List of Miguel's sons

text by Princess Sophia and Avalokiteshvara

Version 1.2, 29/11/2016

That is too a sum of a lot of what we learned with another friends too.

The earlier decade they had influence was 1970, I think, and then 1950, for sure, its hard to describe they, all I know that they are normally funny and shows sagacity. I think the archangel carries a Sword, that is somehow a symbol of sagacity. He is know to destroy demons, and is invoked for that sometimes, I think that makes some of the blue rays to be represented (or represent themselves) as “heroes”, it can vary. I need to know more about those kind of person.

Countries that evoke his energy because its culture:

I'll show celebrities from around the world, some fictitious personages that were made in image of a Archangel subconsciously or consciously and animals.


Buffon, Gianluigi.

Daniél Rocha (Alkaline Man).

Thanks for the food tips.

Elvis Presley.

Fredie Mercury.

Iggy Pop

Inès de La Fressange.

Lucas Silveira, (Brazilian Pop musician).

James Dean.

Jim Morrison.

Jimmy Page.

Julio Cesar(goalkeeper).

Keanu Reaves.

Lisa Williams.

A video of her works. A true medium, one of the first I saw. If you see a medium in real life, you gonna notice they act very alike, this is a good way to recognize a medium. Like in the website I got it says: “Lisa Williams is an English-trained medium now working in the USA. As well as being able to give an extraordinary amount of detail of the spirit communicating she seems to be able to capture their body language and mannerisms. She has brought knowledge of mediumship to many people through her television programs.” “Many mediums have passed strict scientific tests. Professor Gary Schwartz and colleagues at the University of Arizona conducted a number of research studies with some of the top mediums in the United States including (in order of working with them) Laurie Campbell, John Edward, Suzanne Northrop, George Anderson. Anne Gehmen, George Dalzell, Allison Dubois, Catherine Yunt, Mary Ann Morgan, Janet Mayer, Christopher Robinson, Traci Bray, Sally Own, Mary Occhino, Debbie Martin, Doreen Molloy, Sally Morgan, Robert Hansen and Angelina Diana. Dr Schwartz writes: These mediums have been tested under experimental conditions that rule out the use of fraud and cold reading techniques commonly used by psychic entertainers and mental magicians. Details of his experiments in the Veritas Program and the published research reports based on them are available on his website The video below, made in 1999, shows Professor Schwartz conducting experiments with five of the mediums.” “HOW CAN THIS BE COLD READING? How could any normal person could get this amount of specific detail from the grieving fiance's body language?“.

Marcos Mion.


Nice pedo reference on the video clip. Lil girls, lollipop, loli, werewolf eating her... Hardy Candy is a jargon for pedo, as a werewolf he says: “Mama told me what I should know, Too much candy gonna rot your soul”, its going indeed. YouTube 6md5RSnVUuo There is another video where he shakes a 'light bar' in front of a kid. “Sucking too hard on your lollipop”... Ok... Lyrics.

Natalie Imbruglia.

Prince Williams.

This evil entity is a knight of the “Order of the Gater.”

Princess Kate.

Another example of evilness.

Rachel Weisz.

Robert Plant.

Sacha Baron Cohen.

Tom Cruise.

Tom Jobim.

Tracey Torn.

Tupac Shakur.

Winona Ryder.



Goku and Gohan(pink ray).

Hiko Seijūrō.


Kenshin and Kamiya Kaoru(pink ray).

Ryoji Kaji.

Ryu, from “Street Fighter”, based on the anime.

Spike Spiegel.


Looking for some.

Random images/persons

Lubyanka, from “Masterchef Profissional BR”, protoplasmatic soul.