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Version 1.0, 30/11/2016

“Don't worry, you ones are in peace, keep in peace, I give for you all my peace, your sons are extensions of your hand, and so the peace will reach distance, and it will dawn after the leaf falls.” (After post-apocalypse, there will be a new White ray crop, because people will feed themselves with peace spirit, that will bring white ray sons, long time no new white ray crop, the leaf falling is the count down to Demiurge society falling).

This is about 2022, I now now what it means. Watch out for 2017 and 2018 too. I finally understood this vision, I talk on my article: [Removed], the torch is the knowledge and the scroll the rhetoric for that to happen.

This is a draw I made to represent what I saw about Demiurgue and society after I saw it on a vision.

I commented a vision I had in a another website, its not much and nothing people couldn't figure, I'll post with some corrections: “Then they will explode the mid-orient, and in a dream i had, not exactly with this words, they will say, “Oh look what happen if you believe in God, or in those fantasies, you will do crazy things, like suicide yourself for a invisible man in the sky, we need a new secular order, based on rationality, without those fantasies, a order based on Fraternity, Liberty(For immorality ), Equality(Pseudo-Equality, or better excess of rules)”, and people would love this rhetoric, and applaud, and then, after some time, since the Masons hate morality, they even avoid to use this word, they will say morality is just a concept made by men(since when what they offer aren't just a concept), then everybody will be too much pervert, and they will say “its nature of the human being pervert, we shouldn't be married, that is a idea from the oppressor, look at us, we are too much pervert to be monogamous, its nature of the human, we can't hold this, we need to fuck whenever and with whatever we choose too, without a alliance with a single being with a specific genre”, then in the era of the supposedly “reason”, they will say that “love is just a beautiful concept made to program humans to the patriarch of the marriage, and that we should just make sex for a fraternal agreement, because we are like brothers and we all like pleasures, that shouldn't be tabooed, because its a nature thing”, some people would still accept the love idea, but they would lose in the rhetoric and they would say they know love don't exist but they like to practice, until it turns to looks so dumb, that those surrender from love, then after some years, they will say, that for a right control of this increasing population, and for the “reason” era that is secular and don't believe in God, the people would need to use a mark(Chip?) to buy and do civil activities, then after a while, they will say that for the era of “reason”, they will have to eliminate some humans, that aren't worth of living and we are reaching a super population(All lie, there is lot of proofs that the main problem of the supposedly super population would be the own Demiurguist system), then for the “reason” era, people will agree, then would take no time to appear the Mandi, and he would reveal everything to everyone, and he will make unbelievers turn to believers, and he will talk with each religious with they own religion, then the evil would have to shut him up, and will make the antichrist appear, and he will do some shit rhetoric, that at first will not convince, but he will do some “miracles” and people will say, “even if the Mandi have a nice point, this guy appears to be Christ, he does miracles, so he must be telling the true”, and then people will follow the AntiChrist, and get over the Mandi, then Jesus will appear and save the Mandi, and bring the truth, the proud ones will follow the antichrist, the faithful, the Christ, then Christ would lead us to safety, because, being son of God, he knows where to go, and the apocalypse would destroy those that followed the antichrist... That was the vision i had...

The Arabians, says, that will be easy to recognize the antichrist, they say he will be blind of the left eye, and said that those that can see with another vision, will see that is written “lier”(i dont remember well) on his forehead, it have a list of another things he will do, its easy to find, even wikipedia have.”

That can take very long to happen