text by Princess Sophia

Version 1.0, 28/11/2017


I saw the genesis in a spiritual experience, I'll translate what I shared and later I'll re-edit to clarify better and add more of what I saw, yet when I saw this vision was hard to follow with my conscious (digest all that instruction), there may be things to fix.

“The idea is that its not exactly man that came first, its because the first unity detached a woman from itself and there left the hole of this detachment and this difference its not because the man or woman are superior or inferior, its just the mark of the register of an antique “attachment” that had and got separated and then get united again, so there is a perfect match to everybody because everybody have its spirit detachment. The idea of having a partner its to you not impregnate the world with only your world, to let the world of the others too, or else it will be only the gene of the “dickest” in the earth, its like you are putting stuff in what is not your 'hole of the key', its not your detachment, it don't match. A son its your portal to this world, its a way to impregnate your world with what is from your insides, your spirits, giving part of what is yours to change the world. The first unity was alone seeing the landscape, and then in this appreciation it creates a communication in spirit form, this light keeps on the left side on the emanation (unity) like a kind of shadow, a shadow result of the etheric formulation. This 'shadow' keeps “glued” to you like a Siamese, like the bifurcation of a tree. Then there is a time that this 'shadow' get out of you, and create a line that is like when you separate a fluid from another, there is this stretched trace that goes till the zenith, when this separation occurs, as result it keeps an extension (penis) in the prime-unity and a hole (vagina) in the emanated body, the supra-unity, with the time going after the detachment, she will act free until she seeks her “attachment” again. So the man and woman its not more or less than the prime-unity and supra-unity, its the only way to one become two, its not that one is better than another, its just an extension, an accumulation, an purge, a single unity can't contain all the spirit it generates, like a computer can't hold all in its HD. So this unity purged, the woman is just the extension of the unity, the receptive part, the etheric form that was receiving information of what the first unity was nurturing itself while enjoying the world, somewhere in this world there is the cradle of humanity. The prime-unity saw the creation in front of him. After the prime-unity went, people stopped believing him about the creation. When the prime-unity's genes got on the world and after the prime-unity department (for him it was obvious that after death he would find God, since he appeared “from nowhere” he knows he will get back to “nowhere”), they would try to communicate to other genes that don't knew about the prime-unity and those couldn't support the idea that the prime-unity saw the creation. The first line of sons of the prime-unity that happens to have disbelief that the prime-unity saw the creation would make a successor culture of unbelief that would rebel against God. They would ask “how do you say and believe that this prime-unity really saw the creation?” This one would say “because there was no lie in my epoch, since everything was visible, and I'm from a closer line of prime-unity's family. They would ask “And how we can know if the prime-unity have not lied to you or if you are not crazy?” I think the information I received “from there” was that Baphomet's spirit when he was incarnate on that time thinking about that, realized that he should “make my own God and believe in what I want”, and that he should do a statue of some entity, the goat, that was the elemental of himself. He began to ask this goat what to do and began to construct his own world over the world. And this is how all this shit began. The prime-unity don't knew where he came from, so God had to reveal itself for him naturally during the creation, after Demiurge's got God's light by the hands of Luciel to condensate this world, God revealed to the prime-unity this in a mysterious form, not like people think (since God have no image and description). This information that the prime-unity carried was the prime-wisdom, that was the spirit sustained by faith till far when this spirit reached the heart of everybody this spirit came in a ray to incarnation, this information was denied until the wisdom spirit came to incarnate, so then there wasn't a way to negate the incarnated information. So “Wisdom” will bring the information of the prime-unity and of the creation, so then Jesus will be back (in accord of scriptures).

Jesus will have to come back in meat and bones, since we fail in our general living, I mean, I can be good in skate, but there is tricks that I have to learn with a master, don't matter how good in skate I'm, and then I'll chase someone like Rodney Mullen, and he will teach where I'm wrong. In the art of life, of love, of grace, of peace, Jesus is the master, he must come back in meat and bones on this world of time and space to teach us in practice and not just theoretically, where we fail in our life, love, grace, peace and etc., not just that, there was another reason to he get back but that was written in an article I removed (Ayahuasca experience and post days – 21 to 27/01/2017) and I'll have to get from there later.