List of Archangel's sons

text by Princess Sophia

Version 1.1, 29/11/2016

I'll make a article to talk about Archangels and some of their role in the world, then I'll edit this page and link to there (DONE), from now, I'll post a list of the Archangel's son to you understand it by its essence and comparison, instead of only words, I think there are indescribable things about it to fit on only words, so try to understand it by its essence.

Archangels aren't dependent of Numerology, Zodiac, personality, culture and education, those changes from life to life when you reincarnate, but archangel essence keeps on you for eternity, I don't mean those dont have effects, it sure does. Archangel's ray don't change when you die and reincarnate, so if you are unsure about a past life, see if it have the same ray as you have, because you can't have a different ray from another life. You carry causal symbols too, and you have a elemental(animal[or another] first life), those don't change from life to life.

Archangels changes everything on you, since the way your hair and nail grows, to the way the Karma reacts to you, your face, your body, your expression, you smile, the Three of Life branches, Souls of angels, souls of souls, souls of a different species(Reptialians, Annunakis)... Everything, I really mean it. But the best way to you understand it its by finding the standards between the sons, so I'll let a list to you understand it better by your own comparison.

Brown and Orange Archangel stopped to give sons, they are helping by influence now.

A list of each archangel, I gave a word to describe each virtue they give, but don't care about the words:

“Angels and demons can't cross over into our plane. So instead we get what I call “half-breeds.” The influence peddlers. They can only whisper in our ears. A single word can give you courage, or turn your favorite pleasure into your worst nightmare. Those with the demon's touch and those part angel, living alongside us. They call it The Balance. I call it hypocritical bullshit.” – Constantine.

As you can see, there are sons of Angels, mixed and sons of demons. Demiurgue say to us, good can't exist without evil, but he is lying, he calls it “The Balance. I call it hypocritical bullshit”, there is only light and lack of light, but no absolute darkness, evil is faded to destruction, there is Goodness and lack of goodness, things will quantitatively grows the benevolence, and “The truth will be revealed”.

“Heaven and hell are right here, behind every wall, every window, the world behind the world. And we're smack in the middle.” – Constantine talking about things being as in heaven as in earth.

That is a important thing to know to understand magick.

As you can see, they talk “Occultish”, like english, or spanish. They talk in a way those that understand are on the loop and they don't need to worry. We talk like in a web, surface web, deep web, occult web, talking between the details, people try to find here and there and find nowhere, the keys to understanding are behind the curtains, but “Truth will be revealed”.