text by Princess Sophia

Version 1.0, Work in Progress, 10/03/2016

Since I can't save drafts, this is still a Work in Progress. This is just a unorganized scratch yet, I'll add images and way more.

Auras vary a lot, but some are more fixed, auras are the vibrational emanation of anything that is “turned on”, it can be anything, since abstract events, till entities, acts or dealings; Everything have a aura, everything, I have not seen yet something without a aura, for sure there are intensities of aura, but since everything came from the spiritual emanations, for that, everything have a aura. The mostly common thing people analyze in auras, its your spiritual manifestation (your etheric manifestation) and you chakras. But bigger things can be seen by auras, each promise you do, keeps a light hanging in the “other side” and then, you can see that too. There is the physical aura, but there are another auras, that you'll not see with your “eyes”, if you know what I mean. Some website, claim that certain colors are bad, for me, the color is the expression, the timbre is the identity, so its not the color that is bad, and yes the identity of the color, I saw people saying bad about certain aura colors, mainly, black, red or white, the colors aren't bad, and yes the identity, white color can mean pureness, divinity, peace, but you'll know which one is which from its timbre, is it the timbre of pureness? Is it the timbre of peace? But sometimes, the white color can mean, ignorance, some people that lacks spiritual knowledge, sees images of being in a infinitely empty white room, sometimes the medium color of our dreams its the same of our aura (not always), in a scene of “Pirates of Caribbean” where he sees multiply “I”s and crabs guides his boat, this shows Jack's lack of spiritual knowledge (count that Hollywood knows well about the occult, in fact, the best black mages are normally disguised as normal celebrities):


Ok, I said all this, just to explain, that, sometimes you see a white aura and it means different things, in this case, Jack would be in a white aura, but not the same aura as someone that have a white aura of peace. Sometimes we dream with alike tonnages of our aura appearing more than the other colors, and its like the “ambient” color of your dreams.

Auras affects other people, is you get near some people, they will have a subconscious reaction to your aura, you can sometimes even see how big is your aura because of that, there is a “dome” part of the aura, when someone “enters your dome”, they will have a subconscious reaction, sometimes looking up, or down, or pausing something he was doing, normally its common that they pause their talks when they enter this “dome aura”. You auras can give bad things to people, if you have certain emotion, certain habit, practiced recently certain sexual act, it can affect people, and yes, some can see it (I do, and its nasty, you all nasty, all, girls and boys, all nasty auras), in a more broad example, in a book I'm reading, “A Verdade Sobre os Incas- Roselis Von Sass”, very good right now, I'll translate some parts of it, it talks about the Inca vision of Auras: (...) The strength deposited by the Creator in our spirits its so strong and luminous, that bypass our souls and evolve our bodies in a veil of luminous colors. This spiritual halo (aura) shines in beautiful and pure colors only in those persons that have found the light side of the life. In other human beings those “veils” don't shine. Otherwise! They are impure, just like it was defiled. Now the foreigner medic comprehended. Not only the human being are circled by the luminous “fog” (...) And those rays contain in it, between other properties, also curative force... (...) Humans beings with dirty shadows must be considered like sicks. Their souls are contaminated by evils, transmitting them to weaker creatures.


This is a Inca Idea of aura, but its so alike our occidental and oriental description of aura and their effect. How could people native from America describe the same characteristics and effects of the aura as the other continents/tribes/religions? Maybe because it exist? Hehe... So, yes, we can see your nasty aura, your sins, and it does affect people, if you can't see the aura, check the subconscious response of the ones near you and the ambient you bring with you, if you masturbate, it makes a light ball in your genitals, and if you “point” it to someone, they will have a subconscious “disgusted expression”, you then gonna have a “radio static” (normally gray), “dense smoke eruptions” (normally brown) or “flaming seductive” (normally salmon color, or 'strange' red) aura; If the girl is “horny”, a normally red light “leaf” or “fog” will erupt from her genitals, and go around her ass, making her have a subconscious pose.

Evil people, malicious people, they have a horrible aura, and it also affect others. People say, when you hand shake someone, your heart energy is transferred, I fell it, so you can fell the aura of someone with this. I once made a handshake with a “important” person of TV, and I felt like my energy was being drained, like a dark gray cloud got on me.

There are many auras, if you end up seeing all auras, its almost uncountable, but somehow you can “focus” on certain auras that defines certain things of people, each cell of your body have a aura, there is a aura for each of your bodies, and there is a aura for the expression and state of each of your bodies, there is a circular aura of the head, aura of the eyes, that gives out lot of information, I could risk to say that in fact the color of the chakras are more like the aura of the chakras, and that there is a aura and chakra for each of the upper bodies (7 for physical, more 7 for psych, Etherical, Astral and Causal), aura of the acts, aura of the sounds, aura of the responsibilities, there is a aura that is like a transparent dome, alike a glass, that is the one that goes further, aura of the memories, and even aura of the “RAM memory” of people, if someone is trying to maintain memory, like, that he is cooking and don't want to forget, it keeps a tiny light near his eyebrow with the tonnage and timbre of the synesthesia of the memory of the cooking scene, all your worries, responsibilities, commitment, appears in the same way, in fact, more things you occupy, more it keeps those lights on and consequently your brain busy and you have more problem to achieve maximum “boost” in your projections and meditations.

There is the “vision” aura, I don't know how to explain, its a aura of “how you look out of you”, it like, when you are using those sunglasses that have color, but not so intense, I have noticed that hormones affect a lot this aura, when I release lot of cortisol (stress hormone), I see a nasty yellow, like a “pus of infection”, and that “links” to the scene and creates a memory with that “thing”, then I saw, that each time I saw someone that once I released cortisol, it was like my subconscious response was more defensive towards this someone; I saw too that the mix between hormones could give strange memory relations; I saw testosterone as red (I'm a man, regardless of the nickname); Oxytocin as medium tone pink; Sometimes I don't know what hormone releases, or even if it is or not a hormone, but I see that depression makes a metallic grayish dark blue on my eyes (I see lot of sad artists using this tone of blue); Image about how I see the world with the above mentioned hormones.

When you break the destiny (learning how to program destiny and becoming a free spirit), you win wings, and that is visible in the aura, wings are not like bird wings, its like some very light blue neon cords: I think the game “Diablo II” have a accurate image of it.

Isaiah 6: 2: 2 Above it stood the seraphims: each one had six wings; with twain he covered his face, and with twain he covered his feet, and with twain he did fly.

There are degrees of “seeing a aura”, but some people born with the skills to see it, I learned through the consecutive use of entheogenic substances, but meditation alone can teach you too, the way the “third eye” works is very strange, some people receive things in different ways, some are like a feeling, some see in another layer, some fell like they are submerged in water, some see through a flash of intuition (like a small photography) and maybe more ways or maybe all ways. But the degrees are, first, obviously, the no capacities to see aura, then the sensitivity of the aura (some people express like they “strangely” fell people emotions of feelings when they are near, this is very common, once you'll know even what instrument of the music people are disliking or what words you said that got more of their attention), then synesthesia, then some transparent pulses, then like strange flashes of those pulses appear as color in the “third eye”, then you see it constantly like you are submerged in a “water” and you cannot “unsee” (few time I saw this, but it was sometimes easy to see this with Ayahuasca, Wachuma or Argyreia), then the next you see I think I can't explain it, its much strange, because you don't see just aura after the last and this degree, and the things you see on this degree are much crazy and the aura becomes another thing.

The aura that is normally more focused, its of the etherical expressions, the etherical aura its the aura that reports all your intentions, if you are malicious, it will be visible here, if you are pervert, it will be visible here, if you are evil, if you are greed, if you are narcissist, if you opportunist (in the bad meaning), if you are incisive, if you are anxious, depressed, stressed, explosive, paranoid, drugged, I can't list everything, its all visible in the etherical aura. Its possible to see demons on ether, but if you can't see the demons yet, you can see they are some like a light flying erroneously, this light is their aura, if you can see the demon it would be in the middle of this aura that flies erroneously. This aura is the most influential, mostly of the aura effect people describe its from Etherical realm, its the realm people from earth most see and use.

There is a aura for each ideology that you follow, or each education and culture that made part of your life, for each genre of music, and for each music, for each detail of the music, and one for the whole music, a aura for each phrase of a book, for each chapter. Your soul have a different memory than of our body, it compacts everything as a single light with a specif timbre and tonnage, so if you think in each word, each have a aura, but if you think in a entire phrase, your soul compacts the entire phrase in a single aura, and if you think in a chapter, your soul compacts the entire chapter in a single aura, this is what makes that effect that I talk in another article: “When someone say to you “those persons are horrible”, but you know those persons aren't horrible, you fell something, like a light, and then you give a complete argument, “No, those persons are not horrible, because this and that”, this something you fell before what you gonna talk, its a mechanic of your astral body”; this something you fell is that light compacted, its a way better way to communicate and attain information, that is why in astral projections, every vibration tells a entire book of information (and more, infinitely more), and those emanations on ether brings epiphanies, a common reported occurrence in people that follows a spiritual path. If you think memory is only some register in the brain, I say, it does have a register in the brain, but, how can you explain Out-of-Body experiences? How people managed to “transport” information “through the air” and return in their bodies and attain that information? That means they maintained memory somewhere when they were in the OBE, and this “somewhere” I call “upper bodies”, and when their “upper bodies” returned to their physical body, it registered it on the brain, there are lot of documents about OBE cases, I recommend to research about it.

There are Aura forms, I think that counts a lot, for example, people with tentacled auras tends to categorize people, much times, erroneously; People with dense aura normally are very recluse, sometimes aggressively recluse, some dense clouds or smoke its about perversion or heavy demons; There is really too much Aura forms, its more up to you end up seeing aura.

How did I learn to see aura? Lets say, I always had the “feeling”, but after I began to use some Ayahuasca, then I saw it convincingly like never before, what I mean with convincingly? Its because it was for sure not my imagination, because I couldn't change it, like my imagination does, and it was in another “realm”, and my imagination was between my vision and that aura vision. Here we can see, the word “Imagination” and the stars, are where my imagination keeps, everything I imagined on this part, couldn't change the aura, you can see the aura is in another realm because its transparent in the black lines (matter realm) I see the aura of certain people touching other people and I see the subconscious reaction of both, even if both don't notice it, and then, sometimes I can predict the subconscious reaction of someone or when they will have a reaction, just because I see the aura approaching, predictions can't happen because hallucinations. I don't see it so intensely always, but I always see it transparently and in “waves”, but when I use Entheogens, I see it perfectly, and when I used a strong Wachuma dose, I saw it for months, perfectly, each detail, I could tell lot of people secrets. I still can tell some people secrets, but its different, at the Wachuma time, it was so precise, I can't explain. Sometimes, I see internet people aura, more information they give, better, but sometimes its fast, and it appears their face by time, I have some testimony on some websites I wander. Well, that is how I learned, with Entheogens, but lets say I had a predisposition for it, my friends that went in the same journey as me, can't see so well the aura as I do, so I can't exactly explain, why I had this fortune, and can't explain how it appeared, just what I can explain, its something from the third eye, and that I see people intuition are very precise with the auras I see. I can explain a little too, about certain steps of “aura viewing”, I'll add a image: Go to a dark place or turn off your light if at night (more dark, better), some people did sensory deprivation and ended up seeing things, the most quiet room in the world makes people hallucinate (website with lot of ads), so that is a good way to you learn how to see auras, keep a long time in a dark room and the most silently possible room. In “image 1”, its what people say they supposedly see, but the “image 2” is the accurate of what people normally see in the dark. This noise we see on “image 2” is NOT ether, its a physical manifestation; No, if you look to the sky and see small blue dots, its not aura, this effect is called “Blue Field Entoptic Phenomenon”; BUT, ether does move this noise somehow, it is what pushes the noise and not the noise. If you get in a dark place, look at your hands and move it a while, you gonna see that around you hand will have a tiny “wave” on this noise field, this wave, is your aura messing up this noise, like we can see in “image 3”, if you turn a speaker on, you'll be able to see those same waves getting out in accord of the sound frequency, bass waves are easier to see, but if you variate between bass and acute, you can see through comparison. If you keep more time in the dark place, this noise will shine more, like in “image 4”, until a luminous fluid begins to appear behind it, this luminous fluid is the Ether, this is what moves the noise, like in “image 5”, but to see this luminous fluid, strangely you'll need to open your “third eye”, some people have a natural sensibility, and even if they think they didn't open the “third eye”, sometimes they end up seeing this luminous fluid, so it means they did open the “third eye”, do you know our pineal gland have the sense response in the brain as the eye? “The pineal gland represents a kind of atrophied photoreceptor. In the epithalamus of some species of amphibians and reptiles, it is linked to a light-sensing organ, known as the parietal eye, which is also called the pineal eye or third eye (Wiki)“. You can see entities too if you keep long time looking this ether, they appear as waves, they normally are totally transparent if you see just the waves, but the waves have a humanoid form, then, this wave began to have color, but its just a blurred color, weaker than in “image 6”, that was hard to represent in photoshop, but if you keep looking at those strange blurred color spots, they begin to form better, like in “image 7”, and in “image 8” its when you can see one of the typical demon that comes to annoy you to commit sin, this works to any entity from etherical, or any entity that enters ether realm.

I'll make a .gif to simulate how I see some etherical aura stuffs (not all the auras, but the easier ones to see, some auras need more concentration and some I can't represent in photoshop), I'll simulate trying to remember how I see in real life, since this is a video, I don't see exactly the aura from the video, even if my vision process it. But it will take a while, I'm newbie on those stuffs. So I'll be occupied doing this... I made some work to cut the video and transform in .gif, I made 14 frames, of the total (226 frames, 47 seconds), so there is a lot to do. (I don't represented the “vision aura”, the Objects aura, the words and numbers aura, the floating auras, entities aura (its hard to see through a video), and some other more auras, I focused to show how humans etherical auras works, I don't show astral and causal auras, it barely fits all colors in the image, and if I was to make those auras in all humans, would take too much time.

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