kept fighting for the Earth. After a time, Anu's family rebuild cities again. Enlil and Anu needed to contaim Marduk, Enki was impotent. (They)Destroyed all Babylon with a Plutonium gun, however, the wind spread radiation everywhere. Abraham(Nibiruans descedant) destroyed the cities of Sodoma and Gomorra and received that area as a legacy, later, it was know as Canaan. Moses too descend from Nibiruans. The wars on Earth don't stopped, pests and hungriness. The Intergalactic council had to intervene, the Anu's family felt small near the important names of all the universe, the Earth's “games” were going too far. The Nibiruans violated the council when they modified the DNA of the peoples and to spread radiation on the Galaxy.

Papers 2 – page D

Anu's family lost powers and privileges. Marduk trained secretly a army on Mart, Anu went to a neighbor system, Enki and Innana went to the serpents reign, on the Earth underground, Enlil went with Anu. Marduk kept with the control of Nibiru and of Earth, controlled a plan to reduce the humans women, intervene in the Christians churches to burn people, the Reptilian's clergyman began to control the world with the Illuminati order. Marduk placed on the moon, a electromagnetic apparatus that connected with women ovulation cycles. Created the industry, increased the materialism and the vague work. [They]Bet on fear as a way of control, like on Egypt. Marduk = 4th dimensional aspect of Satan. To beat Marduk, there is the necessity to recode DNA. The real Earth heirs are the descendants of the Etherical Sirians, all humans have this DNA.

A friend, me, and Avalokiteshvara were once talking about Akhenaten, on my friends vision Egyptian pharaohs used the different body they had to bring fear and obedience to their slaves, and Akhenaten, said that there were only on God, so people shouldn't worship those fake gods, of course, the evil one don't liked much this, and painted Akhenaten as a enemy.

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text by Princess Sophia

Version 1.3, 23/11/2016

A small edit from a friend was added at a part of my text to fix the clarity of what was being talked.

Some links posting to help you understand my points, I'll add more links.

Some images.

Causal realm - 1st Dimensioning.

At first it was only the existence, and it was infinite. The existence was absolute. Then, from the spectrum, it have stimulus(ω) and form(α), The stimulus is the tonnage, the form is the timbre, Both united is the syllable(logos). Twelve lights came from it so.

Each conscience then came from a archangel; Your conscience is your first body, the causal body; It is just stimulus(ω) and form(α); Each harmonic margin of the stimulus then saturated; And that became yours chakras. Each virtue you have, and the way you express in the world, is dependent or change in accord with the stimulus of your causal body; each virtue you have, you condensate in a jewel in the causal realm; you can then do that virtue absolutely. Condensation of a heart chakra virtue.

Each sureness you have, and the way you identify the world, is dependent or change in accord with the form of your causal body; each sureness you have, you condensate in a key in the causal realm; you can then access that portal absolutely. Each design means a different timbre, and each timbre open certain doors, that makes you access unlimited information while you stay with the door open.

Matthew 6:19: “19 Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: 20 But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: 21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also..”

Treasures in heaven are the jewels and the keys, “for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” is the coordinate, where your conscience is, the first condensation(dimension).

α (Timbre/Form/Sureness/Identity/Order/Concrete/Exterior/Boards); ω (Tonnage/Stimulus/Virtues/Expression/Chaos/Abstract/Interior/Nucleus).

As you can see, we are not absolute in all tonnages and timbres, but we are absolute in our own tonnage and timbre, because we are from a place that only us can fit. the 1hz fits only in the 1hz area, the 10hz, fits only in the 10hz area, the 100khz, fits only in the 100khz area; If you break a cup, each piece belongs to a certain place; That is the same logic to everything in the universe; A cup cant work without a piece; Like the nerves on your brain look the entire brain for a information that is left for its calculations, we subconsciously look for another people to find information to our nerves, consequently we need to glue ourselves together; In that matter we are absolute in being ourselves; Because we are the piece that is left; We are needed for everyone; Only us can do what we do, even if is too abstract to find itself in the world of the humans. We received in our physical body, the pineal gland as a gift from the causal body. That is the causal realm, the first dimension, the coordinate. Causal Body and the chakras

Astral realm - 2nd Dimensioning.

The causal realm condensed, or better, the stimulus and form condensed. It now found itself in four places, the least condensed(lets call it wind), the incandescent(lets call it fire), the liquefied(lets call it water) and the most condensed(lets call it earth). Those chackras then condensed too, and formed 33 segments(kundalini), and a matrix body, with the union of the coordinates of our causal body, the coordinate body(stimulus and form). It now ramified(dimensioned) the alpha and omega. It is now: αα(Intelect/Reasons/Strategy/Wind); αω(Knowledge/Thoughs/Technique/Fire); ωα(Wisdom/Emotions/Tatics/Earth); ωω(Comprehension/Feelings/Skills/Water).

We now have seven coordinates. When we dream, we are using this body, normally people project astrally inside their own bodies, that is the dream world you live, with the cities you made, with the spirits that are created from you, wandering there as unknown persons, animals, plants or/and fungus, all created with your spirit, like God created us with his verb(logos). However, you can use your dream state to project outside of your body. Our causal body(conscience), moves our astral body(soul); Since each of the souls virtues are fragmented causal virtues, and the causal body is fragment of God; We received in our physical body, the bones as a gift from the astral body. That is the astral realm, the second dimension, the matrix.

Etherical realm - 3rd Dimensioning.

The astral realm condensed. And each combination of alpha and omega condensed too. ααα <– Logic; ωαα <– Projection; αωα <– Information; ααω <– Cognition; ωωα <– Understanding; ωαω <– Notion; αωω <– Coherence; ωωω <– Empathy; Now we have fourteen coordinates. Our etherical body is the body of Ecstasy(ω) and Epiphanies(α). Your etherical body is your mind, it is your spirit. Its the body we communicate with lower spirits and lost souls. Its the body of transitions, and is the realm where we can canalize a soul inside our physical body. In the ether realm, things can be registered, the etherical register, unconscious collective, Akashic records. Some people after getting in coma or in a ecstasy can grab those informations from the air. When we are sleeping, before we dream, we hear strange voices telling strange things, those are canalized voices from ether realm, that means you activated your etherical body, the voices you hear depends of how your aura is, each body have a aura for it. Our causal body(conscience), moves our astral body(soul), that moves our etherical body(mind); Since each of the etherical virtues are fragmented astral virtues, and the astral body is fragment of the causal body, that is fragmented from God; We received in our physical body, the organs as a gift from the etherical body. That is the ether realm, the third dimension, the emanation.

Psychical realm - 4th Dimensioning.

Then ether condensed Then a line was made, the ether condensed in light. That margin is called Maya. Light is already something too much condensed. Each combination of alpha and omega condensed too. αααα <– 1 ωααα <– 2 αωαα <– 3 ααωα <– 4 αααω <– 5 ωωαα <– 6 ωαωα <– 7 αωωα <– 8 αωαω <– 9 ααωω <– 10 ωααω <– 11 ωωαω <– 12 ωαωω <– 13 αωωω <– 14 ωωωα <– 15 ωωωω <– 16 Now we have 42 coordinates. Our psych body is the body of Performance(ω) and Poetics(α). Its the body we communicate with the fantasy world. This body, since its made of light, its like programming, it is what you program it to be. This body is just made with commands, insects only have this body, for a insect, if the light is on = day, and if not = night, we too, if we say, “Im the one that drinks”, when someone offer us a cup of a drink, we drink it. This body is the so called ego, its made of appearance and self image, we shouldn't care about self image but we do have one. This body is the personality, if you think you are your personality, you are under Maya, you personality changes each life, but your essence(conscience, causal body) can carry all your possible personalities. This body is made only with culture and education, each time you die, it is killed, you learn another culture, another education, another language, another traditions. Don't worship your personality, your I, your self-image, your psych. Don't worship what is part of your culture, of your education, those are material tools that keeps on material world after you vanish. Don't worship another personalities and their deeds, or else you are worshiping his lower body that is so faulty as yours. Your psych is only nerves and your brain, it dies, rot on earth and become dirty. The psych just shows beautiful kaleidoscopes, and some sounds and figures, but you can't understand astral realm or contact spirits from there, take care if you hear one of those figures talking with you on that realm, it can be your own brain illusion to you, or a spirit inside you, using your brain and memories. Our causal body(conscience), moves our astral body(soul), that moves our etherical body(mind), that moves our psych body; Since each of the psych virtues are fragmented etherical virtues, that is a fragment of astral body, that is a fragment of the causal body, that is fragmented from God; We received in our physical body, the nerves as a gift from the psych body. That is the psych realm, the forth dimension, the light.

Physical realm - 5th Dimensioning.

And of course that light condensed, and its now the atom. The atom then created your cells and your physical body. It followed the occult realms bodies like you do. Our physical body is the body of Necessities(ω) and Instincts(α). Your body is just a flask, it isn't you, its made by you, like when you make your own pot. Your body is a animal, it reacts like a animal, and we because our conscience, makes this animal suffers our pain, our sadness, but this animal shouldn't be treated as that, its a borrowed body, that you must give back. If you knew yourself as another person, you wouldn't like to see this person suffering, but we being ourselves we normally think we are less than this another person, but you aren't this person, be friend of your animal(body), and make him obedient but not a robot. You can talk to your body, just use you thoughts and check his subconscious reactions. You can do the same to another persons body, think aiming they, and check their subconscious reaction. Normally people fell something in their nose or throat when you think bad things to they. The person would react subconsciously in the same way they would react consciously. Since they don't know that consciously, they would keep trying to find subconsciously who is doing that, and strange effects can happen, take care with that. If you see people smiling and laughing, if you think bad things to they, they will probably stop laughing, sometimes one or another says a last thing and everyone gets quiet later, things get boring, take care, you sometimes can make the day of someone bad because that, or that person can avoid going back to the place you did it because he fell “strange” there. That too is a technique to talk to your higher bodies and the other persons higher bodies, studying the subconscious reactions of people after you think something to they, you can learn how to have telepathy. Since that is all our conscience that controls, you talk from your causal body to another causal body, I'll explain later this effect. Since your body is a flask, spirits can get inside it and use its brain, memories, heart, emotions, feelings and more... Lower etherical spirits lives with things of the earth, so they would avoid to die starving, they use the voice on your head to bring you to addictions so that spirit won't die starving. Everything you have conscience instantly writes on your DNA. The DNA is the intelligence, the register. When you die, your DNA spread to plants and animals, and teach things to they. Having a happy life, dieng naturally, can create a good register in your DNA, and that would create a better body for someone with problem reincarnate. We can code things that dont exist on earth, and code causal virtues, its us that create the evolution. Animals that have contact with humans, like dogs, learn to release more oxytocin near us, we human, teach animals to be more loveful, we can code animals DNA with a mere example of being, we as human should teach all animals and re code all DNAs with godly virtues, and if a virtue is not nominated on earth, we create it and code it on our DNA. If you think something, that codes your DNA, so everything is possible to be coded in our DNA. Our duty here is to code a good DNA for the new souls, for the animals and another life beings. We should make certain our personal virtues survive. Love, morality, peace, happiness, hope, and more are infinite. We can't let ourselves be overwhelmed by a culture of the “age of reason” which attempts to discredit our feelings and emotions. There is no reason without those qualities. These exist; everything exists, whatever polar argument outsiders give to you, you can reflect it back. If you are told you shouldn't believe in love or morality because you are only programmed with these beliefs, respond by saying they should believe in love or morality because they have been programmed to avoid it. There is nothing that is not programmed; hypnotists say we always are being hypnotized. We are always being manipulated in Neuroprogramming linguistics. We are always being influenced subconsciously by psychology. So it is up to you to decide what to honor within yourself. I decide to keep programming the morality and love code on myself. I'll not let love die. Lot of persons passed by earth and coded things on our DNA, we can see those on astral projections. Jesus let the “Jesus passion” DNA code in our bodies, and that is giving problems to the evil organizations that knows about it. We can see ancient entities because they too are written on our DNA code, in fact the entire history of the universe is written on our DNA. So we, with our upper bodies, program what gonna happen in earth, we create the codes, with the codes we create life, and of course life is not resumed only on that. For me, like we made dogs become loveful to humans, we should do the same to the entire universe, and make humans more loveful to humans, for that we should love even our enemies, so there is no semantic failures on our Love Code. Our causal body(conscience), moves our astral body(soul), that moves our etherical body(mind), that moves our psych body, that moves our physical body; Since each of the physical body virtues are fragmented psych virtues, that is a fragment of etherical body, that is a fragment of the astral body, that is a fragment of the causal body, that is fragmented from God; We received in our physical body, the cells. That is the matter realm, the fifth dimension, the atom.

Dimensional Projection.

We see things by the other side, we have a one dimension vision, and we only see matter realm, then after we have a two dimensions vision, we see psych realm, then after we have a three dimension vision, we see ether realm, then after we have a four dimensions vision, we see astral realm, then after we have a five dimensions vision, we see causal realm, the paradise.

My text explaining a friend about how to astral project: “You have five bodies, Causal, Astral, Etherical, Psych, physical.

To you learn astral projection you'll need lot of training, its not something you learn in few days.

There are things i call Jewels and Keys, more Jewels and keys you have, more stuffs you see in astral projection.

The best way i teach people about it is describing the steps you get before dreaming.

When you see just black, you are using your Physical body;

Then after a while, random colors and sounds appear, with a psychedelic feeling, but they are too much abstract, some figures appear, but they just appear, when you are seeing that, you are using your Psych body;

After a while, you gonna get in a trance like state, you gonna hear strange voices, telling typical stuffs, things like “I made a cake yesterday, it was good”, “Oh, i wished i could sell that car”, and things like that, when you are hearing that, you are hearing what we call Etherical register(Unconscious collective, by science), so for that, you need to be using your etherical body;

After a while, you'll dream, when you dream, you are using your astral body, but you are traveling inside your own body.

This state is very hard to control, since its a dimension beyond, the 4th dimension;

Then, after a while, you get in a state that mostly people just blank out when they reach there, its the causal realm, that realm is hard to reach with conscience, if you do, you gonna see crazy things”

Sources that can sum to what i'm talking about(i'll add more): * A website talking about quantum physics mechanics, giving some tips about everything being stimulus and form(vibration/wave). * Wikipedia about Quantum Mechanics. * A video with a collection of talks about quantum mechanics and conscience. * A website i found in a fast search that talks that everything came from vibrations, the same i said about stimulus and form, interesting read, but with some ads. * Neurons constantly rewrite DNA – Medicalxpress. * Psychology Today article about animals and human oxytocin relations. * Dogs, cats and oxytocin. * Dogs understand human smiles.

This text ends here, but I'll write way more stuffs, wait new versions of it.