List of Luciel's sons

text by Princess Sophia and Avalokiteshvara

Version 1.1, 29/11/2016

That is too a sum of a lot of what we learned with another friends too.

Luciel got the name Lucifer after what he done.

Its now a rare ray, but I think it will be back at 2022. I think its time was at renascence and/or in the enlightenment, if not both. Luciel was the archangel that created the Fashion, so its normal that their sons become fashionistas. I don't need to say that his works are normally extremely beautiful, but, because what he did, his sons tends to join Rosicrucian and Freemasonry, both uses Luciel magick, as you can see, Rosicrucian have this egypt seduction magick alike on Luciel's aura; Freemasons too, they dress with nice suits and pretty temples, things well detailed, white colors, but all with that Luciel's aura, a extreme complex beauty. The Rosicrucian and Freemasons pop musics normally are extremely well produced and all, with great chorus, intensity, epic, saturated, very harmonic and more, even if they have a evil message behind it all. Luci = Light, Lucid; El = Emanation (but not exactly), Luciel, The emanation of the Lucid.

I'll show celebrities from around the world, some fictitious personages that were made in image of a Archangel subconsciously or consciously and animals.


I can't identify if its green or transparent the Adam Driver's ray, so I don't listed it here.


Dudu Bertholini.

Not much information.

Joe Biden.

Marilyn Manson.

I think its obvious that he is a black mage.

Meredith Monk.

Oscar Wilde.

Ronaldo Ésper.

Yves Saint Laurent.



Demiurgue is transparent ray, and is described as that in mostly gnostic arts, Aeon flux is a gnostic tale. Demiurgue is the same as Kronos, as Saturn, as Odin, as Kali, as Amon Ra, as Nimrod and as Moloch, all transparent ray beings.


Maybe he is Demiurgue.

Kaworu Nagisa.

Maybe he is Lucifer. Evangelion is a anime filled with Jew and occult magick.