Hi, I'm Princess Sophia, and this is my new blog. I'm going to post my personal experiences with occult, magic, astral projections and things alike, my english is not the best, sorry anything. I learned that its 'feel' and not 'fell', that I should use 'an' before vowels, and few other things, sorry the mistakes since it will be hard to correct and evaluate the older entries.

I'll make a index, and keep re-posting it, so it will always be the first post to appear, and then create a link to each index item, check the blue ones.

If you have found my website, its probably from one of my social accounts but I have deleted the website address from those places. I'll leave internet, if you want to share my blog fell free, it will be here more for my personal records of spiritual experience. If you really need to talk with me: princesssophia@mail2tor.com Sorry again, not sure all providers works with that mail, and I'm being spammed as hell, I need to clean 100 emails some days. I have another mail

I decided that is being hard to maintain talking about a single topic, so I'll do lot of incomplete articles and editing those little by little until they are finished, so, don't worry about all the “WIP” articles.

Notes and Logs, Tor. (write.as/gn1hs63w5rhu8zpg.md)

If people still keep feeling bad about my spiritual and personal position in world, I'm out, I'll take care of my life and so as the one that does that, my blog is not even with public links anymore, its my faith, my believe, people shouldn't take me serious if they don't believe me, point at my face and call me nut then go take care of your life.

Index: Dimensions: – Introduction; (V.: 1.3) – Genesis; – How a soul is born; – What happens when we die; –> The going; –> The Judgement; –> The purgatory; –> The reincarnation; —> List of my past lifes; (V.: 1.2) – Explaining better the Physical realm; – Explaining better the Psych realm; – Explaining better the Etherical realm; – Explaining better the Astral realm; (V.: 1.0, WIP) – Explaining better the Causal realm; – Auras; (V.: 1.0, WIP) – Suicidal Valley; – Hell; – Karma; – My 35 steps guide to active upper bodies; (V.: 1.0, WIP)

Pleiades: – Astral visions of my friend Avalokiteshvara; (V.: 1.4) – Some links talking about alike topics. (V.: 1.0)

Interpretations: – Basics of interpretation; (V.: 1.1) – How to interpret the common binary Alpha and Omega system; – How to interpret Dices; – How to interpret diverse oracles; – How to interpret universally(dreams and life);

Interpretations of the popular culture: – Interpretation of a “Futurama” episode called “Mobius Dick”;

Myths: – Videos about Myths and the history of humanity; (V.: 1.2) – The Syrians archaeologic finds; – The Canaan and the Syrians; – Canaan and Moloch worshiping; – Canaan and Demiurge comparison; – Demiurge comparison with Kronos; – Demiurge comparison with Saturn; – Demiurge comparison with Odin; – Demiurge comparison with Kali; – Demiurge comparison with Nimrod; – Zionists and Saturn; – Sacrifices in past times; – Actual practices of magick; – All myths are true, and the entities just have different names;

Secret Societies: – Illuminati; – Masonry; – Zionists; – Rosicrucian; – Others;

Invaders: – Annunakis; – Reptilians; – Grays;

Earth history: – Protoplasmic era; – Hyperborean era; – Lemurian era; – Atlantis era; – Earth era;

Magick: – A Introduction to Magick; – Basics about Magick; – Works with Magick; – How society is filled with Black Magick; –> Article 1, moved out, but thinking about putting it back. – Magick Plants(Entheogens);

Etheric manifestations: – Plants; – Spirits; – Fairies / Monadas; – Demons: –> Lilith, Succubus and Harpies, moved out; (V.: 1.0) –> Astaroth; –> Werewolf (maybe Asmodeus?); –> Red Devil; –> Black Devil; –> “Ruin” Devil; –> Goat (Baphomet); –> Banshee; –> Satan; –> Others demons and demons by religion (“Ars Goetia”, Asuras, Jinns and more);

Psych manifestations (Insects, by a DNA code): – Ants; – Butterfly; – Cockroach; – Mosquitoes and flies; – Moth; – Spiders;

Visions and Experiences: – Visions; – Meditative experience I had in 04/01/2017; – Ayahuasca experience and post days – 21 to 27/01/2017; (V.: 1.1) – Argyreia Nervosa experience – 28/03/2017; (V.: 1.0) –> I died in my Nordic life as a woman.Living a life in Russia as a hermaphrodite person.; (V.: 1.0)

Q&A: – Questions & Answers; (V.: 1.1)

Archangels: – List of the archangel's sons; (V.: 1.1) – Exaplaining better about Archangels; –> List of Miguel's sons; (V.: 1.2) –> List of Gabriel's sons; (V.: 1.2) –> List of Raphael's sons; (V.: 1.4) –> List of Luciel's sons; (V.: 1.1) –> List of Samael's sons; (V.: 1.4) –> List of Irael's sons; (V.: 1.7) –> List of Ezequiel's sons; (V.: 1.6) –> List of Orifiel's sons; (V.: 1.4) –> List of Uriel's sons; (V.: 1.4) –> List of Muriel's sons; (V.: 1.3)

1 John 4:7-8: 7 Beloved, let us love one another, because love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. 8 Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

Hebrews 13:5: 5 Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, for God has said: “Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you.”